Thursday, April 07, 2005

Project Greenlight

Sweet God, I've never watched before.

Fire that casting director. FIRE HER.


She just told the director that she didn't have to put up with his attitude. I've been the fucking PRODUCER and respected the director's vision.



Random said...

To be fair, he's not really a director, more of a circus monkey being thrown into these situations for our amusement.

She's working at the behest of Dimension to keep this twit from casting the movie with nothing but his family.

Plus without the drama, the show would be even more boring.

Rogers said...

okay, I'll buy that -- I just watched the TIVO'd previous ep, and yes, the family thing was insane. but the bullshit she pulled with the actor was still way, way out of line. shanking the producers, too, not cool.

Her attitude ... brrr. I've worked with people like that. Be slef-righteous, fine. But don't be self-righteous about BEING self-righteous.

Random said...

No doubt she'd get fired for really acting like that, but hey this is TV, if we wanted real reality we'd go outside or something.

And that's, like, all the way over there. Pffft. Fuck that. Bring out the large breasted women and the previews of upcoming drama that turns out to be nothing at all, but rivets us nonetheless!

(oh god, someone unplug me).

Curtin said...

Yeah, fire her, and give us more Ben and Matt! They're dreamy...

That Girl said...

She wouldn't be fired, that's the problem. She is one of those people who know exactly where the power is and they only serve the power. She is getting away with it because they gave him no power whatsoever.

He is a wonderful artist but the completely wrong director for this movie. I blame Matt. This was his revenge for not getting his way with the script and not only did he hurt the director but he hurt the whole movie.

Timmy Mac said...

I don't know...Gulager radiates the kind of looniness that says he could pull off a monster movie on a shoestring budget. I think everyone would be well served to get out of his way and let him do his (crazy, crazy) thing.

Bill Cunningham said...

As much as they protest otherwise, PGL is a show - it's not about making the movie. As a guy who's been in the trenches of low budget production, let me say this:

I would have fired BOTH the casting director and the director.

When you're working with no money and no time - without a net - you need someone who's decisive and you need everyone to back up that vision.

PGL is a controlled train wreck, but instead of being far away watching it, we're right in the passenger car with the victims. Take it that way and you understand every little thing that happens.

Benari said...

I'm hoping the whole thing ends with a sequel to American Movie's "Coven."

Rogers said...

Hey, Gulager's not in his league. And as this is my first time watching the show, I had no idea the movie was allowed to run this poorly. Wow.

Scott said...

This is the first season that I have watched from the beginning and I knew they were going to have problems form the beginning. But after watching the directors’ films I would have when with Gulager too. I’m guessing that part of his behavior comes from having a camera in his face. Grants, however, he is still nuts. I’m just hoping that they make enough in advertising to keep the show afloat so that there will be a show next year. I have scripts to submit, damn it!

Ross said...

I dunno, Gulager's so just so bad with people and he's shoved into this situation where all that he does at first is deal with confrontational people--from both above and below--that it just seems marked for failure. If they were just going to say "here's a million bucks, come back with a movie" he would've been the best choice.

Of course, I'm rooting for the guy, and I HATED that kid that Dimension wanted. And I'd really like to read that time travel script.

Pei said...

Give her the big boot!
get donald trump over there ASAP

Scott said...

According to, the time travl script has been purchased.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

She pretty much represents everything that is wrong about this crazy business. It's not about who the best choice for the script is -- it's about who the hottest actor or actress is at the time. I've worked with casting directors like Gertz before and I swear, sometimes it's like they didn't even read the script -- their creative decisions are based on who's the latest issue of US Weekly.

Reality TV or not, what was really depressing about last night's episode was how the producers basically just bent over and took it. If ever a producer was allowed to have a Scott Rudin throw-a-fax-machine at your smiling whore face moment this was it. And man oh man, what a great episode it would have been then.

Bill Cunningham said...



JOHN ROGERS tosses and turns in his sleep. Sweat breaks across his forehead. It's nightmare time for our harried writer-hero.


Next on Project Greenlight - TRANSFORMERS: THE MOVIE!

John bolts up in bed holding his ears in agony...

OH MY GOD! Make it stop! Make it stop!

BenDavid said...

This bitch goes up to 11. I really hope she's working at McDonalds within the year.

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