Wednesday, August 17, 2005

For Me, the Attraction of Being Gay ...

... was the cessation of those annoying "When are you having kids?" questions. And these days, you don't even get that. Assuming you stay within a waist size, you also get twice the wardrobe, but otherwise -- feh. Might as well stay straight.

Jason at Positive Liberty has a nice rebuttal for someone writing to him, beseeching him to forsake t3h GaY.

(via Pandagon)


Axiom said...

Your "Positive Liberty" URL is awry.

Kids rule, btw. ;-)

Rogers said...

thanks, fixed.

Kids are like four-button suit jackets. Not for everyone.

Axiom said...

Oh, very true. Your mileage will vary, Budweiser reminds you to parent responsibly, etc.

I should amend my previous to read as follows:

"MY kids rule, btw. ;-)"

Dave H said...

When I officially settled on the straight side of Kinsey Town I was lucky enough to do so with someone who joins me in doing the "Never gonna have kids" dance whenever someone else's kids give us a prophylactic moment.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, John, for pointing out the article. It was a breath of fresh air. However, I followed the links to DL Foster's site,, to see where all this has come from only to find a sea of hatred and intolerance. Your blog points out a lot of the stupidity in the world and makes me feel even less optimistic about the way we are heading. Before I start on a rant, why does it seem that Christians are some of the least 'Christian' people in the world? If there is a God, he must be mighty pissed off by now.

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