Saturday, April 09, 2005


From our fine friend Warren, who's just cranky because my drinking has not yet created a "knee injury" forcing me to walk with a cane.

Deepest Hole Into Earth’s Crust Drilled: John Rogers, Writer Of THE CORE, Found Blind Drunk On End Of Drill Bit

My psychic powers grow stronger every day. When the giant robots come to fight, then you will know who you should've been listening to the whole time. Yes, the giant robots and sleazy catwomen! I am vindicated!


BenDavid said...

Warren Ellis, Chloe Sevigny, and South Park mention and/or reference The Core in a matter of weeks. Holy god of Duck Hunt.

Hollando said...

So what's the deal with you and Warren Ellis?
I read that post a while ago, and never linke dit to you until now?

Rogers said...

Oh, just mutually annoyed correspondents. I adapted GF for television here, and came within a hair of getting it on air.

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