Sunday, August 14, 2011

LEVERAGE #408 "The Boiler Room Job"

Two two, two Leverage's in one thanks to the Falling Skies finale. "The Boiler Room Job" by Paul Guyot is one of my favorite episodes, funny as hell and with a great end twist. Plus extra McSweeten! Go ahead and vent or query in the usual place.


Megan O'Shea said...

I loved it! it was great! I'm not ready for the end of the season!! THE ENDING WAS AWESOME and parker is adorable <333

Becky said...

We definitely need to see more of the Eliot/Indiana Jones character.

Sean Fagan said...

Okay, I kept laughing at the nickname gag. That was great.

TCupp said...

I am absolutely overwhelmed by all the emotions this year. I think I have cried during every single ep. This season...past seasons, laughter and excitment this year all the greatness of first 3 seasons PLUS tears! Holy cow it's fanfreakintastic!!

TCupp said...
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Anonymous said...

Loved when Parker asked what they were going to steal...and then she listed previous eps.

TCupp said...
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Anonymous said...

Still no kisses? Of course Tim and Gina make it hot and believable but come on! It will get old!

maryann's husband said...

Loved the episode, but have to say I'm not a fan of coming back from commercial with a repeat of what happened before the commercial (i.e. the Mako identifying Hardison)

IMForeman said...

I swear that the actor playing "The Mako" is a dead ringer for Cotter Smith circa the late 80's, early 90's. Around the time he was in "To See the Invisible Man."

Really excellent episode. I knew they were misdirecting him somehow, as the Leverage team relies heavily on misdirection. It wasn't until Nate mentioned Inattentional Blindness that I figured it out. That whole experiment with the gorilla on the basketball court is one of my favorite things ever.

The ending is interesting. This fellow's like a (to continue the fish metaphor) Remora, attaching himself to the Leverage crew and feeding off the remains of their prey.

I wonder why, if what he says is true, he needs Nate to cooperate and give him his 24 hour warning. If he's been predicting their targets and cleaning up all this time, it seems he's done well enough on his own without announcing his presence or asking for a heads-up on their rains of hell.

It seems like a setup to me. There's just no need for him to have made any overt play into their lives, or allow himself to get noticed.

bourgon said...

Ah! The guy at the end is the new Italian - just not as cute. Overall both eps were great, and loved the "blowfish" "Mister Limpit", etc.

Allie said...

Can I just say, I was SO excited when you brought up the moonwalking bear reference, because I knew what it was!!! I was watching with my mom, and she hadn't heard of it, so I promptly showed it to her afterwards. Totally loved it!

"This is an awareness test..."

Bardic Lady said...

Has anyone in your writer's room read Candyfreak by Steve Almond? A lot of the chocolate industry stuff sounded like info from that. Brilliant. I am interested in how Sophie pulled the chocolate tasting thing...

Great ep. The last three have been grand, so much better than the beginning of the season.

Ian said...

Was that temporary partner for McSweeten "Agent Bob" from Three Strikes / Maltese Falcon? He was one of the agents guarding Culpepper's hotel room, as I recall.

Great to see some continuity. (:

Anonymous said...

makes total sense to me that Hardison is a member of the JLA

Anonymous said...

The snake Eliot killed? Was it real or fake?

Great twist!

Anonymous said...

"It’s really hard to be attached to Sophie and Nate’s romance given that all of it has happened off camera and we only see the “day after.” Would it hurt to have an episode where we see them snuggling, or kissing, or how about a hug?"

Read more:

Tracey said...

Just to say this is one of my faves episodes of the entire series!, had everything. I did love the mark, putting road blocks at every turn for the team, or so we thought..

I love the "outting" of Nate/Sophie, I wasn't expecting that and neither were they lol. Dammit Eliot, you don't interupt Nate/Sophie sexy times!.

Parker made me Lol with the chocolate and Eliot with his adventurer personna lol.

Anonymous said...

really enjoyed the episode, especially all of the fabulous costumes, and crazy, chocolate-frenzied Parker was hilarious. Absolutely hated the mark, but I guess I'm supposed to. Also Maybe I missed it, but what did Mr.Latimer threaten the team if they failed to cooperate and give him a heads up? It couldn't have been to turn them in because then he would lose out...IDK I gotta see it again.

Trilby said...

So when Eliot said "That's awesome, I haven't hit anyone for two weeks" -- was that pure serendipity? Or did you know when the scene was being filmed that Falling Skies was going to take Leverage's time slot last week, making it in fact 2 weeks since Eliot hit anyone?

Sarah W said...

This seems to be the season for Nate to be hit over the head, literally. Not that Sophie isn't running a delicate little con on him, too.

Beautiful twist at the end, with the victims. That brought the episode home for me.

It was nice to see Agent McSweeten again, too.

And the new Big Bad (or is he?) is a stroke of pure freakin' genius.

Anonymous said...

You know what? I'm missing emotional Nate/Sophie episodes. What's with making their relationship so superficial and not flashing it out more? How do you expect the audience to be invested in it this way?

Gina Bellman and Timothy Hutton are doing a great job with what they're given but they deserve better.

Mercedes A said...

Hardison speaking what Parker misspelled in texted conversation, Eliot the Adventurer eating the raw snake, and outing Sophie/Nate makes for one of the best episodes of the season.

At this rate, not to scare you, but I want a season 10!

jamesfirecat said...

Hey, while I loved the idea of getting all the targets victims together to run a "noc" on him (well what else could you call the opposite of a con where the entire point is to let the target know that you're trying to pull one on over him) I also think that you guys did miss one possibility. Did nobody else get a "trading places" vibe from set that Nate and the crew set up? I was sort of expecting the crew to have set up some kind of stock market manipulations based on taking advantage of the fact that.... was it the The Jellyfish... ? Whatever, had dumped his money into the coco futures, and bankrupt him that way instead of simple cyber tricks? Though I suppose as they say, the best plans are the simplest.... still there was a distinct lost chance there....

RS said...

It seemed like making the other chocolatier a plus-sized woman was a cheap shot... but I loved Indiana Eliot.

One question, back in the Maltese Falcon Eliot says that he only uses violence as an appropriate response. In this episode, though, he seems upset when he doesn't get to hit people on a regular basis (or at least relieved when he does). So what does it mean to him to get to be violent?

allyone said...

@IMForeman - Latimer can certainly monitor the team in their everyday activities and pick up their scraps, but the team only occasionally brings down the big businesses that Latimer profits on. Latimer was offering Nate leads on fish even bigger and more insidious than Duberman and Verd Agra.

@Anonymous on the snake: Likely not a real snake. Animal cruelty laws and all. Not to mention PETA.

I loved the use of Inattentional Blindness and really loved the reveal at the end that the bad actors were all victims of the Mako. The scene where each person introduced themselves and said how much they lost was my favorite part of the whole episode. Also, the running Mako joke rocked.

I was less in love with the bad Ecuador set, though, and wasn't all that amused by the whole chocolate con thing. I do appreciate that they were going over the top to distract him, but it was so over-the-top that it made me cringe a little, and I expected a smart con man to know that the con was too bad to be real. It lessened the idea that this guy was all that.

Was CK wearing some kind of crazy contacts or can he just make his eyes do that freaky shit?

How is it that the guy with such a lineage as a con artist failed to recognize Sophie Devereaux, who is apparently a legend in the criminal world?

What did you guys do with the bodies in TH's car before you used it in the scene where Nate gets thrown in the trunk? ;)

Chris said...

I almost spit out my drink at the Dark Orgasms joke. Bravo, sir.

PurpleOps said...

This episode started out a bid weird (although not as weird as the one that preceded it the same night!) with Parker overdosed on chocolate; the creeping non-professionalism mixed with Nate's and Sophie's increase in professionalism (except for when their romance came out) is one of the worries of this season for me. So, too, is the increase in violence being done to our team, unless I'm just forgetting about how many hits to the head they took in previous seasons. Gee, maybe I have to watch the previous seasons again. Such a chore. :)

However: Loved the JLA gag. The Maco thing got a bit old, but was still funny throughout. The use of the victims as the bad actors was absolute genius - and explained Nate's reference to the "mark" which, if they had been actors, probably shouldn't have been used.

Question: Was the stock ticker display added in later, or was it practical? It looked a bit too focused on every shot. Not a criticism, as it was a nice touch for the set, but I'm just curious.

The ending, while interesting, seemed totally tacked on to this episode; it could have gone on nearly any show with the same impact. While I don't necessarily want every episode arc-driven, the almost afterthought nature of this (and, to a large extent, the Moreau arc of season 3) lessens its meaning for the viewers.

Too bad Taggart couldn't make it, but the "explanation" for his absence made up for it. Hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Great two eps last night. This season is just getting better. And congrats on season 5. I'm looking forward to congratulating ya'll on season 10!!!

Ousting Nate and Sophie was something NO ONE saw coming. Brilliant!

I don't think I wanted to slap a mark as much as Blowfish.

Love the note swapping between Parker and McSweeten. So high school.

Only one question. Where is Taggart? Last two time McSweetheart has made an appearance Taggart has been elsewhere. Is he coming back?

Again, thank you for your sharing of your talent.

pkate3 said...

Loved this episode especially when paired with "The Grave Danger Job" Much needed levity with Indiana Jones!Eliot and Parker chocolate crazed and so many other little notes to ease the tension of that other episode.

Loved the use of the Maco's previous victims to help non-con him...and glad because I too was concerned about Nate saying 'the mark' so loudly and publicly.

And glad that the team is in on Sophie and Nate's secret now. I hate long kept secrets.

What was Latimer's threat if Nate did not take him up on his offer? Liking this big bad much more than The Italian.

Carolyn White said...

Gotta say, it was fun to see our 2 fave detectives back and the little note from McSweeten to Parker! I loved Eliot thanking the bad guy for starting the fight becuz he hadn't hit anybody for 2 weeks!!!
And Eliot/CKane in jungle gettup was pretty damn hot for us girls!

TL said...

Just a little nitpicking but about the Agent that passed the note to Parker from McSweeten, isn’t he the very same Agent in the Maltese Falcon Job. The same Agent that asked “Who the hell is this guy?” And Nate finally admitting “My name is Nate Ford. And I am a thief.” So, wouldn’t he recognize Parker and all the others as criminals especially Nate who was arrested a year plus ago by Sterling and the FBI?

Which reminds me, I think Sophie loves any and all opportunities to slap Nate with deliberate full force which really cracks me up. But then 2 episodes in a row with Nate getting smacked on the head by the bad guy. Ouch! Nate should have more chances to kick other people around.

And I do like the intricacies in the relationships changing and the complexity of it. It is funny watching con men con themselves about love. Especially Nate/Sophie not admitting it is anything more than friends with benefits. I know the writers are going somewhere with this.

Keep them coming…

Oona said...

So seriously, Eliot didn't know about Nate and Sophie? Cause it would have been cooler if he did, to quote one of my favorite lines from Dazed and Confused.

Plus, HELLO, it was a bit "pot, meet kettle" to hear the "kids" lecture Nate and Sophie on keeping their emotions in the right place after Hardison's near death experience and Parker's whole emotional breakdown (breakthrough?) related to that.

I know these eps weren't intended to run back to back, so maybe that was more jarring than it was intended to be? (Same I'm guessing with Nate getting sucker punched in both eps. He's no stranger to getting his ass kicked in a con but it was odd to see it happen twice back to back in so similar a manner).

Overall, this was pretty fun. When I saw the Sting-meets X-meets Apocalypse Now reference, I was completely befuddled about how any Apocalypse Now stuff was going to work it's way in, but crazyEliot was pretty funny. Eating the snake heart was a nice, if completely disgusting, touch.

My favorite moment may have been Parker's haiku line, though. That punny stuff totally cracks me up.

Can't believe we only have two eps left?

Do you guys know yet if next season will be a split or if they'll run the eps all in the summer?

Anonymous said...

"One question, back in the Maltese Falcon Eliot says that he only uses violence as an appropriate response. In this episode, though, he seems upset when he doesn't get to hit people on a regular basis (or at least relieved when he does). So what does it mean to him to get to be violent?"
Thats why he waited until the guy hit him. He needed a reason to beat the guy up.

IMForeman said...

@allyone I see your point, but in moving to more aggressive tactics like openly bugging them (sure, it was hidden well and anyone but Hardison may never have noticed, but he knows their capabilities by now and knows they would cotton to it) and then actually calling Nate after a con...

He's gambling on losing the revenue stream he has from feasting on the remnants of the bad guys the Leverage team takes on by their own initiative for the chance that they may take down sweeter targets proactively.

There's more going on here than just wanting Nate and crew to make him more money. Even if the targets he'd give them were folks he had a personal grudge with, there were far more subtle ways to get the Leverage crew involved.

If he really wanted to get them on the trail of the ones the got away, he could send information into Hardison's data crawlers. He could make sure a victim got the smallest nugget of truth about what happened, and a lead to the Leverage crew. He could achieve the same results without actively exposing his existence to the Leverage crew.

The best case scenario of their taking down his cherry picked targets could have been achieved another way, a moderate lose means the Leverage crew take countermeasures against his further involvement in their business, losing him that revenue stream, and a worst case scenario is that they turn their considerable talents against his interests.

Sure, he may know them well enough not to fall for their misdirections, but that assumes that they go after him directly. Given how he's profited directly from their big take downs, they could fashion a scenario to those they've burned (with the possible exception of Dubenich) that they work for him, and that he calls all the shots. It would make him the target of multiple vengeances.

I just have to wonder what his actual endgame really is.

Sherri said...

Where the 'eck did you film those Ecuadorian scenes? And how many times did Christian crack himself up with that snake?

I guess it's a little sad that every new episode, I find myself saying "I can't wait for the DVD so I can hear the commentary on this!" Of course, that also means you guys do damn good commentary on a damn good show, so there's that.

I'm waiting for this new overarc storyline to grow -- and IMForeman is right, there are many other ways to get the team to go after specific targets. I mean, all it took Chaos was an elf suit and a business card.

IMForeman said...

@sherri said:
"I mean, all it took Chaos was an elf suit and a business card."

Exactly! He's done well enough profiting off their activities that their knowing cooperation hasn't been necessary for him to profit from them, and there are numerous ways he can get them to go after the targets he wants without announcing himself to them.

And that's what he did. He announced himself. Actually bugging their office, knowing damned well that someone as thorough as Hardison would find it is essentially the same play that they used themselves against Dubenich, just with the additional required amount of subtlety.

Calling them to give them another breadcrumb, and letting them come to him, it's all a measure to get them out in the open and looking in the wrong direction. People trust information they have to work for, and he made them work to get this information.

Whatever he seems to be up to, his real objective is likely hidden, and predicated on them following the more obvious game. If you can get someone to defend against an obvious attack, they are less likely to see the hidden one.

JD_McCartney said...

In my mind, the ferrets that attacked Taggart are Agent Myka Bering's ferrets from Warehouse 13. (I leave the how/why to your imagination) Can we make that canon? :-)

Famous4it said...

Oh man! Definitely one of my favourites of the season!! This episode was so awesome!!! Darn... there are a lot of favourites this season.

I loved the Mark! I mean love as in love how evil he is... not how we love Jack Hurley =)

First he really scared me...cause I was constantly worrying that he knew it was all a con! But then I saw zombie, snake devouring, Indiana Eliot... that scared me more.(loved it though, CK looked insanely hot =P ) Did Eliot really eat that poor snake?!

The Mako joke, hilarious! But damn, I loved the actor who played the mark, those blue eyes, and the way he delivered his lines...definitely a force to be reckoned with.

Loved chocolate high Parker, and how bugged she was about letting that guy get away with his lift ;) (almost get away heheh)

Sophie and Nate being outed like that, freaking fantastic!! Whose wonderful, bloody brilliant idea was that?!

The victim twist, didn't see that coming. Loved directer Nate and Sophie =) Hilirious!!! This whole episode was hilarious!

And Sophie the Chocolate Whisper? How did she do that?! Looks like she has got a dark, sticky past...

Parker and McSweeten (loved seeing him again ;) Does she realise he likes her, and what did HArdison think of that haiku ...

Freaking loved this episode, hats off to you all! Thank you!!

Janah said...

Loved this episode! Especially Parker high on chocolate, stealing from a conman, McSweeten being back and writing haikus, the others finding out about Nate and Sophie and them calling it "just friends with benefits" and first face to face with the new bad guy Latimer and Nate.

This season has been great so far but I really hope that we will find out Sophies real name in Season 4?!
And please tell me that we will get some on camera kiss between Nate and's been overdue since season 2 - just saying...

Suzy Q said...

"Gefilte fish" - loved it!

chelle said...

It's the audition scene from "Never send a Boy King..." - loved it! Loved the ending, too. Thank you!

Lillian said...

I loved the shout out to Moonstruck Chocolates! Represent!

WWWeaves said...

Those were GREAT! i wasn't such a big fan of the kidnapped kid-super-kane. But these two were note perfect! I laughed, I cried, it was better than cats.

Anonymous said...

Loved everything about this episode - the JLA gag and the Mako gag, aggressive ferrets, Indiana Jones!Eliot not having hit anyone in two weeks :P

I gotta know though, HOW did Sophie do the taste testing con? Was it a con? Or is Sophie really just a chocolate aficionado?

Also, less episode related, do the team ever do jobs for just practice? Not Sophie or Eliot so much, but I imagine Parker and Hardison would want to keep practicing and testing themselves against the latest tech and security systems.

Loved that Taggart's temporary replacement was already part of the Leverageverse. Touches like that really make the world you're creating seem real. Oh, and I now officially ship McSweeten/Parker, you bastards. He wrote her a haiku! I'm still 'awww'ing over it.

allyone said...
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allyone said...

@IMForeman. Whatever he seems to be up to, his real objective is likely hidden, and predicated on them following the more obvious game. If you can get someone to defend against an obvious attack, they are less likely to see the hidden one.

I like that theory. It would be a nice symmetry if Latimer engages in a bit of misdirection in the same ep that the team uses it to bring down the Gefilte Fish.

In any event, I like that he's set up as a greyer villian than Moreau. It's perfect for this season.

Izzie said...

Agent McSweetheart! Poor dear, with his "hi-ku" (cute pun). Parker is Hardison's...friend now, and he's her pretzel.

Anna Goodwin? -Archie- Goodwin?

Ewww! Eliot ate the snake's heart? Raw? Creepy. Did it taste like chicken or chocolate?

"Was CK wearing some kind of crazy contacts or can he just make his eyes do that freaky shit?"
~LOL! I want to know, too.

BTW, does Eliot do that thing on purpose? The barging in on the "parents" at -almost- inopportune moments thing, I mean. Because he totally knew. You didn't cut to him when the guy said that Nate and Sophie are sleeping together...

Susanna S said...

You, Mr John Rogers, are a GENIUS. A certifiable genius.

If there was a Nobel prize for screen-writing it would be yours. Then evey one on your team should get one. And then they should start all over with you again.

Anna said...

@Bardic Lady Ooh! Ooh! I loved that book! Reading it was delicious, even if sometimes it was difficult to keep all the brands straight.

And McSweeten! Yay! Why exactly couldn't Taggart come (and don't you dare say ferrets)? And Indiana Jones/Crocodile Dundee!Eliot was fantastic!

I missed the JLA gag everyone's loving, though. Could someone please help me out?

David Hunt said...

So if Krav Maga can't protect you from ferrets, what good is it?
Seriously, I'm assuming that Rick Overton simply wasn't available and that's a shame, but the reasons you guys write up for why are hilarious.

Robert "kebernet" Cooper said...

I just want to say, this episode confirmed for me that the whole of Leverage is a clever re-do of The A-Team. You have now even introduced your "Season 4" Robert Vaughn character.

allyone said...

Kebernet - get yer Vaughn shark jumpin talk outta here!

Just kidding - the A Team jumped the shark when Culture Club performed on the show. There was nothing that Vaughn could do to help or hurt it after that. (I believe that was Season 3 that I had to cringe through watching George Peppard try to look like he was enjoying hearing Boy George sing? Uh, I'm cringing now just thinking about it. That was awkward.)

Marisa said...

What I saw of this episode was great. My DVR ransomly did not record the first 17 minutes of it, and I couldn't wait, so I watched what I had. Have to wait until Friday to record it again. So, I saw some spoilers, but am now excited to watch the beginning!

Your continued genius maintains your fans in a constant state of shock and awe. I sincerely appreciate your twisted mind and am always eagerly anticipating the next move!

H.R.Hewitt said...

All i have to say is I heartly agree with Becky. Please bring back jungle man.

Also "the Blowfish"? oh thank you that made my day.

Anonymous said...

"Susanna S said...
You, Mr John Rogers, are a GENIUS. A certifiable genius.

If there was a Nobel prize for screen-writing it would be yours. Then evey one on your team should get one. And then they should start all over with you again."

You're full of crap. Get a life.

Brave said...

What exactly did Sophie do in Belgium in '99?

Ally said...

Wowzers. Oh gosh, that was funny. I needed a good laugh. I didn't watch the episodes on the same night, so I suppose if I had, this one would have provided excellent comic relief to the Grave Danger Job. (I would have liked to see more of its effects on Hardison, but that's okay).
1. How is it that the...was it the Nemo?...failed to recognize THE Sophie Devereaux?
2. Now, where did Sophie get all of that chocolate stuff? That was epically brilliant, but will we ever get more behind that besides Belgium '99 and "That's my girl?" By the way, "That's my girl." Priceless.
3. I suppose if Hardison had gone with Parker to the chocolate festival, it would have constituted a "date," which neither of them is ready for, but if he was that concerned for her being unleashed upon the chocolate, why didn't he just go with her?
4. Did Christian have to miss a few days of filming or something? I was noticing a lack of my Eliot.

Parker OD'ing on chocolate is something I can definitely see her doing. Great character note, by the way. What I'm getting out of that is that Parker's still emotionally a little kid, complete with a little kid's issue with candy and utter lack of self-control or constraint.
I thought how Sophie and Parker were interacting after Parker got back from the festival was so wonderful, too. I loved how Parker was behaving just like a small child who's had too much chocolate, and Sophie was reacting just like a frazzled mom would. It was cute.
And it CAME OUT!!! I sorely missed the talking-to I was sure Eliot would have firmly delivered upon that point, especially after the bra dance. (And Eliot clearly saw the bra. Are we still discussing this?) He's the one with the most issues over the team keeping secrets from the others (hi pot, meet kettle after the Moreau business). But it was cute anyway that the two "kids" who are in a "relationship" were admonishing the two "parents" over their eerily similar and only slightly less awkward relationship.

MORE SOPHIE!!!!!!!!! But really good episode. Smiles. Can you possibly finagle some more episodes out of TNT? Pretty please with fifteen cherries on top?

Oona said...

Ally's comments bring to mind something you said about Sophie in your Q&A for the Three Card Monte Job. You said "she's not that nice." But since the First David Job, I'm not sure I've seen any "not that nice." She's starting to look like everyone's mother hen - team and clients alike. She even felt bad about scamming the old guy in the 15 minutes Job.

So is there still some "not that nice" left in Sophie or has she fully embraced the role of mom and counselor? Will we see any Sophie-centric episodes this season?

I know her past is being left intentionally mysterious, but so is Eliot's, and we still get an episode or more a season focused on who he is now. Somtimes it feels like Sophie is getting short shrift.

Robin said...

So much fun crammed into this episode. Adventure Eliot! McSweetie! Chocolate crazed Parker! The... uh, was it 'Flounder'? 'Seahorse'? 'Deep-sea Anglerfish'? ;)

I loved the twist of the intentionally-bad con. Brings to mind the sleight of hand from 'Top Hat Job'.

Also love that Sophie's a secret chocolate connoisseur. Is that the result of a past con, or just a result of the fact that she's a princess which happened to come in handy back in Belgium?

@Anna -- According to IMDB, Rick Overton has had a recurring role on a show called (amusingly enough) Chaos, though it looks like that didn't get picked up, so maybe he'll be back as Taggart next season. :)

Anonymous said...

I was going to ask if we would ever see Guy Hamilton again (Eliot's reporter persona) so this is almost as good.
I have to ask: Is "It's the Mako" a reference to "my name is muerte" from Undercover Blues? Too funny!.
Thank you.

Shawne said...

This episode cracked me up. The tie in to the Chocolate Festival and using the victims to pull off the con at the end felt like classic Leverage twists.

As far as the ships on the show, I think you guys are handling them in a great way. We can see the relationships develop without the show losing it's Leverageness. Fantastic that Nate and Sophie were outed by the Mako instead of the team. Then loved that Parker looked more upset with Sophie not telling them about her relationship with Nate. Hoping there's a Parker convo at some point about being afraid Sophie will leave again. Excellent work as always. I hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoy watching. Thank you.

Shawne said...

Almost forgot and I apologize for a double post but it's worth repeating...I am continually amazed that a show can be this strong midway through it's fourth season. Where many other shows at this point have grown stale, jumped the shark or lost it's original cast, Leverage has managed to evolve while remaining true to it's characters and the show we all fell in love with. That's really remarkable. So happy the show's such a success and you were rewarded with a fifth season. Thanks for all you do!

Nasrul said...


How is it the Mako know Hardison but not Nate, Sophie. or even Elliot. Surely these three people are more famous than Hardison in the world of Con

Anonymous said...

Loved this episode. Sophie showing up a real chocolate expert with no knowledge, the team finding out about her and Nate, "The Mako" . . . All so good. Particularly loved Eliot as a demonic Bear Grylls. (Eating snakes is ALWAYS good television.)

Also, have you seen this Uloric commercial? They /admit/ (well, basically) that the medicine can give you a heart attack. And the way the voice-over woman says it . . . It just seemed like something you guys would make up for Leverage.

DaveMB said...

I liked how the audience was led into inattentional blindness among with Mr. Macko. As soon as the team finds out with whom they are dealing, Nate says "we can't con him out of the money -- we'll have to steal it." The team then spends a half-hour arranging what is obviously a con. Only if you paid attention to what Nate first said do you see the moonwalking bear...

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh!! This was legit my favorite episode of the whole show!!! I loved how Nate and Sophie got outed, and how Nate was a lil shocked when Sophie agreed w/ Hardison when he said "friends with benies." And I loved how Hardison didn't pick up Nate's lil comment about Sophie "that's my girl." I was surprised he didn't mention it later when they were all at the bar.
Just a few questions:
1) Are we ever going to know where Sophie's background in chocolate came from?
2) when are we going to see Nate and Sophie kiss or something? I loveeee them in a relationship, they r adorable, but I hate seeing "the day after" with them!
3)Will we ever see a flashback of Nate and Sophie in '99 at that chocolate festival in Germany?

Swellsman said...

Once again, an extremely enjoyable episode. One thing that did bug me though was the decision to have the villain travel to Ecuador, follow Eliot into a friggin' jungle, and still wear a suit and tie. That really kind of pulled me out of the story because I just couldn't believe that I wasn't watching someone on a set at that point. All I could think about was whether the guy was walking around the jungle wearing wingtips.

Was there a reason to keep the guy in a suit and tie that I missed? Because no matter what his personal affectations, I just cannot believe that anyone would dress that way to go hoofing through a rain forest.


erie said...

diego messi?? is that diego maradona and lionel messi? if that so, nice shout for soccer fans!!

Nicki Johanson said...

I second the love for the shout out to Moonstruck! Best chocolates ever and us Portlanders love us some good chocolate.=-)

Great episode! I adored chocolate-high Parker. I think you guys should use one of the coffee roasting locals in Portland and see what Parker would do on a caffeine coffee high.

Anonymous said...

I LOVED THIS EPISODE. Did the script call for Sophie to stretch out the word slightest or did Gina improvise? Because I LOVEDDD that part, i found it very funny:)

GinaFan said...

I remember Beth coming across a chocolate waterfall one time. Did she ask for a chocolate episode?

DeepFriedCake said...

This was pretty much the perfect episode and will surely live on as one of my all-time favorites. The one thing no one seems to be mentioning, however, is that this was a beautiful homage to "The Sting." I mean, wasn't it? The 'stealing' of the office they needed, belittling the mark by never getting his name right, bringing in the FBI at the end? Loved all of it!

Amy1oM said...

This was a good episode with the team pulling off one of their most ridiculous sounding cons ever but I did have one problem with it... There is NO WAY Eliot did not already know what was going on with Nate and Sophie. Never in a million years will I believe this con man blathering on the comms is when Eliot found along with Hardison and Parker - no he's known since San Lorenzo! Remember this is the man who is very aware of his surroundings at all times plus come on he identifies fighters by their footprints and haircuts so I am sure there was something that was Sophie "distinctive" in that room to tip him off she was with Nate!

tismey said...

The 'Crop Report' stuff was a Trading Places nod, surely?

tabbyclaw said...

I have to ask: Is McSweetin ever going to find out who Parker really is? And will it break his heart?

Kat said...

First of all, I'd like to say that I love the DVD commentaries. Between the Guinness and the technical discussion, you're making an Irish Film nerd very happy

1) Are there ever going to be any physical ramifications from Nate being knocked out by the Buseys of Leverage so many times?
2) What happened to all the computers and monitors after the team was done with them? Does Hardison just have them somewhere for future use?
3) Whose idea was it for the Busey try to run away and Eliot just stand there? That was awesome!
4) Did Beth Riesgraf come up with the "crazy/tongue-stick-out" or was that written in the script?

GeorgiaRule said...

So not particularly relevant to this ep, but just the series in general: what is going on with parker/ hardison? at the end of the long way down job parker said 'you know this isnt going to be normal, right?' but they have never actually defined what 'this' is?

also: based on her reactions to men (stabbing with a fork, breaking fingers), her not knowing what sexting is, her general aversion to touch and her almost immaturity about intra-personal interactions or really anything that isnt stealing, can we assume that Parker is a virgin?

Anonymous said...

How could the guy notice that there's something going on between Nate and Sophie when he only saw them from the balcony shaking hands? Sloppy writing. But then again, Nate and Sophie's relationship this season and the previous one hasn't really been given the proper treatment by the writers. Too bad.

Kate Nepveu said...

No idea why this of all the handwaves is the one that bugs me enough to comment, but--

The IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act) guarantees kids a free appropriate public education. So parents, if your kid needs to go to a private school because of a disability, the public school system has to pay for it--you should not be paying for it out-of-pocket (and the school is vastly unlikely to be relying solely on tuition from parents).

Getting school districts to pay is often a struggle, but still: entitled to free appropriate public education, know your rights!

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