Sunday, April 10, 2005

Sunday Better Writer Line-up

First -- is this music video a put-on or not? Because if it's satire, then I want to kiss someone. If it's not, then I'm heading for the sewers to become the Denis Leary character in my Demolition Man-style freedom fighting group.

-- Addding Majikthise to the blogroll, although I've always secretly suspected that a philosopher who also dabbled in science fiction and liberal politics was so statistically improbable as to be some sort of computer construct.

-- David Neiwert lays out such an elegant little smackdown on people who don't believe you should pass anti-gay discrimination laws because homosexuality is a "chosen behaviour" -- I hereby announce that I surrender all inferior personally constructed arguments and shall claim this one as my own, wielding it lethally and shamelessly, like a Huron dropping a blunderbuss and prying a Springfield longrifle off a dead Brit.

-- When I'm sure Blogger's settled down, I'll add Shakespeare's Sisters Big Brass Blog, but in the meantime check out the nice bit of coding on the Bloggrrlz Gallery. Scan the front pages of progressive women's blogs without leaving the guide page.

-- Novelist Jeri Smith reports on an excellent development in Maryland:

Last week the Maryland Senate passed a bill to give medical decision-making rights to all unmarried couples who sign onto a domestic registry. The House of Delegates passed a similar bill overwhelmingly last year, so it's as good as passed at this point.

The Maryland Catholic Conference (who should be condemned just for having the worst blinking text offense in website history--seriously, go look at it, but epileptics be warned) lobbied against the bill, saying it was "really about promoting the radical homosexual agenda."

This would be the first time someone would have the explicit right to visit his or her partner in the hospital, as there are no legal documents available to spell out that right.

Dan Furmansky of Equality Maryland said, "I guess if wanting to be in the hospital room with your loved one at a time of illness is part of the radical homosexual agenda, then we're guilty as charged."

-- Kevin Drum talks about theState Department finally admitting that the reconstruction of Iraq shagged the pooch and starting a study. On behalf of 10,000 wounded US soldiers and 1500 dead ones, allow me to say, "No, fuck YOU very much, fat white guys in suits. Fuck YOU."


Alec said...

I am afraid that the video is not satire.

The singers site The singers name is Dennis Madalone and before belting out forgettable propaganda he was the stunt coordinator for Star Trek TNG.

So do you need a trusted Lieutenant down in them sewers?

sean witzke said...

i've been saying for years that demolition man is right about everything, not that i'm very happy about it. and every year it becomes more disturbing to watch. schwarzennager library. murderdeathkill. taco bell. three goddamn seashells. [shudder].
is there any way to stop it?

Laurean said...

A few of us were talking about anti-gay bigotry just the other day. Especailly since one of my friend's old schooldistrict is having a huge field day right now:

CD superintendent finalist claims bigotry in district cost him in the job.

What's worse is that according to this guy, he was the only finalist (out of 26), the board *HAD* to have known of his prior records...not just because 'some newspaper found them. He was pretty much guarenteed the job, and then the schoolboard to save their own skins through him to the community instead of backing him up. -_-;;

Lorcy said...

That video! I'm still reeling, makes me want to get more writing done as it must surely be the end of (rational) days--Weird Al Yancovic meets Brian May meets an Owen Wilson spoof meets City of Angels (or is Planet of the Apes?) all happening within the brain of a clone of George W. Bush transferred to a big defense computer that also has photoshop...did one of those Query Letter people write it??

Anonymous said...

>A few of us were talking about >anti-gay bigotry just the other >day.

My dad(a religious guy) used to argue that being homosexual was a choice.

So I asked him, "If being homosexual is a choice, then being hetero is also a choice, right?"

He said yes.

So I asked him, "So you chose to be heterosexual, right?"

He said yes.

So I said, in all seriousness, "You're saying that you could physically have sex with a man, but you choose to have sex with a woman? Because my johnson only responds to women, I didn't have a choice in that."

What's he gonna do? Say yeah, he can get it up for men? It would be a lie, and also embarrassing.

Jeri said...

"AmeruhKUHuhhh, you must carry on..."

Thanks for the video. I needed a good belly/liver/pancreas-laugh after doing our taxes.

But it must be a satire: if it were real, Reagan's head would have popped up on the Mt. Rushmore graphic. Or possibly Todd Beamer's.

Thanks also for the link!

Kevin Church said...

Mashed up properly.

America - FUCK YEAH!

Anonymous said...

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