Tuesday, September 27, 2011

COWBOY BEBOP opening credits

Because @marcbernardin reminded me. I actually went online to learn how to make ringtones for the iPhone so I could make my own for this tune. In the comments -- your favorite opening credits, animated or not.


Jack said...

It's cheating but - Doctor Who (Tom Baker years). Iconic music, simple, creepy and sci-fi all in one.

Nicole said...

I've got to say that the credits for The Cosby Show were always good. The dancing, outstanding! Especially Bill's dancing!!

Anonymous said...

Dexter opening credits are fantastic--the violence found in ordinary activities.

Pablo Defendini said...

Dexter's are great. That hyper-hi-def, super saturated look is strangely compelling.

Kevin Church said...

Rogers, if you need a copy of "TANK!" by Yoko Kanno, I will get you a copy of "TANK!" by Yoko Kanno.

My favorite credit squence probably belongs to Sanford and Son. It just instantly tells you what the show is about.

Cat Vincent said...

Babylon 5, Season 3&4.
Batman: The Animated Series, Season 1.
Nowhere Man.

The Avengers, Diana Rigg opening.
The Tomorrow People (Original).
Doctor Who - most if not all seasons!

mikecane said...

EVERY Gerry Anderson opening. He pioneered!

Hawaii Five-O by the late Reza Badiyi is also eternal (accept no reboots!).

Max said...

As a kid it was Batman: TAS, which amazingly does not say the actual title of the show (the music does it for you).

More recently, I loved Rubicon's titles.

Cat Vincent said...

...and elsewhere
Ghost in the Shell: Standalone Complex, both seasons.

Great question, John.

Rogers said...

@Kevin Church

It was from my copy of "Tank!" that I made my ringtone. I may not be a music hipster, but I have my resources.

LJ said...

I always loved Dead Like Me's credits. Brilliant.

And Jack of All Trades is perfectly toned for the show, I always liked the ridiculousness of it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_VNsjjYRgjc

DonBoy said...

An obscurity from 1990: "Grand", with a pretty good cast, great song, and a good sense of what the show was (comedy soap). Note Michael McKean's eyeroll at about 0:15:


m said...

Always liked the Dave McKean-ity of the Millennium opening. Also looks like old Mark Romanek music videos.

Gareth-Michael Skarka said...

A strong second for Tom Baker's Doctor Who credits.

But if we're going with ones that haven't been mentioned yet?

* The original 1960s Jonny Quest opening.

* First Season Space: 1999.

* I'll give some love to the cheese that is Land of the Lost. Everybody of my generation can sing the song, after all.

For current stuff? I'm a big fan of the opening credits of Game of Thrones and Sherlock.

Clockworkjoe said...

The Venture Brothers - better than the original Johnny Quest intro.

Greg Hatcher said...

The original MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE with the fuse was brilliant. And I'll always have a soft spot for the sheer adrenaline of the original SPACE GHOST and HERCULOIDS openings, too.

First season of IT TAKES A THIEF with the extended Dave Grusin and choppy rotoscope animation was pretty badass too.

....what? Yeah, I'm old.

DeeKaye said...

My favorites (mostly for the theme) -- NCIS, Bones, Firefly, Dead Like Me. Miami Vice was/is a classic, too. And X-Files, of course.

marc bernardin said...

Luther has fantastic, eerie opening credits. And Battlestar Galactica and Game of Thrones, fo sure. But I'm still a fan of the Knight Rider/A-Team/Six Million Dollar Man school of "awesome theme song + tell-it-to-me-straight voiceover = mission accomplished" credit sequences.

But that's just me.

mic? said...

I love COWBOY BEBOP's opening credits!

I'm partial to the opening themes for...

1) CHALLENGE OF THE SUPERFRIENDS... the trumpets when the Justice League marches in still give me chills.

2) BIONIC SIX... cuz I get sentimental.


Matt said...

Lots of good ones mentioned already. I'll add Human Target, aka "Bear McCreary meets the Indiana Jones theme."

Will "scifantasy" Frank said...

And now, the saga of John and Yoko.

Williams and Kanno.

Seth said...

Honestly, I think you got it right the first time.

David said...

Rockford Files (obviously); Mission Impossible (great idea, great editing); Top Cat; Doctor Who (Pertwee); Doctor Who (Moffat). Yes, these are also my favourite shows - just a coincidence, I tell you...

Gordon McAlpin said...

Add me to the list of people saying Batman: The Animated Series.

braak said...

I always really liked the Teen Titans opening theme. I especially liked how sometimes they would sing the lyrics and sometimes they would sing it in Japanese.

waltermonkey said...

I love dense montages. I can't believe no one has said Buffy (especially Season 6) and The Wire (especially Season 4).

katiki7 said...

Strike Back: Project Dawn

Edgy, fiery-toned graphics underscored by The Heavy's Short Change Hero, it's powerful stuff.


Madeley said...

Dark Skies. Hell of an underrated series, and great starting credits. Also, pre-Voyager Jeri Ryan!

Kathleen said...

I loved Pink Panther Credits http://bit.ly/pGSrrC
All In The Family
Six Million Dollar Man
The end credits for "Finding Nemo"
Rockford Files
Mission Impossible/James Bond
House has an amazing theme song and they run credits after the ep intro, is there a name for that?
I love how Leverage does it too.
Foreword? Prelude? Overture?

Jim said...

best opening title EVER: Gaspar Noe's Enter the Void. Blew my mind in the theater: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tPxgi-PiNFE

Susannah said...

Seconding (or thirding, or whatevering) "Dead Like Me." Simultaneously amusing and eerie, with beautiful music by Stewart Copeland. Perfection.

The "M*A*S*H" opening credits still give me goosebumps. Ditto "The A-Team" and "Barney Miller."

Gordon said...

Far and away, I have to go with Angel.

Cunningham said...

Being an old fart, I skew toward the 60's and 70's. All of the following intros are favorites because they set the tone for the episode to come without the use of clumsy voiceover or a "saga sell" prior to the credits rolling. The opening teaser grabs you , then the credits fill you in on what world you're going to immerse yourself.








and of course, THE EQUALIZER

James said...

Cowboy Bebop! For out credits -- The Real Folk Blues (Cowboy Bebop again!) is pretty sweet.

FLCL music is pretty cool too. Kinda crunchier J-pop alternative I dunno what to call it.

Alia said...

Cowboy Bebop is hard to beat for the whole package: visuals, music, and meaning that only gets deeper as you watch the series. Plus, it made me buy way too many Yoko Kanno CDs.

I recently saw someone's take on an illustrated Dexter intro, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n9adZ0HRuo4 It's graphically awesome, totally original but with a classic illustration feel, and demonstrates how very different even great openings could've been.

P.S. Jim, I gotta say that the Gaspar Noe's Enter the Void opener should come with warnings. I can see how it must have been brain-scrambling on the big screen. Ow. Awesome, but ow.

Trip said...

Those quick-cut credit sequences between action and stark black title screens on THE SHIELD were often mesmerizing. That show never had an ounce of fat on it and those tight, breathless openings always set the pace right off the bat.

tabbyclaw said...

My college marching band director wrote up an arrangement of Tank! for us. Not sure if it ended up as a stands tune after I graduated or got shifted to another ensemble.

One of my favorite opening sequences of all time is from the short-lived Jeff Goldblum show "Raines." Unfortunately, I cannot find it anywhere on YouTube, but last I checked the show was available on Hulu.

Matthew Hamand said...

The Prisoner. It's my ringtone.

Sihaya said...

I love the list so far. I have to add the Muppet Show. Admittedly, the opening theme really only credited the guest star, but I swear the routine must have always included every character for the season.

wcdixon said...

"Pee Wee's Playhouse"
"The New Avengers"
"Six Feet Under"

Killah Mate said...

Here's a link everyone will enjoy:
Art of the Title, a website dedicated to this kind of stuff. Currently featuring a huge article about the design of the Mad Men title sequence.

For me (besides Cowboy Bebop), Human Target Season 1 opening (Bear McCreary, and an intro that knows how to respect its music), Dexter of course, and frankly most anything HBO has ever done (Carnivale, Deadwood, Game of Thrones...)

On an opposite note, I always hated Lost's casual dismissal of the art of the credits. Ugly and lazy opening. They didn't even bother to fix the aliasing on the letters!

Murasaki_1966 said...

In order

Game of Thrones



DeeKaye said...

I forgot one that I wanted to include on my earlier list -- Rescue Me's theme/opening credits.

Amy said...

One of my favorite and probably very obscure openings is to a series called Spartakus and the Sun Beneath: http://youtu.be/DLUKGpTWbzs

I am sorry I cannot find the full animated version in English but here is the French version http://youtu.be/SUP3bnG3yG8 - the link before this one has the English version but is without the animation.

Spartakus aired on Nickelodeon in the mid 80s to early 90s I think. It's probably my all time favorite animated series ever!

Anonymous said...

I would add "Secret Agent" with the incomparable Johnny Rivers theme (recorded live at the legendary Whiskey A Go Go)

However, I mus agree with TANK! first an foremost, followed by Jonny Quest and Ghost in the Shell.

Myrdin T Sasnak said...

Johnny Quest is one of the best jazz action mixes ever.

Mission Impossible is also quite memorable. I really like how it included quick snippets from the current episode.

Sarah W said...

Cowboy Bebop's opening credits are my number one all-time favorite -- next to Leverage's, of course. And Firefly.

But Batman Beyond's theme and opening credits knocked my socks off.

And while I'm old school Mission Impossible all the way back to Steven Hill, the version of the theme song by Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen, Jr. is brilliant. And it is my ring tone.

Anna said...

There are really too many to count. Superman TAS, Batman Beyond, The Adventures of Superman, Peter Gunn, Mission Impossible, Hawaii 5-0, Teen Titans, John William's Irwin Allen themes, Samurai Jack, Perry Mason, Rawhide... I've even got a soft spot for that Tarzan cartoon.

Special mentions, however, go to Secret Agent Man/Danger Man (both the British and the American themes are excellent) and Eyewitness (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1n3GJ-cYn6I). Show that clip to someone who grew up in the 90's and they will freak due to the combined rush of nostalgia and awesome.

Anonymous said...

Lots of good ones listed so far, but my favorite, Due South.

Theliel said...

Batman the Animated Series

Keith said...

The Venture Bros. JG Thirlwell is a freakin genius and the animation is a perfect blend of homage and satire.

Psych, because they do the fun little variations every now and again. Loved the Bollywood version and the Spanish version best.

Anonymous said...

"Big O" season 2:


Then someone pointed out to me that this borrows heavily from a 60s British show, "U.F.O":


But my first love will always be season 1 "Star Blazers":


Anonymous said...

Oh, I completely forgot about "Cosby Bebop":


SueN. said...

I've got to give a nod to The Incredible Hulk. Even now, the mention of Bill Bixby's name starts that music in my mind.

Denny S. Bryce said...

Feeling a bit old school (okay, quite a bit), but my favorite opening credits:

Walk on the Wild Side (1962 film)

Catch Me if You Can (film)

Now TV...
Cosby yes, but I loved a different world...

And MIami Vice...

Lebbrin said...

Simon and Simon. A detective show from the mid 80's. The growling sax about 1/2 way through always did it for me. Just a catchy tune.


Hal Mangold said...

Jonny Quest, hands down.


Anonymous said...

Firefly - and for a classic - The A Team!

M.A.Peel said...

Miami Vice, animated Batman, early seasons of Homicide, Twin Peaks, L.A.Law, and The Avengers.

Anonymous said...

Call me silly but I just have a soft spot for the opening to "The Brady Bunch" And then trying to remember the entire episode before they finish opening credits.

SarahMiller said...

I'll second the Jack of All Trades for it's ridiculousness. It is just too fun. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_VNsjjYRgjc

I also like the Adventures of Brisco County Jr. Nice sweeping music (it's so good NBC uses it in it's Olympic coverage) nice visuals, and consisely tells the story so far.

wackiland said...

I'm old.

The Prisoner
That Girl
Girl From UNCLE (especially the hair toss)
The Banana Splits

wcmartell said...

Have you read Goldberg & Rabkin's book on TV writing? You can learn everything about a show from the opening credits. When the book came out they did a little song & dance at Take One Bookstore before signing, and analyzed a series of TV title sequences. It was amazing.

Anonymous said...

Game Of Thrones -- Love the music and the opening map animation

Supernatural -- I've always loved supernaturals title sequence, very simple but what makes it is the sound effects that they add to it. It always has something to do with the theme of the season


katiki7 said...

If we're including movies, then I have to add Aliens 3. The credits packed a very scary punch. Too bad they then tacked on a sucky movie. Made even more sucky by the fact the credits had led me to expect an equally awesome movie.

Kris said...

The first Batman: TAS theme is up there, of course, but my favorite of those is the one for "The Adventures of Batman and Robin" ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6DLsiYgr5tY ).

More recently I have soft spots for Human Target season 1, Fringe and How I Met Your Mother. Andromeda's music was catchy too.

GregM said...

Carnivale is amazing. One of the greatest, eeriest sequences of all times: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BMqLks7qnew

As is The Pacific:

Surprised no one has mentioned The West Wing, with W.G. Snuffy Walden's pitch perfect theme: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dmp1sGsHOAg

Obscure, but wonderful: Square One TV, kids' math show from the 80s on PBS.

Deadwood's great. The credits tell the whole damn story.

And yeah, i liked Alias:

the_eye said...

I'd have to say definitely the A-Team. Also some recent brit stuff, i.e.
Misfits (really cool, that one)

and the most recent Doctor.

But most favourite, ever, for me, must be The Persuaders. Apparently quite boring in the original and one of the extremely few examples of something that got better by dubbing it German (because they added non-stop nonsense banter between the two lead characters that simply wasn't there in the original). Starring Tony Curtis and Roger Moore.

Matthew Milam said...

Barney Miller: The music, the opening wide shot, the freeze frames

deepfishy said...

Nthing many of the credits already mentioned - Dexter, Batman:TAS, The Wire, Hawaii Five-O, Luther, Carnivale, Psych, Ghost in the Shell SAC, Human Target, Buffy and Angel.

The kid in me will always love Inspector Gadget and The Tick (animated series). The Criminal Minds opening is another good blend of characters and "stuff" (handwriting analysis, mug shots, newspaper headlines etc) combined with eerie theme-music (it's one of the few openings - along with Psych - that I don't skip when watching on DVD).

Actually, this Walking Dead opening would be my hands-down favourite if it wasn't fan-made. I'm a sucker for a good bassline, and the "3D" graphics and colour scheme really appeal to me. The best opening credits are like a good music video or fanvid - the clips are cut to the music and work with its themes to create emphasis and counterpoints.

Tracey said...

From the top of my head, I'd have to go for:

Ashes to Ashes
Hill Street Blues

the_eye said...

darn, in my list above totally forgot about Due South, yeah. Really cool Music, that one. But only loved the first part of the series, i.e. with "Original Ray". Actually, the pilot is probably the best of all the episodes.

Anonymous said...

Classic Hawaii Five-0


Anonymous said...

animated: read or die. it perfectly captures that old spy series vibe.

not: game of thrones and human target

Staffan said...

Game of Thrones has an awesome credit sequence. The music is great, the animation is cool (though the clockwork stuff seems a little out of place in fantasy, it works), and it changes to match the contents of the episode (I think they did four different versions of it).

Looking back, Firefly was great, setting the space/western tone perfectly.

Babylon 5 was awesome (at least season 2 and onward), with the credits changing from season to season and the voiceover being updated as well ("The Babylon Project was our last, best hope for peace. It failed.") One detail I like about B5's credits is that they don't just tell you who the actors are, they also tell you who they're playing. Many shows just list the actors' names without either showing who they're playing, or telling us their character's name.

I'm not a big fan of the modern minimalist credit sequence, but the show that does it best is Fringe. What I particularly like about it is that it changes based on the episode. First we had the "regular" credits. Then we got the red credits of the alternate universe. After a while, we also got the 80s flashback credits, the "hopeless" credits of the season 3 finale, and now the amber credits of the joined universes.

Oh, and one show I can't believe no-one has mentioned yet, with the best credits ever: The Muppet Show (post-season 1).

Anonymous said...

True Blood is the first to come to mind. It leads you to the atmosphere of the show so perfectly. You can almost hear the flies, smell the blood and the decay and feel the oppressing heat of Louisiana.
Twin Peaks of course too, but then again almost everything about it is the best there's ever been on TV.

Noah Brand said...

I am literally offended that I'm the first person to mention Quantum Leap:

Perhaps it's just youthful imprinting, but hot damn that works for me. Complicated premise explained, groovy montage imagery, and a catchy theme. This can't just be me, right?

Guru said...

Great discussion!

Let's see. i agree with several, so to add some new ones:

The Closer: Lean and mean (although probably borrowed from Inspector Morse, which I also like a lot -- Morse code as theme music!)

Hawaii 5-0, both generations. It's all about the music, after all.

Rockford Files: Music and a fund montage of scenes.

Castle: granted it's quick, but that's what works, music, image and all.

Hill Street Blues: The classic "when is the doors up moment?" each week rolling into that great theme.

Star Trek: No one mentioned it yet? Seriously?

I like the Leverage saga-sell when it runs, but never miss it when it's gone because the credits set the tone perfectly effectively without it. But for that style opening, I have to go with Burn Notice.

Susanna S said...

Well, two oldies first.
Firefly still gives me goosebumps, it's really amazing
A-Team is such a classic, and at times borderline hilarious.

A more recent favorite is New Tricks, a great brit series. The intro sets the tone perfectly for the show. Sometimes I listen to the entire end credits, just because it's so damn good.

Doctor Jay said...

"Baby, if you've ever wondered...
...wondered, whatever became of me.
I'm living on the air in Cincinnati,
Cincinnati, WKRP"

But maybe it's because I liked the show so much.

kathleen said...

I recently saw "Trek in the Park" a LIVE Re-enactment of Star Trek. They performed the opening scene, but when they got to Capt Kirk's intro and had a soloist sing them in, the crowd went wild.
I came back to throw "Wild Wild West" into the discussion. They not only had great opening credits, but continued the animation during commercial transitions to complete the art at the end of each episode.

allyone said...

As much as I love the Johnny Quest theme or as distinctive as the A-Team theme song is - they're great music played over footage from the show. I'm not sure, at least in my book, that makes for GREAT opening credits. I like credits that give me the show without giving me just footage from it.

Totally agree with the mention of I Spy above - great music plus those snazzy graphics and silhouetted images of Culp and Cosby. Really captured the feel of the show.

And - modern take on the same era, Mad Men. The silhouetted images with the ad man plummeting out a window. Very distinctive and says something about the show without relying on footage to do it.

Those two come to mind first, although I agree the Cosby Show dancing stuff was also very good.

NougatCat said...

Oh, man... I agree some of these are perfect! It -is- interesting, isn't it, how shows tweak the basic format based on the style/genre of it, or using montages/stills/other? And like some others said already, the neat difference with ones like Cosby Show and The Closer, which basically smushes the credits and opener together, or House/Law & Order that does a song/spiel, opener, then credits... (is there a different name for that?).

Add me to the big fans of NCIS, Bones, and Sherlock. Well done mix of images, with utterly recognizable and theme-setting song. And I'm surprised no one has yet mentioned Southland (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pBFFZ9CS8cc)... immediately sets the stark, gritty tone, and the haunting song gets me every time...

Heronymus said...

Batman Beyond. That is all.

jackd said...

No love for the visuals or the lame lyrics, but the theme music for The Jetsons just swings.

Anonymous said...

I've been giving this some thought, to the extent of popping over to YouTube to remind myself of various favourites, and come to the conclusion that it's not so much the credits themselves that were brilliant but the feelings they evoke in me. Case in point: Blake's 7. Just hearing the music can transport me back to my teenage years and rekindle the excitement I felt before eac episode, yet on rewatching now I find that the graphics are, um, somewhat basic. The music is still awesome, however.

Similarly, DangerMouse (such exciting music!), Hawaii 5-0, Doctor Who, and The Adventures of Black Beauty all have instantly recognisable / iconic theme music and get me into the frame of mind for watching episodes. My brother in law recently used the Black Beauty theme in a presentation he gave, and the room full of engineers all confessed to remembering both the theme and the (really rather dreadful apart from the credits) series. These things are *important* in one's youth!

Really interesting question, and I've loved reading the responses. Thank you!


skywiselady said...

Some of my favorites (and risking showing my age): Doctor Who, Battlestar Galactica (the original), Starblazers (I can still sing the whole thing), The Muppet Show, Top Cat, Jonny Quest, The Hardy Boys (the theme was the best thing about the show!), The X-Files and most recently, the fake cheery sitcom title sequence in the Changing Channels episode of Supernatural. Brilliant.

PurpleOps said...

My first thought was Mission: Impossible. My second was Archer (the R-rated spy comedy on FX) for both music and visuals. However, that would have to be first season only, since they've extended the theme by two bars in seasons 2 and 3, which throws the rhythm off. (End credits music for Archer is sensational as well.)

Does anyone remember a short-lived Normal Lear show called "All That Glitters"? Its theme song, with music and lyrics, captured its gender-switch theme (a world in which women ran things and men were objects). It had a fantastic bass part which I loved. That would have to be number three for me.

Anonymous said...

Nice! I like it. For movie credits, I've always been fond of Honeymoon in Vegas. Catch Me If You Can is perfection. Hills Street Blues was the first I remember to contract the mellow music with the manic violence of a police show. And a sentimental shout out to the simple line animation of My Three Sons.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I almost forgot When Things Were Rotten. it's included in this montage: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iCP3nxsOSVo

Jeff R said...

Jonny Quest, The Wild Wild West, and Mission Impossible. In that order. Yeah, I'm showing my age. Love the Jonny Quest theme.

MaggieCat said...

Most of my favorites have already been mentioned, but my favorite from recent years has to be the Friday Night Lights credits -- they're just absolutely gorgeous.

The original credits for Monk were perfect too. I never cared for the Randy Newman version.

Sentimental favorite has to go to She-Ra: Princess of Power though. My now dearly departed cat was 22 when the first set of DVDs came out, and the first time I watched them she came right over and climbed in my lap to stare at the screen like she did when she was 1 and it was originally airing.

Anonymous said...

Most of my favorites are here already, too (X-Files, Friday Night Lights, Firefly), but I have to get the credits from Justified onto the list. It's that song. That awesome, awesome song.

xjill said...

Carnivale. That is all.

GinaFan1 said...

Hey, Hey we're the Monkeys!

Anonymous said...

Gotta love Firefly, Carnivale, Doctor Who, X-Men (the animated series from the 90s), and the Animaniacs, for different reasons. But the one that matches the all-out energy of the Cowboy Bebop opening, for me, would have to be Trigun.


Seriously, sir, I beg thee to try it out.

caseyko74 said...

The Prisoner, Hawaii 5-0 (original), Stingray (Cannell show), Thunderbirds, The Equalizer, Treme.

The Robotech opening credits caused me to run late to school way too many times. Scooby Doo opening credits always signaled possible super heroes.

refugee said...

Fair warning I: although I love Cowboy Bebop as a show, and although the soundtrack is nothing short of brilliant, I never liked the opening credits. The ending theme, "Real Folk Blues" is in my top three, though.

I have a tie for favorite anime opening.

First, "Free Bird" [no, not that "Freebird"] from the incomparable Haibane Renmei, one of the most beautiful stories I know in any medium. The show has many secrets, and the way it reveals them, and what it does not reveal, is part of its beauty. Watch it twice; things that you didn't notice the first time glow with meaning the second.

Fair warning II: the first episode starts cold, no opening, because the OP animation contains mild spoilers. The ending theme, "Blue Flow" is also gorgeous.

If all you know about anime is Bebop, Dragonball Z, giant robots, and panty shots, Haibane is different.

I guess I should also say, despite the iconography, this is not a religious story. Although, yes, I am bit evangelical about the show.

My other favorite OP is for a confused mess of a show, Oh! Edo Rocket! It just makes me happy.

For live action TV, everybody's already given my favorites: Firefly, Mission Impossible, Rockford. I'll add The Prisoner, which besides a good theme, gives you enough of the premise to understand any given episode if you've never seen any of them.

Robin said...

So few shows these days have actual credit sequences, but of the ones currently airing, I really like:
* Dexter's conflation of everyday routines with violence
* Game of Thrones's awesome orchestral piece and clockwork animation
* the many variations of Fringe
* and, of course, Doctor Who in all its permutations

Past favorites include:
* Firefly
* Stargate: SG-1 during the SciFi Channel years
* the silliness of sci-fi Britcom Red Dwarf
* the new Battlestar Galactica's driving drum beats and quick-cut action

There are a lot of other theme songs I like, but if we're going for overall credit sequence excellence, those are my top picks.

Devinoch said...

Cowboy Bebop was always one of my favorites, but I also loved the Gunsmith Cats one, which has a similar vibe with a bit more Charlie's Angels grafted onto it...


Anonymous said...

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air!

Who can't help but complete the following lyric: "This is a story all about how..."

Anonymous said...

Recess, Doug, Pepper-Ann, Arthur, Dragon Ball Z, Bill Nye the Science Guy, Kratt's Creatures or Zooboomafoo, Wishbone!, Reading Rainbow, Magic School Bus.

They may not have been the best, musically speaking, or world changing, but they shaped my childhood.

And thus, are awesome.

kuroshii said...

@Noah: not just you!

I'm having a hard time separating music (which I like more of) from total opening credits package.

The Muppet Show.
The A-Team. (what can I say, that cylon walking past STILL cracks me up every time I see it)

Jim Shepherd said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jim Shepherd said...

1. Full Metal Panic? - FUMOFFU
Lovely song, gorgeous animation.
2. Ghost in the Shell - Stand Alone Complex, 2nd. Gig

Live action:
Babylon5 Season 4.

DNIWER said...

Ren & Stimpy. If you listen to the opening, it basically sums up 90's.

Anonymous said...

Kuroshii hit my three faves early on.

Sherlock (the recent BBC)
The Muppet Show

For 80's cheese who can beat the Airwolf music.

Speaking of 80's, a few people mentioned it. Simon & Simon is both catchy and decent editing work. I call it a success since I heard it in my head when mentioned.

Alternate crazy credits...Enterprise had mirror, mirror universe ones that gave me a laugh:

Lord of War life of a bullet opener sticks with me.

The Charade (1963) title is easily a Cowboy Bebop progenitor.

One of the first creative animated ones:
It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, World

Oh and if you want a title filled with AhHA moments after you watch a few times, Delicatessen (1991).

ok done, before this becomes an article.

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kavin hill said...

My favorite credit squence probably belongs to Sanford and Son. It just instantly tells you what the show is about.php training in chandigarh

Amy said...

I just found your blog via the LOTR/Rand quote linked from The Big Picture.

I'm not usually a has-to-comment sort of person, but from what I've read so far, I will definitely be following your blog.

That said, a) the Cowboy Bebop credits are effing amazing b)I second the above mentions of The Venture Bros credits. 3) I have a big thing for animated credit styles from the 50s - 70s, and will frequently put a movie from that era on just for the credits. One of my favorite animation-geek things to do is to get out my Pink Panther box-set just to watch the credits sequentially. It's quite interesting to see how the animation style changed over the span of time it took to make the movies.

The Goozer said...

Um hello, people?


Nothing else comes close.

Except for NIGHT COURT, and PETER GUNN and THE SOPRANOS and GET CHRISTIE LOVE, and oh how about Season 2 of LEVERAGE?

kavin hill said...

k is strangely compelling.

Buchgestaltung said...

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walia said...

The Animated Series, Season 1.
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Tink said...

BeBop,pretty cool job on this.. i like this,hmmm,maybe because i love the bebop show,oh well,your good..

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Stephanie said...

I once did a belly dance performance to this piece. It brought down the house (and the one other person in the place who had seen the show was especially pleased)

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