Tuesday, January 25, 2005

I was hoping for some inside information ...

... on the whole AVENGERS DISASSEMBLED thing. Like why the hell Hawkeye's carrying around a couple pounds of explosives on his back without some sort of quick-release catch. He didn't seem like a moron. But ... huh. Whatever. I guess techno-god Tony Stark and the Avengers haven't mastered seat-belt technology. Take a gander inside a Honda Civic sometime, Tony, it'll knock you on your ass.

I direct you to -- The Hulk's Blog. (thanks to Titivil)

Oh, and let me just say to Warren, Mark, Gail, Joe and my other various comic book writing pals -- I just plowed through my dinky little 8-pager zombie script for Ross and Atomeka. And I tell you, right now, as a guy with 20 movies under his belt ...

... writing comics is nut-crushingly hard work. DAMN. I mean, DAMN.


1031 said...

You're damn right it's hard. I've been putzing my way through stories in various forms, comic to movie and then back to comic, and as much as comics and films have in common, script-wise, they also have a ton of differences.

Hardest part, for me anyway, is getting art for the comic book. Something that matches what I see in my head.

I curse my parents everyday for not giving me any artistic ability at birth. Even my stick figures look retarded (no offense intended towards retarded people).

Warren said...

Yeah. And we get paid less for it than the guy you hired to wipe your arse for you in the morning.

People say to me, "why did your friend John write CATWOMAN?"

I say, "He now owns a complete set of replacement internal organs. His fleet of midgets pulled them home for him, in the buggy."

1031 said...

No shit? John, you got midgets? Sweet.

Warren said...

The GOLDEN buggy.

Rogers said...

Wait, there are non-golden buggies? Huh. The proletariat. Never stop surprising me.

Warren said...

I tell people you sleep on a bed made of vaginas.

Sizemore said...

No lumbar support but you can bleed off the yeast to brew your own beer.

1031 said...

Ok, now that's just wrong.

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