Thursday, June 02, 2005

My Script Deal for a Proper Pub!

And, of course, there are days when I'm nothing but a pile of raging anger that I'm not in London hanging about with Mike and the Visible Monsters gang, drinking real beer and pitching dark little Doctor Who sidestories.

Always a pleasure to see what they're up to. Mike was one of the first to find the Kung Fu Monkey, go check him out.


Sizemore said...

Cheers for the link-fu!

The Doctor riff came directly from your LOST posts so what goes around comes around...

But hey - wouldn't revealing Eccleston as the bad guy solve a lot of problems? No need to waste a regeneration and you can keep him on the books for future cameo appearances.

Alex Epstein said...

Hmmm ... My Father's Office on Montana isn't bad ... and me friend Patrick met his wife Kelly there. I miss McGinty's though.

Westacular said...

Actually, Eccleston being the "[big] bad wolf", done right, could make some sense. It would certainly be a killer pay-off for all those "big ears and big nose" jokes they've done over the course of the season.

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