Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Atypical Cuteness, but Relevant.

"So you're saying he's a feral kitten."
"Wild, untamed, with incredible reflexes?"
"... yes ..."
"And just a little psychotic?"
"Where are you going with this?
"We're naming him Latigo Flint."
" ... I couldn't agree more."

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Latigo Flint said...

I am deeply honored John Rogers. Is it really true? Is this magnificent feline my namesake?

Look at those eyes, the sinewy limbs, tawny pelt... I am honored!!!

Assistant Atlas said...

Yeah, I know this isn't cute and all...but have you checked Technorati lately? Methinks the world is waking up to GF. PS-- I did my part/post and someone linked to it while I was still in pre-publishing modes.
It's here.

Zabbadoo said...

feral cats make fine pets as long as you remember that they will go for your frigging eyes. Not kidding.

PamB said...

So now we know whose feces you will be flinging!!

Bill Cunningham said...

Aw - a kitten!

Them's good eats!

Amandarama said...

That's awesome...

Nora said...

I just adopted a feral kitten with wild, incredible, psychotic reflexes. When she attacks her toys you just can't help but get a gut feeling that you should be running away and hiding while she's preoccupied with other prey.

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