Monday, August 08, 2005


No, good Lord, I'd never have the temerity to hit you folk up for money for myself. (Somewhere, my manager and agent just winced) But we're kicking up enough traffic here, we should harness this little swarm for some good.

From now on, I'll be blogging for a cause. It'll rotate once a month -- there will be representative graphics up once I figure out how to do that, but for now just a listing. The PayPal button goes to a new account made for this purpose. At the end of the month, everything in the kitty goes to the listed charity, and we flip.

I promised Phil Carter, creator of the great blog Intel Dump and who's currently heading to Iraq with the 101st, that we'd start with some of the military support sites he links to. You can read about the Army Emergency Relief Fund and what it does here. At a time when those who say they "support the troops" while sending them to war improperly armored and then short-changing their care when they return, we need to step up here.

We'll be flipping between the Red Cross/refugee relief organizations and troop-support sites for the first few months. There is, after all, a war on.

So, seeing as screenwriting forums & college programs are apparently passing this blog around like the Hot Coffee Mod at a middle school ... and a couple thousand folk a day find my writing of some small value ... I'd like to see a single buck a month if you find anything useful or amusing here. Not even per item. But if you find yourself swinginging by on even a weekly basis, or one of the Links to the right brings you somewhere interesting -- donate. That alone will raise a whackload of cash for very deserving people taking it in the neck for no good reason.

Kung Fu Monkey: transforming hot air and bullshit into a tiny bit of good, one post at a time.


Victor said...

"Kung Fu Monkey: transforming hot air and bullshit into a tiny bit of good, one post at a time."

That's t-shirt material, there John - you ought to consider a Café Press account, if not a re-branding.

Alex Epstein said...

Speaking of your manager and your agent, Rogers, would you like to talk about what having both does for you?

Unknown said...

hmm, not a bad idea. Next Writing post.

david golbitz said...

Fancy that, I still had a few bucks left in my paypal account.

"You're a good man, Charlie Brown."

Anonymous said...

I'd really like to hear about the agent & manager thing as well - I'm with an agent (East Coast) and I just sent a packet of material to a manager out west, but I keep hearing conflicting things about them there difficult to define manager types (of course, I hear conflicting things about agents, especially mine, but that's another story).

Hadyn said...

A lot of traffic? I'm not surprised.

You wouldn't believe the amount of sites I have visited that have linked to your "President and Intelligent Design" rant. Literally...heaps.

I just found one on a site that I also link to hence setting up an internet loop. (I'm an ex-graph theorist so I love loops!)

Curt Purcell said...

John, if you want to post images in a blogger post, here's how.

Unknown said...

Actually, I need to do that with the logo for the Army Emergency fund, in the sidebar -- there's an annoying workaround, but it's doable. This keeps up, pretty soon I'll have to get a grown-up website.

Judy said...

Great idea! Good idea to put a link to the AER too for those who would rather send a check directly to them.

Unknown said...

well, you can donate through tha tlink in the write-up. I'm still wrestling with graphic-link thing in the sidebar.

Also, I'd like to to go through here, if only so I can track and, frankly, harangue the readers here with actual numbers.

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