Friday, February 18, 2005

Well, if Lex would just kiss him ...

Yeah, I know, way behind, but I wanted it for my own reference --

Superman is a dick


Anonymous said...

You know, Superman ALWAYS speaks well of YOU.


kamagurka said...

The content of that site is stolen from , that in turn stole it from this allspark thread. The internet is cruel.

Jay said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Jay said...

Eh, can't edit these things....

Anywho, it's not stolen content. It all revolves around the same guy, who started, was taken over by National Lampoon to cover bandwidth, and is now finally hosted at

Now, hopefully I don't have a typo that I don't notice until after I publish it....

Anonymous said...

Yeah. What Jay said.

He's the same guy who started the Superman is a dick thread at the AS.

kamagurka needs to get with the

Anonymous said...

Yeah. What Jay said.

Mike is the same guy who started the thread at the AS, who started that crashed the servers after two days, who put the stuff up on National Lampoon temporarily, and who moved the whole shebang to

kamagurka needs to get

Anonymous said...


no ripoff, same guy.

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