Friday, August 12, 2011

Oh, Hey, So That Happened.

Was in a theater watching Eric Heiserrer's (@writerspry) very clever FINAL DESTINATION 5, so I missed all the noise. Go ahead and celebrate, bitch, and ask questions below. One day, when I'm not deep in the finale, I WILL get to all these ...


Owlee said...

*happydance* That's all. :-)

WV: "unwilych" = a show without Wil Wheaton.

Kaniac01 said...

I can't decide if I love Leverage so much because of the chemistry of the characters or the wonderful writing. Oh Wait..It's cuz Christian Kane is on there! Sorry, I forgot..Silly Me! HAPPY DANCE!!

LarryFleming said...

You guys really hit the mark with the original idea for Leverage. The continued support proves that. Congrats on Season 5.

I missed seeing you in June. Thanks for making our little fancon fun for everyone. I hope to make the next event.

Susannah said...

Congrats to everyone on the crew! It's been a terrific season so far and I can't wait to see what y'all do next year!

Devinoch said...

BraVO, old chap. Glad my favorite show on TV carries on.

MacSTL said...

I am so happy to hear Leverage will be back for Season 5.

I have never been part of a 'fandom' before this show - so I am not sure of other shows. All I know is that I cannot imagine another other show in tv treating fans as well as Leverage fans are treated --from you, Dean & Chris - to the cast AND the crew...

I for one - am extremely grateful that you choose to share this much of yourselves with us.

Thank you and congratulations.

PS: Any chance Berg will write and episode or two now?

MacSTL said...

...another other..?

D'OH My excitement has affected by editing abilities!

should have been

ANY other show

Shelley said...

Oh happy, happy news!

I do so enjoy this show (I hope you all still enjoy making it!)

wv: caribu (hey it's a real word! OK almost!)

Becky said...

First of all, congrats, and YAY!!

Why did it take TNT so long to make the decision?

Why only 15 episodes and not 18 like this season?

Brynnydd said...

Fantastic! Congratulations to the entire Leverage crew. You all rock! Question, do you know yet if you will be back in Portland next year?

Beth7 said...

one of Berg's recent Eureka! eps included NLP and a Seriously?!

I think she misses the Leverage Crew. ;-D

Mercedes A said...

Congratulations to all of us!!!!! We get to be entertained by your fabulous imagination and very hard research, and for that I thank you and TNT.

Now, what will it take for you to not get bored? Is that even possible?

Hannah said...

I am so happy!!! Leverage is the ONLY show I am committed to watching and I love every aspect. Y'all are a great team and are greatly appreciated! of course your "who will die?" comment on twitter has me reeling; I would hate to lose any of the Leverage team and am hoping it is a cruel teaser. You can turn all that into a question if you want to/can, but I am afraid of the answer :) Thank you, thank you, thank you. All of your work is greatly appreciated

JasTay said...

So...time to shop for Lucille 4.0, right? Or will she survuve this season?

katiki7 said...

Hi John!

So happy for season 5!!!

So listen: my good friend Shawn Lyons knows you from your Montreal days. I introduced him to Leverage last week and he thought it was both really funny and smart. And I said "No wonder, the head writer is apparently both a stand-up comic and a physicist." And he exclaimed: "Is it John Rogers?" He knew you at Just For Laughs, which he covered every year for radio. (He says "I'm really glad he's doing so well!" btw)

Anyway, my question is: seeing as Shawn informs me you are pretty much Canadian, can you not get TPTB to broadcast the show up here in the Great White North? We can't even stream it off the TNT site, so our choices are waiting forever and ever for it to come out on DVD or Netflix, or illegally downloading (and you don't want us doing that, do you?)

Thank you kindly, and congrats on S5!

Robin said...

WOOOOHOOOOO!!!!! High five for season five!

Ahem. Congrats to the whole damn lot of ya. Couldn't have happened to a nicer bunch of crazies and drunks. ;)

Fifth seasons are cool.

Sarah W said...


SueN. said...

I am SO HAPPY that my favorite show will be back for another season! Not that I ever doubted; from what I understand, the ratings this season have been incredible.

I love these characters, I love this cast, I love the writers who give us smart stories without talking down to us, and I love you for your mad, brilliant, cracked brain. I love the glorious "secondary" characters – Tara, Cha0s, Maggie, our favorite Fibbies McSwaggert – whose actors have breathed life and depth into them in but a handful of appearances. And I love our parade of asshat villains, who deserve everything our team doles out.

Plus, dude, you gave us STERLING. You win for that alone.

Erin said...

So excited to hear the news! High five for morale - er, fifth seasons! Seriously, congratulations - I know your guys love your show even more than we do, and it shows every single episode. No wonder you've grown every year! On a selfish note, I'm just glad I'll be able to enjoy the rest of this spectacular season without it being bittersweet :)

Kimmie said...

YAY and congrats!

This blog and the drunken video commentaries add so much to the fun of this show. I really appreciate the extra time you put in for the Leverage fans.

Yes - It would be great if Amy could come back for an episode or two (or 15!) in season five.

Lydia said...

Congratulations to the f'ing amazing cast and rest of the crew behind the scenes that makes Leverage possible!!! I'm so happy right now, my entire week is made!

I agree with @MacSTL. There's other TV shows that I love besides Leverage (crazy, right? ;)), but I don't feel as involved and attached to the fandom as I do with Leverage. When I see the credits rolling at the end of an episode, I don't feel the little flash of pride of "knowing" most of the names. You guys truely make us feel like a big family.

1. What would it take to get Roman White to direct an episode? He and Christian put together a masterpiece for Christian's lastest music video - would love to see him try his hand at Leverage!
2. Continuing the chant, yes, please bring back Amy Berg!
3. I gotta ask: is the "John World" that's at the end of every episode on the DVDs, is that named after you?

Famous4it said...

Yay! So freaking happy!!! Congratulations to all! Phew, I think I would have just died if Leverage was cancelled, i've never loved a show so much! And it helped me get through the most cruel exams of my life! So big thank you !! You make people all over the world very happy :) and I'm sorry I can't contribute to ratings :(

Man in the Blue Fedora said...

OMG ... another year of Leverage! I feel like parker at the end of "the Ho-Ho-Ho Job"!

Anonymous said...

I have not felt this way about a tv show in my whole life! And now a 5th season. Awesome. My entire family thinks I'm cracked because I am so into my Leverage. And I'm over 50 years old for crissake!!! I feel like a kid again waiting for Sunday and my fav 5. Thank you for all your hard work, all involved! We fans might keep it alive but it would of never been born and grown if it wasn't for all you wonderful folks working your asses off to make it happen. I'd kiss your furry face if I could! Keep it up. We love you!!

Anonymous said...

Made my day!
Thank you all for bringing evil(ish) joy into our lives!

24jg13 said...

So friggin awesome, can't stop smiling. I am so happy to that Leverage will be back for season 5. Can't every get enough for sure. Thrilled to know you and all the crew will be set for another year. So looking forward to what you will do next season.

Oona said...

Congratulations! Very most excellent news.

But . .. do you feel you guys have the storylines to do a sixth season as well? *fingers crossed*

mermaid said...

I'm so delighted that you got renewed for another season. Leverage remains one of my favourite shows, and I like where this season is going!

Calla said...

Congratulations to you all, us all... everyone!

I'm looking forward to the rest of this season and next - I'm hoping we learn more about the team as individuals, some surprises about their past maybe.

I'm sure the world will keep supplying you with realistic weekly baddies for the team to take down for another ... what? How many episodes did you get picked up for?

Finally, I just want to say that I appreciate you taking the time to set up this blog, read our comments, and answer our questions. On top of that, y'all give us DVD commentary - on every episode. That's phenomenal! Those DVDs are worth every penny. You are the Peter Jacksons of the television world! I can't say enough about you to my friends, family, coworkers, strangers on the bus, people in the DVD section of BestBuy... pretty much anyone who'll listen!

Congratulations again! I hope you get a vacation before you come back eager for the challenge of another season!

Anonymous said...

Well done, all, though the issue nver seemed in doubt. The quote regarding your growth was particularly gratifying.

And may I add a giant FU to the trouble-makers who upset a lot of nice people on various social media?

Tracey said...

WOOOO!!!! and more WOOOOOO!!!!

Many congrats to cast and crew for the S5 pickup..

So richly deserved, S4 has been brilliant and can't wait to see what is in store of the rest of the season.

Crack open a Guinness ;)

Shawne said...

CONGRATULATIONS! Very well deserved. Every week I'm reminded why Leverage is one of my favorite shows. Not only the consistently smart and fun episodes each week but in the way that the Leverage team presents itself and gives back to the fans and the community. It's a pleasure watching your show and getting to know your team through this blog, tweets, interviews, vids, photos and more. You're a unique bunch and that's much appreciated. Thank you!

Janah said...

Congratulations on Season 5! Im so glad you will be back next year! Awesome show, love it more than anything else on TV - great actors, characters and writing! You do all such an amazing job, thanks for that! Cant wait to see the rest of a so far brilliant season!

Judy said...

Congratulations to every1 involved in the show.

Weaverbird said...

Congratulations to cast and crew!

Great news about my favorite show ever! \o/\o/\o/

USRaider said...

Was definitely great news to learn yesterday that Leverage will be back for Season Five!

It is a tribute to you, the writing and directing staff, the crew, our amazing cast, the excellent guest stars and, pardon me, the passion of the fans. Seldom do all these components come together in such a way as what has happened with Leverage.

Here's hoping that we are celebrating this renewal again come next year at this time!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic news, so glad you made it into next season. I heard rumours that Parker's old mentor (Archie Leach???) would come back, is this true? Liked the guy.

wolfen94 said...

Conrats on Season 5! Got my happy face on!

So sad to hear about Eureka being canceled. But on the plus side, is there any chance that Amy Berg will be available for writing duties on Leverage?

Anna said...

Yay! Congrats!

PsychoKitty said...

Congratulations, you make a great show! Thank you so much for making Leverage the wonderful thing that it has become!

Is there a ConCon planned for next year; if so, where does one purchase tickets for the aforementioned Con?

indium said...

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Anonymous said...

So now that season 5 is officially a go can you think about writing a Nate/Sophie pre-show episode next season? I would love to get a glimpse of their 'run and chase' romantic and mysterious game! Their past together is too fascinating to pass this one up, maybe use Maggie (and Sam) as well.

Dee Loralei said...

Congrats to all the cast and crew on getting a season 5! And yay us fans who love you all.

I've been a KFM reader for a very long time, like even before the crazification post. And came to Leverage in an I guess I'll watch it and support my "buddy" Rogers kinda way, and y'all sucked me and have kept me amused, bemused and amazed and entertained. So thank you, thank you, thank you.

And that totally sucks about Eureka. But I 20th, or whatever, the bring Berg back crowd.

And Rogers, how in the hell did the Beeb not get you for one of their DrWho specials? I was watching last night wondering where the hell you were!

Sherri said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Gina said...

Awwww, Hardison!! Are you TRYING to break our hearts? :-(

Andrew B. said...

Does network based tracking not exist in the Leverage-verse, because this is the second episode that could have been solved with a triangulation app?

Steve Rambam would be disappointed with Hardison's Kung-Fu.

Gina said...

"Alec"!! Aw man, I teared up!

Video Beagle said...

Yeah, I'll echo Andrew, as he's gonna get swallowed up by fangirls squeeing, I'm wondering a bit on the non-tech based finding of Hardison...even an aside of "Nate and co don't know how."


Ok, the "Maco", he's in Boston and isn't aware of the Leverage team?


BWHAHAHAH Elliot in the Jungle!

WWWeaves said...

Okay, that was funny and scary and I felt serious heat between Hardison and Parker in that last scene. Whew! I'm going for a cool refreshing swim now.

Sherri said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sarah W said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Please tell me that Hardison is going to get to give Sterling the code name of Canton Delaware III. Or say something like "yes you look like a cop Sterling. Damn you even look like the cops on Dr. Who"

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