Tuesday, December 11, 2012

LEVERAGE #513 "The Corkscrew Job" Question Post

Slaving away on that big summer finale post.  In the meantime, your usual fretting and comments here. Oh, and I think there was a letter in the news or something ...


Lori said...

Ok, I'm going to talk about the elephant that occupied the room since June. The hair.

Most probably know some eps have aired out of order, with The Rundown Job actually being filmed as 512, rather than 509 as shown. So those that got to work on that ep kept the large conspiracy of silence that Kane's hair was cut. He even hid it during Fan Con with a fishing hat. Then on 513, a stray tweet caused questions to which there was slight fibbing about the hair. Trust me, I love it, but...

Question: what was the plan as far as releasing "Hair Gate," on to the public and did Kane go off and do it himself between eps, or was there a meeting?

P.S. Season 2 was the year of the hair. Otherwise, I like the new look best.

Jess said...

I am going to jump to the other Elephant of the series. We have seen Dean's letters and interviews about the MAY BE "series" finale...Should us Grifters PANIC? You said in the Google+ chat not to worry, but now with the new notes from Dean...Is he preparing us for the worse that could happen to Leverage? And, it is OBVIOUS that the entire cast/crew wants a 6TH season...Will we hear even later than January now?

Gina said...

Bwahaha, Parker and Hardison are totally hopeless at being undercover together. I love it. :-D

Anonymous said...

Was Parker brushing dirt of Elliot scripted if did Beth as lib?

Tom said...

Was this episode shot at King Estates?

Anonymous said...

An episode about a winery, and Eliot doesn't say a word about wine? Seriously? Seriously!!

Anonymous said...

"I know fake and I know real"

Why do I feel like this is a setup - and not in a good way?

PurpleOps said...

This episode seemed a bit too glib, and maybe even too formulaic. It did have a few redeeming moments, though.

1. Nice double switch on the show's key phrase, "Let's go steal a..." Poor Sophie - she tries to use it and gets slapped down! First "fake", then "forge" from Hardison - nice!
2. As with the Low Low Price boss, this boss seemed a bit too nasty. And his hiring of Hardison seemed just a bit too easy.
3. Perfect week for Hardison's "My precious"!
4. One of the best lines of the year was Hardison calling himself "The Grape Gatsby"!
5. How many takes did it take Mr. Hutton to get "Parker find the paper trail" said properly? That's a tongue twister.
6. The line "We have ourself an ally" needed a grammar rewrite. Doesn't Nate know to say "ourselves"?
7. Interesting choice for the other snooper's name - Betty Carter. Does she sing jazz on the weekends?
8. The end section redeemed the episode in some ways. Hardison and Parker's run and hop up the staircase was nicely done. Seems Hardison's definitely been getting hitting lessons from Eliot. I liked Eliot calling the mission at the end. The 100% employee owned bit was a great choice. And the tag between Sophie and Nate almost felt like an old Steed and Peel Avengers final scene. Wouldn't this have been a good place for Sophie to reveal her real name?

allyone said...

I thought this episode was excellent, a nice throwback to the con heavy episodes of old and finally a break from the overwrought emoting.

The moment where the auditor approved the bottle was awesome, and then the fight with dwindling oxygen and Parker going all spiderman up the staircase and Nate and Sophie maybe actually drinking the most expensive bottle of wine in the universe! I love the way everything came together.

One of the things I loved about this episode was you had a great villain, a great con, and every single member of the team had something interesting to do. Almost always a formula for success.

And, Parker? Parker was funny. And weird. Frankly, it's been too long, so thank you for that!

Also, I learned something about wineries, which is always a bonus in a lot of the great Leverage episodes - the little bits of info you pick up along the way.

I take it that all those tidbits on how to authenticate a really old bottle of wine were correct?

Enjoyed Hart Bochner, too, was he a general casting find or did someone behind the scenes think of him?

I really hope we get a notice of renewal on Christmas. That would be cool timing if TNT is going to wait this long.

Anonymous said...

This was my favorite of season 5 so far, I loved it.
1. I did wonder about the setting in a winery and Eliot not saying a thing about wine.
2. I liked the interaction between Parker and Hardison, close and witty but not overly sappy.
3. About the letter,that was very classy. As a fan I appreciate that you and Dean Devlin have enough respect for us to give us closure. I hate the idea that there may not be a season 6 but thank you for not leaving us hanging.

Beth Kredel said...

I can't stop thinking that we have only 2 episodes left; forever. I can't think of anything else. I'm not pleased that TNT had the gaul to air a commercial for a new show during the episode, knowing that most of the fans are totally frantic about the renewal fiasco. So, yes, Mr. Rogers, I will whine and cry and be angry and all the feelings that go with loss. My father died 2 weeks ago so I'm in a state of dispair. UNBELIEVABLE!

allyone said...

As much as Leverage frustrates me, I really think it deserves an announced farewell season, especially after it was such a huge part of TNT's original programming push and given the long history TNT has with Dean Devlin.

How do you feel about the concept? I like the idea of being able to brace myself in advance, but do you think you'd find it liberating or more stressful to know you're writing the last X number of episodes of the show?

24jg13 said...

Okay so tell me the real reason that Leverage will not be renewed is because Christian Kane and Aldis Hodge will be replacing Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum in the second Independence Day for Dean Devlin. That would be okay with me. What I wouldn't give to watch Christian Kane beat up an alien.

Anonymous said...

Damn this show pisses me off. It's like when that comedian makes fun of Ice T on SVU, the way he always acts surprised by the subject matter even after working in the SVU for 15 years. "You mean this guy gets off to little girls in pig tails??" Duh man. You been doin this shit for years. The Leverage team should be so jaded by now. Nate's all "when a guy dies, you accept responsibility. You don't cut checks!" Mothefucker, DUH! But you're the leverage team!

And don't get me fuckin started about Hardison saying "man I make beers, I don't make wine!" After five years, no way these people would be so consistently uncomfortable with playing parts outside of their comfort zones. Honestly. "I don't know anything about wine!" YOU COULDN'T HAVE GOOGLED THAT SHIT BEFORE YOU LEFT TO GO DO THE CON?? You're in the car and you're just NOW saying this?? GOD DAMNIT LEVERAGE! GOD DAMMMNNIITTTTT.

ChelseaNH said...

That footage of the Oregon countryside was very Shire-ish.

Oddly enough, an old college buddy from Portland (and my Star Wars GM) owns a winery in the area with his brother.

Oh, fake operating systems with giant, colorful messages of doom, we love you so.

Downside of laptops: you can't just unplug them to make them not do things.

I enjoyed Hardison's purple on his interview for the vintner position. Also the back-and-forth with the two interviews.

Pixie said...

Speaking of the letter...

That was yours and Dean's way of letting us down gently and gradually, wasn't it? Because you know that if we get our hopes dashed suddenly, we would descend on TNT with the madness of a horde of rabid zombie squirrels, and you couldn't live with that carnage on your conscience.

Competence porn! Parker going up that staircase was fantastic. Not to mention Sophie showing how so much about wine really isn't about the wine, but about the drinker's own preconceptions.

I think this is the longest I've stuck with a show and not grown tired of it -- you and your writers deserve congratulations for keeping things interesting enough that even a spoiler-hound can't help but be riveted to the story, demanding "...and, and? What happens next!?"

Seriously, if I had to choose between Leverage and hockey, Leverage would win. Curling's a little tougher call, but I think you might squeeze it out, even then.

Cain said...


Are you suggesting the Zombie Apocalpse will be from TNT not renewing Leverage? :)

"I am not a robot"

Pixie said...


Would you rule it out? ;)

Anonymous said...

She would not say Nate could keep it! What kind of crack rock are ya'll smoking? That shit is EVIDENCE. His entire case would be thrown out as soon as his lawyer says "...what bottle" and the cops are like "uh we let that guy keep it." haha

Izzie said...

I saw Old Nate!!!

I like Intern Parker. She's quirky.

Also, I know Parker's other name now. It's Peter. :D Loved that bit!

Eliot is such a gentleman! Running out of oxygen and he still picks up the damsel in distress, princess-style!

I'd like to echo other peoples' complaint: wine episode but nothing about wines from Eliot? Not even a bit of growling when Hardison said that stuff to the mark about how to make cheaper wine?

Anonymous said...

Fred Franzia much? Not that he doesn't deserve it, and how. But it takes the romance out of Two Buck Chuck, aka Trader Joe's dirty little secret.

Calla said...

First off, were there any cards on the wall in the writer's room that said "Someone other than Nate being drunk during a con" - because a drunk (especially a pretend drunk) Parker could have been hilarious...or very sad, depending on how Beth played Parker's demeanor.

I love that you hired Dana Barron - just wish she'd had a bigger role. I remember her fondly from The Magnificent Seven - speaking of which, you should definitely look into getting Anthony Starke, Eric Close, and Robert Vaughn(!) as guest stars, when you're renewed for another season.

But, speaking of which, why might TNT not renew the show - especially if you all want to continue? Ratings not high enough? Are you pissing off too many corporations that buy ad time? Is the show getting too expensive to produce? Somehow it has to have something to do with profit, doesn't it?

Back to the episodd... I get why Eliot dumped the super chemical fertilizer off the back of the truck, but I couldn't help worrying that he'd just poisoned the ground water. Also, if the fertilizer was making the workers sick, wouldn't it make the wine drinkers sick, too? Since the grapes are not washed before being crushed, all that chemical residue would end up in the vats and bottles.

Sophie's part in the con seemed the most interesting to me - how she conned the owner into thinking the 2nd wine was far superior to the 1st, even though they were identical, was very smooth - I wonder how Eliot would have played it had he ended up with her role in the con. It's always fun to speculate. I wonder how Hardison would have played the role of intern or how Parker would have been in the role of field hand....

Thanks again for another fun episode!

Izzie said...

@ Calla

In my head, the buckets Eliot dumped weren't the real deal, but buckets with colored water in them. Otherwise, yes, I thought exactly what you did -- Why, Eliot? And the contaminated wine, yes, that, too! Please explain this, JR!

I also wondered if Sophie's second wine was actually something different...

MaggieCat said...

"As with the Low Low Price boss, this boss seemed a bit too nasty."

Lucky. Move that guy to a slightly less prestigious job at a national car-repair company, and I'm pretty sure he was my boss at my very first job.

(I started clapping my hands and jumping for joy right in the middle of the office when I heard he'd been ousted, which all my coworkers generously refrained from mocking thanks to that time he made me cry right in the middle of the office.)

tet said...

Thanks for another great episode. It was back to the traditional Leverage format and, though I also loved the shows that aren't the typical show format, I admit that I enjoyed these "classic" Leverage episodes. There were a lot of funny banter and twists.

I don't know if I'm reading too much into looks and glances, but when Sophie made a toast to the future, Nate seemed to have looked slightly uncomfortable (a little glance downward or to the right I think). I wonder if this has something to do with Nate's future plans.

And I would like to thank you and Dean for the open letter that Dean wrote for the fans. It was a very classy act and being a fan of the show, I appreciate how you guys wanted us to see how the show was intended to end. But I do hope we get another season, at least (as one post said), one last farewell season (if TNT really wants to stop the show).

And we are all voting hard for a PCA for you guys. I believe that's one of the best way we can show our appreciation for Leverage which has been part of our lives for 5 years.

Still hoping for a season 6 (crossing fingers and toes)...

antisocialbutterflie said...

Blogger has eaten this comment twice now. Let's hope third time's a charm. This was another good episode from you guys. I have to agree with a previous poster that the throwback to the previous season's episodic structure was a breath of fresh air. I've included a couple of notes that I took during the episode as well as my questions.


Jicama Plum Stout. Want! Even if it's awful it would definitely be an experience.

Punchable face? Love the shared moment between Parker and Elliot there.

Poor Hardison. He really needs a clone.

Favorite line "You can shove a cat in that camera."


(1) What was with the repeat of the same lines about the SN-12 after commercial break. I know in television every second is precious so why backtrack?

(2) Why did Hardison have to go to the nuclear facility to get the radioactive Cesium? Wouldn't it have been simpler to get it from a medical facility or gamma emitter?

(3) Did you let Beth do any of the stair jumping or was it all a stunt double?

(4) This is less of a question and more of a what are your thoughts on this issue. Given the set-up on how toxic the SN-12 is that vineyard is practically a Superfund site. It's going to take forever to decontaminate the soil. How is it a good idea to give the employees that winery? The expense to make the land useable probably far outweighs the amount donated by Nate at the end. Was this even considered in the writer's room? Am I being too nitpicky?

Thanks again for all your time.

Oona said...

I'm also a big fan of the "classic" episodes that are big on con, and this one was really fun.

The construction of the story, the way all the pieces fit together, the twists and turns - kudos to Jen Kao on a great script!

I especially loved seeing Sophie do her thing. The way she conned Frank into thinking he was drinking more expensive wine, and then planted a seed of doubt about his prized bottle. I LOVE when you guys show real grifting at work - not just the team in disguises and funny outfits, but the actual process of manipulation. It's fascinating to watch.

I also loved watching them foil the test and then the great twist of having the wine get certified anyway and Nate's pissed off look! Hee!

I admit my first thought at the end was . . . . wait, she said he could do what?!? . . . but then I decided that the look on Frank's face when he realized that it was the real bottle and Nate was walking off with it was worth it.

I always find it a lot easier to suspend disbelief when I'm riding on the fun train!

And in reality, the certainly don't need the bottle to convict Frank of fraud when they've got the auditor's testimony and the sting, but still. I can see where that was a little distracting.

Nate was very much in the background this episode, but he never felt outside the con even though he wasn't directly involved until the end.

And why do I think that little toast and those little statements about the future and Nate knowing a real from a fake are going to play into the heart wrenching finale?

Anonymous said...

So... Sophie kind of oversold the con, didn't she? Somehow I want to blame Hardison.

Gina said...

I enjoyed this one. I loved Parker complaining about not having superpowers . . . and then parkouring her way up the staircase. You do so have them, honey!!

Just one question: Would a bottle of wine as old as that Jefferson bottle still actually be any good? I ask because I remember a Dorothy L. Sayers novel -- "Unnatural Death," I think -- in which an extremely old bottle of wine had got to the point where it didn't really taste like much of anything anymore. Of course Sayers may have gotten it wrong, but she had to do a fair amount of research on wine, what with her detective being something of an expert on the subject. So I think she may have known whereof she wrote.

In any event, I did enjoy the little bit of harpsichord music signaling whose bottle it was. :-) Cleverly done.

TomR said...

@Gina: I hereby nominate "Parker parkour" as the coolest-sounding phrase ever.

Loved this one through and through - funny, twisty, very suspenseful at the climax. I do have to say, though, that it could just as well have been titled "The Why Does The Universe Hate Alec Hardison Job". He fakes a bottle, then they can't swap it; he sprints through the building to stop a file wipe, but the files were already deleted; he steals cesium and gets chased by guard dogs (again!), but the vineyard owner just bribes the auditor...I'm starting to see why the poor guy is always grousing about something. Please tell me you'll ease up on him in the future.

Gina said...

@TomR -- Ha! I didn't even catch that! :-)

(And I agree, poor dear Hardison gets a raw deal!)

Kyle said...

This episode felt like vintage Leverage. Hope to see more of this format in the future.

Anonymous said...

Since you've got Josh Schaer writing for you guys now, if the Leverage fandom were to bombard TNT with something along with our requests to renew Leverage a la the Jericho/nuts campaign, what would it be? Orange soda is the only thing that immediately springs to mind. Mass forwarding Nigerian 419 scam e-mails seems more appropriate but I don't know where the DOJ draws the line between "overzealous fanbase" and "cyber-terrorism".

Sam said...

Loved this episode!

This season has been showing us the team kind of leading things on their own without Nate and doing things outside their assigned hitter/hacker/theif/grifter roles and this episode really showed that growth well, I thought. Hardison with the fighting, Parker with the interning and Nate basically doing nothing but talking them through it from the office (except at the end but that could have been done by any face that the mark hadn't seen).

I also liked the way he said 'Your missing worker' instead of 'our'. Kind of like he wasn't including himself in the con? Which makes me really nervous for what the season is leading up to :( Or I'm reading too much into it.

Jessica Snyder said...

Did Kane actually carry the woman who played Betty out of the fermentation room, or was it half Betty and half a manican?

Stacey Pittsinger said...

"I always find it a lot easier to suspend disbelief when I'm riding on the fun train!'
Oona I totally agree with you.
I try not to overthink the show or nitpick too much. I'm just enjoying the character interactions and the con.

Wasabi said...

Stopping by to give the Leverage team some props for a very enjoyable episode.

Can't you get Netflix to pickup your show, like they did with Arrested Development?

Jay said...

Was this episode filmed at Domaine Drouhin? in Yamhill County?

I'm worked there, though not as a cellar rat; I did temp work and spent a month or two boxing (and bottling) wine.

Anonymous said...

People want to ask questions about the fate of the show, might you start a question post soon?

KansasPhoto said...

If TNT doesnt renew Leverage, would the cast & crew be willing to stay together & go to another network?

Natalie Clements said...

A very disappointing episode. There was no... er... Cats being put into cameras??

And Parker asking why she didn't have superpowers, then Spidermanning up the staircase?

OK, I lied, I loved this one too! I even liked the hair.

As for giving away the 'fake' bottle of wine at the end? The guy was arrested for selling a fake for a lot of money! If he got his hands on that bottle again and proved it was real, the whole thing wold fall apart.

Glenn Hauman said...

I'd give you a lot of nitpickery wine notes, but... nah. You got most of it right, far more than most TV shows would.

Izzie said...

Anonymous at 11:02 AM:

Orange soda, huh? That's a lot tamer than what I was thinking: stacks of porn. ;D What? it was Hardison's idea first (Nigerian Job).

KellyO'shea=) said...

1) I loved the feel of this episode, as others have said it does have a more "classic Leverage" feel to it. 2)This was one of my favorite episodes.(I hope the next one is more Eliot heavy, we havn't seen him grift in a while. but the fights were exellent as always=). 3) if they dont renew Leverage they WILL have an angry Kaniac/Grifter/Leveragite Zombie Apocalpse on their hands-I'm just sayin'. 4) if Parker was playing an intern, why would the vineyard owner let her just hang around when his priceless bottle of wine was being audited,and all the other workers seemed to be gone? (I know he tells her to leave but, why would she have been let in the roomin the first place?). These are the questions that haunt me, I hope you can shine some light on the subject-Thank You for all the amazing episodes with (crossed fingers and wishful thinking inserted here) many many more to come in season 6,7,8,9,10 and so on=)

*I am not a robot*

Bethan said...

Why do I get the horrible feeling you're planning to make Eliot kill again? On a similar note: I love the exasperation you use when you talk about what stupid thing Christian did this time. What's the worst he's ever done?
Also, you keep dropping odd comments about Nate's health. It's disconcerting.

Anonymous said...

Applause for the stuntwoman who played Parker and did parkour like Spider-Man Peter Parker up the triangular staircase! What's her name? The credits always scroll by too quickly and in too small of a font to read the names.

(While we're at it, kudos for the gymnast who maneuvered through the lasers in The Rundown Job, too!)

Lori said...

Are locations generally jumping to have you use as a film location? Say, this winery, did they respond "hell yes," or did you have to beg?

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Kylee Fairy said...

Was the "real or fake" theme with Nate and Sophie supposed to be about some kind of step forward in their relationship? I absolutely loved it but I didn't quite understand it.

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I wonder how Hardison would have played the role of intern or how Parker would have been in the role of field hand....
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