Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Beer and Bile

Warren's in rare form the last day or so. Go have a look.


1031 said...

What, the thing about some nut wanting your food to have stories, and Warren remembers the guys at the pizza place pissing in the dough mix, and how he shagged some chick in some guy's field when he was a teenager?

Just read that, too. Yeah, that was a good one.

Oerwinde said...

Yeah, read the food stories thing earlier today. Good stuff. Been waiting for another really good rant like the Heroin Angels one.

Jared said...

your movies links should have and in my opinion. imdb at least. and why not too.

Rogers said... is a good idea. I use this as my ad hoc homepage, and dont go to ebert, but I'll consider it. thanks for the feedback.

Angelophile said...

Just be prepared to dodge the Wrath of Don (TM) if you do add IMDB. ;)

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