Sunday, December 12, 2010

LEVERAGE #314 "The Ho Ho Ho Job" Q&A post

You know the drill. Questions, comments, snark down below. SANTA FIGHT!


Sean Fagan said...

Can you get Wheaton for more than a couple of scenes?

KevinK said...

1)PLEASE tell me that the katana Eliot gets will be used in the near future.
2)I guess Sophie's real name will forever be one of those things where no name the writers can come up with will do justice, and since she'll always be "Sophie" anyways, why bother revealing it?
3)I loved Chaos coming back, but are there any plans for any of the other doppleganger team members coming back?
4)I'm also sorely missing Sterling (well, more like sorely missing Mark Sheppard). Is he penned in for season 4 at least?
Thank you!

Scott Edwards said...

So ... who had more fun making this episode? Christian as "Kommando Kringle" or Beth as, well, "Christmas Parker" (I can't thnk of any other way to describe her).

gwangung said...

I think my favorite moments was Eliot's reaction to his gift and "Sophie's" gift. Both were moments that work really really well in the third season; anything earlier, and it wouldn't have the impact; done in a later season, and there are smaller areas for characters to surprise us.

Wait. I lied. My other favorite moment was the call back to the Two Live Crews Job, where Chaos' line is "I'd never be able to pull a con on Sophie Deverauex." Pretty frickin' good foreshadowing.

Amy G said...

1. Same as KevinK's number 1.
2. I'm sure this will be the predictable question resulting from the episode, but was that Sophie's real name that she wrote on that piece of paper at the end?

Also, Grouchy!Santa!Eliot may be the funniest thing poured from a pen. Or, uh, poured from a keyboard into a word processor. Congratulations galore on making a Christmas episode that really, really works on all levels.

Anonymous said...

Tell the truth: was this episode just an excuse for a kick-ass Santa fight?

And whose idea was it to have Parker decorate the tree with all the shiny she'd stolen over the years? That was awesome.

I must say that I was laughing pretty much the whole time; it was quite excellent.

Also, Eliot's new katana? pretty sweet.

Video Beagle said...

I suspected that the Santa Fight was the plot inspiration for the episode...glad it was confirmed in the chat

Hugin said...

Loved the episode, loved Parker. This may have been a Kaos crime, but it was all about the elf.

That out of the way, how did Parker get to the top of the Yamamoto Building for the rappelling scene? Scratch that, 50 ways she could get to the top. How'd she get Hardison up there with her?

And was Kaos leading his own crew(and failing) a callback to Hardison expressing a similar desire(and being told he couldn't pull it off) earlier in the season?

Vanessa (Fighting Cook) said...

Awesome episode as always!!

Was the Santa fight filmed in the same place as the Two Live Crew fight?

The parking lot where Lucille 2 was parked looked a lot like the Rose Garden Arena. Am I right about the location?

Anonymous said...

So . . . how did Hardison get Parker her snow? That was too proud a look on his face for it to be coincidence.

Jay said...

Great episode; a little sugary, but all the best Christmas stories are.

I had to look up the name of the office building in Die Hard because I couldn't believe you would blatantly rip it off like that. I was wrong, of course, so I'll stick with "was that intended as a homage?"

And hooray for the return of Chaos!

Dee Kilmer said...

1) Please tell us we'll see Chaos again in some capacity next season! Hardison needs to get his revenge for the destruction of Lucille, after all. And I would love to see Eliot get a chance to smack him just *once*...
2) Agreement from me on being able to see Eliot use that beautiful katana he got! Kane can demonstrate his sword fighting skills he spoke of in the chat afterward. ::ahem::
3) A general comment on how much I enjoyed this episode. Usually Christmas shows of many TV series are pretty forgettable. This one, however, is not. It's epic.
4) My favorite part of the episode though had to be the whole concept of Eliot as the reluctant Santa. That was brilliantly done, well-written, and well played by Christian Kane, of course.

Can't wait to see the next two episodes, The Big Bang Job and The San Lorenzo Job, especially after the enthusiasm the cast expressed about them in the chat this evening.

Thanks for another exceptional episode.

Calla said...

Fun episode! Wheaton really knocked it out of the park - his initial contact with Sophie was actually chilling and his ribbing of Eliot was so funny. The slow reveal of him being inside Lucille was cool - and then his subsequent line about "wrecking the van" was just...dirty and wrong!

And let's not forget Dave Foley! Such a pleasure - he played a terrific Scrooge and patsy for Chaos.

The gift giving at the end was sweet. Eliot's reaction was THE BEST! And him playing with the sword and nearly slicing into Parker as she walked, transfixed by the snow, over to the door was very cool.

My one question is...why did the team trust the bad Santas with all those kids? Didn't they worry the kids might get hurt or taken hostage? After all, robbing the Federal Reserve is a felony - all those guys were going to do hard time, right, if they were taken into custody?

It's good to have you all back!

Michael the G said...

All hail the return!!

Couple Quickies,

Watching the ep, As soon as Kaos' "first scam" was basically laid out I was immediately confused. I mean, for a job like that to be worth his while you would need half a million card numbers minimum right? There are certainly less risky ways to go about getting that sort of info with Kaos skill set than hiring a buncha' surly Santa Crooks so why didn't Nate see it too?
Is his drinking starting to get in the way again?
Is he simply distraught around the holidays and was off his game? (understandable what with the loss of his son and wife)
Is he losing a step somehow?
Or did he see it, sit on it, then spring the trap he wanted once he had the time to marshal his resources? (It's thin but possible)
Beth Riesgraf does slightly manic crazy better than just about anyone. her Parker Elf was seriously funny stuff.

Did Dave Foley play it straight most of the time or was he riffing some of that dialog? I mean, he is a KITH after all. (Half of me expected him to come out in drag after Sophie pumped him full of morphine. Dave Foley does woman's characters like few others ;)

Sullivan said...

@Anonymous, re Hardison and snow: It's all a matter of knowing exactly where to release your butterfly. ;)

shayera said...

Loved the episode!
Just how close was Beth to Kane when she went out to see the snow? Because that was lovely, the way the katana flashed in front of her and then behind.

gwangung said...

Watching the ep, As soon as Kaos' "first scam" was basically laid out I was immediately confused. I mean, for a job like that to be worth his while you would need half a million card numbers minimum right? There are certainly less risky ways to go about getting that sort of info with Kaos skill set than hiring a buncha' surly Santa Crooks so why didn't Nate see it too?

My take was that Nate thought the goons were there to rip off the merchandise in the mall as cover for the credit card fraud.

Sara said...

I was half-worried during the one flashback that the fired Santa was going to turn out to be in on the scam with Chaos. Thank you for not crushing my spirit right then. :)

Also, I knew from the moment Parker was channel-flipping weather stations and wanting snow that it'd be snowing by the end of the ep. A lot of times, that kind of thing plays as cheesy, but Beth completely sold that moment. It was sweet and perfect. (Parker in general was awesome throughout the ep. I loved her Christmas joy. Especially decorating the tree with stolen jewelery! Excellent.)

I do have to agree with Chaos about his plan. It was deviously awesome. Wil Wheaton makes such a good evil genius. :D (His exchange with Hardison at the end was brilliant. "That barely applies here!")

Finally, that beat with Eliot and the little kid ("So, are you mean or not?" Ah, kids. How delightfully perceptive they can be.) and then Eliot's reaction to his gift? Just, and this feels a bit odd to apply to Eliot, but: awwww.

Great episode! :D

IMForeman said...

Ok, took some notes on this one as I watched the rebroadcast.

What are Parker beliefs regarding Hardison's ability to make it snow or the existence of Santa? Does she really believe either, or is she just playing up her oddness? Was she always this into Christmas, or is this a facet of her emerging emotions?

Parker hitting Nate in the face with her headband antlers... Scripted or Beth improv?

Nate's sourness in this episode seemed out of place this season until I realised it's probably Sam related... Christmas would probably serve to remind Nate what he's lost.

This was an unusually understated role for Dave Foley... He usually plays bigger.

Parker in Dooley's office, with the "Sad..." drop some tinsel "Happy!" again, scripted or improv?

Twin Pines Mall stealing Dooley's business... Nice Back to the Future reference there.

Were the mall scenes on shot at a real mall location? They looked different... Were they shot different?
Parkers elf voice was hilarious.

Rubbery robby... Stretch Armstrong?

All the RFID antennas and the card swipers, that's an expensive diversion. Seems Chaos could have done that con without involving the Leverage crew. He must really have wanted to burn Hardison and company as well as get rich.

Sophie's phone conversation with Chaos was chilling. He came closer than anyone else in killing any of them.

Poor Lucille the Seconde, we barely knew ye.

Yakamoto building... Nakatomi plaza?

What's an Edward Alby?

Eliot saying Merry Xmas while executing a sleeper hold was awesome...  Nice to see a return use of theSteranko retina scanner he stole from the Wakefield building.

Shutting down the trunk line for a few neighbourhoods means a few unlucky Doctor Who fans cant torrent the Christmas special. Hardison should be ashamed ! ;)

Love Hardison's headphone shirt.

Chaos seems unreasonably confident in mocking Eliot.  Does he not realise what Eliot can do to him if he ever got his hands on him?

The pedestrian tunnels... real?

Even in a Santa suit Eliot moves like a predator.

Eliot said Chaos destroyed his "friend's van"... That's the first time I think Eliot ever referred to Hardison as a friend.

Shoulda known Eliot fight was a distraction.

Main Bad Santa seemed actually touched when the little girl kissed him. Maybe his heart grew three sizes that day.

"Can't believe you let me drive here..." cracked me up both times I watched it.

Eliot's gift clearly meant a lot to him.

Thanks for a great Christmas episode. And thanks for taking part in the chat. Your Gina impression alone was worth sitting through the most unreadable chatroom I have ever seen. Nice to see Saul Rubinek too... Plotting Dubenich's revenge and a teamup with Chaos.

Ruben said...


>> Were the mall scenes on shot at a real mall location? They looked different... Were they shot different?

The wife and I manage to pinpoint all /three/ malls that were used in this shoot. One was the Pioneer Place mall down in SW (quite near where a lot of stuff has been shot). Those were the mall shots that were up and down and I believe the North Pole (not 100% on that, though).

Second mall was the Lloyd Center mall over in NE Portland. The scene with the purse and RDIF scanners looked to be there.

The part with the Carousel had to be North Jantzen Beach Center way on the border between Portland and Vancouver. It's the only mall in the entire area that has a Carousel (and a rather big one at that. It's supposed to be haunted).

The exteriors looked to be the Jantzen Beach Center as well, with a bit of digital retouching.

This is a bit of guessowrk and conjecture, but both the Mrs. and I think we're pretty close to right.

LarryFleming said...

The questions were answered on live chat, a great idea. Can we get more of these?
Parker was so childlike about Christmas and Santa, it was fun to watch.
Plot idea: Hardison needs special help on a case and they break Chaos out of prison to help. Chaos is thankful and continues to help the team.
Great episode!!

Anonymous said...

@IMForeman - Edward Albee is a playwright and responsible for "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" among others...

Sarah W said...

Thank you again for having a Q&A post---I watch the show an hour later than air time (my kids' bedtime rituals just trump Leverage) so I can't participate in the chat.

Nothing but praise for this episode---I'm putting aside my slight disappointment in no spoken Sophie name and no mistletoe moments as unworthy of a good "You Better Watch Out Christmas."

I did think I saw CK try not to crack up over the gingerbread house shoving between Eliot and Parker. Was that at least partly ad lib? And "Happy Birthday, Jesus" ?

And Wil Wheaton was marvelous. Especially his Eliot impression.

Andrew said...

Parker has a cousin named Brittany who lives in Lima, Ohio, doesn't she?

Julia said...

What's an Edward Alby?

Wrote Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf, about a middle-aged married couple who get drunk and lay waste to all around them as a form of foreplay. How Nate and Sophie distracted the guards.

Jim Kiley said...

Kudos to the costume guy for having Eliot's santa suit be a different shade of red than the evil santas.

attheknees86 said...

I just want to say that Gina Bellman should always start out in a suit and always end up in just the shirt with the tie draped over her shoulder. Always, okay?

catvincent said...

Eliot haz Hatorii Hanzo steel nao!

Lovely ep. Happy Parker exudes more joy than a basket of kittens.

Nalak said...

First off, thanks for a great episode. It really made me smile.

Second, thanks for putting Eliot in a Santa suit that was a bit darker than that of the others. I imagine it was intentional for this very reason, but it made it easier to tell the bad Santas apart from him during the fight scene.

Yeah, no questions. Just really wanted to thank you for an episode that made me chase the Grinch away for an hour.

Oona said...

E-V-I-L evil. That's what you people are. Teasing with Sophie's name that way. I thought for sure that she wrote it out for Nate, but then in the chat it sounded like she just gave him a hint? Did anyone else hear that?

LOVED the Edward Albee. Between the Chandler references and the Edward Albee, you and the writers are making my Lit degree feel practically practical.

The one thing I was a bit disappointed on was the Santa fight. I felt like I needed a wide shot or something to play up the humor of a Santa fight (like the way the stare-down between Eliot and Mikel was played up midway through Two Live Crew Job).

Still, really good episode, and the loveliness of the gift scene at the end was so perfect that it basically overrode any complaints.

1) Like many others, I immediately thought Die Hard when I heard the name of the Tower. And Chaos' scam of the team was pretty much what Hans Gruber did - trick someone into cut the power to help the thieves get the loot. A little nod to the greatest Christmas action movie ever?

2) The Edward Albee scam had great energy - especially at the end, when they're in the making up phase and Sophie is hanging on him. It almost looked like Nate (Tim?) was about to crack up a little.

Regardless of whether they become a couple, I think it'd be great to see them play a couple in a con over an entire ep. Seems like it would have a lot of potential for humor and tension. Any chance of seeing that in Season 4?

3) The chat was awesome. What exactly were those boys smoking in NY? ;) And your jokes with Saul Rubinek about Dubenich coming back made me wonder - will you at least tell us whether we're going to see the return of a white collar mark or gangster/organized criminal mark in Season 4? (it is Christmas time)

That's it for now. Anxiously awaiting next week.

Anonymous said...

Huh. There's about ten seconds of stock footage from the Eaton's Centre in Toronto. Threw me for a loop.

Video Beagle said...

"Was she always this into Christmas, or is this a facet of her emerging emotions?"

We saw Parker being pretty into Santa in the Miracle Job in Season 1.

Video Beagle said...

So the question is....did Parker use her mad skillz to walk between the blade swipes, as she does lasers? Or was it Parker luck that the walked between the swipes?

I thought it was weird that random victim found his way to the bar to ask for Nate. And while the weirdness was shown to be a Chaos set up, it wasn't weird for Nate, since no one said "How did someone know to come here?" I guess we just quote Matt Nix here, "LEVERAGE!"

dyluke said...

first off, wow! ive missed leverage that much! i really really love the ep!

1) is that a real Katana?
2) did i just hear Eliot say sumthin about his guys in military?
3) John, are u really readin my mind? coz all things related to Eliot, and now the Katana.. is what ive been wanting all my life..seriously. Coincidence? i just love you for that! thanx, man! =)

David Hunt said...

I guess we just quote Matt Nix here, "LEVERAGE!" I am going to arrogate to myself the awesome power coining a phrase that describes this: Nixing impediments to the Fun Train.

Anonymous said...

1.Was the Slough reference from Sophie in the car a shout out to The Office?
2. Eliots reaction to "Happy Birthday Jesus" - scripted or adlibbed?
3. When will series 3 be shown in UK (save me watching on-line!)

Video Beagle said...

@David Hunt: Nixing impediments to the Fun Train.

I'm gonna do you one better, and make it awesome.

Nixing Impediments to the Fun Train, Yeah!


Liz said...

As I mentioned on Twitter last night, the Ho Ho Ho Job started off in a way that made me think this was going to be a more laid-back episode. HAH. Suddenly, Chaos is in the van, things are rolling, and it's time to pay attention!

Really liked that we got to see flashbacks this time out from Chaos' point of view.

Nate apologizing and Eliot calling Hardison his little moments.

I really expected that snow at the end to be something that Hardison had rigged up. It was sweet that it turned out to be real.

frabjous said...

I was surprised that no one on the team made the connection to Christmas being especially hard for a parent who'd lost a child - I guess you don't want to stop the Santa fun train, but the fact that no one acknowledged that Nate had a reason to find Christmas difficult felt like they'd all forgotten an important piece of backstory.

Unrelatedly: Hardware/software geek that I am, I spent easily half an hour after the episode arguing with myself about how Hardison's "we didn't SAY iPhone, did we?" smartphone could have a fully-built version 7, even in alpha. CrimeWorld, I envy your lead-time cycles.

Casey Moore said...

I loved it. A Hanzo Sword:

"I know a guy, who knows a guy, who knows a samurai."

Loved the play on Die Hard.

Such a great episode and welcome to have it back.

Sherri said...

I'm still totally jazzed about SANTA FIGHT! Unfortunately I wasn't up to really paying deep attention last night, just grooving on the goodness, but -- Happy Parker in her assorted costumes and showing her very special grasp of Christmas and her affinity to Santa (Harkens back to season 1 there and The Miracle Job) did a nice little tie back. Grumpy Elliot with kids -- secret non-grumpy grumpy Elliot makes my widdle heart sing.

Chaos is gonna try to kill the team one of these days -- after, of course, he tricks and cons and twists them into a bad situation. Oh, Evil Will Wheaton! It's nice to have a simple villain sometimes who isn't into the whole self justification Evil Speech of Evil. He just wants to because he can. (Sterling is a very complicated villain, not really QUITE a villain.)

And THE GIFTS! (and Nate's admission they didn't actually "buy" gifts -- I so enjoy how he hews so close to the "honest man" even while he's being a thief. Still, will he ever really grow past the need to lie to those he loves and the need to say "I can explain"? It feels like he's trying really hard.) Elliot's face, of course, was prize winning, and I knew before Parker did what she was getting as soon as Nate showed the envelope(and how she read the non-sequential numbers just rippling through the bills!) So many good notes hit that I can't be arsed to dig around for a fault or a flaw.

But you have me worried with the whole "soul shattering" thing for the finale. I mean, you very nearly did me in with S2 finisher. Hell, I still get a little teary over S1 even though I've seen it an easy 30-40 times now. Soul beating I can handle. Maybe a little soul cracking. Just not soul shattering. Even friend chicken and cornbread won't glue it back together.

Anonymous said...

Lovely episode! Christmas Parker was absolutely to die for.... LOL! Loved the Chaos double plan, too - well thought!

If you forgive an off-topic note - you like steampunk, so you probably saw this already - but just in case you didn't:

It totally left me drooling with mad want...

It's been ages since your last book recommendation, too! I can has some more, pls? So far I've loved everything you've mentioned, thanks! Waiting for more.

Not to mention, waiting anxiously for the season finale!

Wynne said...

FIrst off, it was a great, amazing, stupendous episode! I'm afraid that in our giddiness to actually be able to watch Leverage on a TV screen when it's aired for the first time, my friend and I missed the first few minutes, but it was still fantastic. Our other friends still need to catch up, so we can have fun showing them the Ho Ho Ho Job when their time comes.

Secondly, I'm sorry I've got lots of questions. I've been stocking up on them since the summer, and a couple of them are from my friends, so it's a long list. I'm really sorry if you've answered all of these 5 times and are getting sick of them.

1) After Chaos makes the "yummy" comment to Parker, which member of the team was most likely to kill him?

2) How did Parker and Hardison get into the elevator shaft at the Yakamoto building?

3) Did Wil Wheaton enjoy wearing an elf suit?

4) Where/when on earth did you get the brilliant idea to have all the Santas beat each other up?

5) Who is your favorite character? (That's a friend one)

6) What did the team do at Christmas last year? Or the year before?

7) Is there anything that could bring out the softer side in Nate? If, for example, he magically found himself with an adopted child, would he try to be nicer for the kid's sake?

8) Kind of related, but you mentioned once that Nate was a great dad/husband. Will we ever see a flashback to Sam, Maggie and Nate as a happy family?

9) If Eliot stays in touch with his family, do they know what he does for a living? Even if we never meet his family, will the team? Did he get to see them at Christmas?

10) Does it bother you when people watch Leverage in the wrong aspect ratio? Does it bother your cinematographer/cameraman? (That's a pet peeve of my family, but no one else seems to care)

11) If the Rashomon Job was originally just a competition between them, can we get to see that kind of scenario later as well? We've never really seen them all working against each other when they know they're all there from the beginning, and I think it'd be hilarious.

12) Why did you have an extra couple of episodes this season? Not that we're complaining, of course. My friend wants to know why you didn't just add one to the 4th season.

Thank you so much for reading my insanely long post!

Anna said...
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EllenZ said...

1. Did we see Sophie's real name on that ID bracelet? Because if it is Ellen, all us plain ol' Ellen's in the world would love to have her as our own.
2. Love the fact that your writer's get in movie/ tv/play references. I so enjoy them...i.e Edward Albee...
3. Liked the presents...great touch!

Anna said...
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Stacy said...

So what are my chances of getting Parker to come help me decorate for Christmas?

EllenZ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Maria G said...

Why the need to destroy Lucille II? Are we foreshadowing the ultimate smackdown of Chaos by Hardison?

Is Parker really that much into Christmas? It would explain so much...

Brilliant episode as per usual!

gwangung said...

1) After Chaos makes the "yummy" comment to Parker, which member of the team was most likely to kill him?

Eliot, of course.

But this would be the only time he'd get pushed by Hardison.

Miriam said...

I loved this ep!
When it started I thought "oh no..." but then it really started to groove :-)

Just one question: in the tunnel when Elliot appears, Chaos says "if this isn't Christina .." was this the original line?
By the way: the Santa-fight in the tunnel: gorgeous

One comment on Elliots sword style: please practice... holds the sword too sloppy :-)

One final praise: loved the film music.

Hilary said...

Only one question:

How does Parker acquire her Christmas outfits?

Gina said...

Terrific episode! Great performances all around, and one of the best uses ever of the phrase "the true meaning of Christmas." :-)

But I wanna know what Sophie wrote on that paper! If it's her real name, no fair that Nate gets to know it and we don't!!

Denita said...

Loved the episode. I've watched it twice and can tell it's going to remain one of my favorites.

The only question I have is about the scene in the hospital room. Why did you have Sophie hitting the button for more drugs?

A morphine drip doesn't quite work the way you showed. They're set to only deliver a set amount of the drug into a patient's system; continuing to press the button does nothing-it won't deliver any more medication than the patient is supposed to receive.

gwangung said...

A morphine drip doesn't quite work the way you showed. They're set to only deliver a set amount of the drug into a patient's system; continuing to press the button does nothing-it won't deliver any more medication than the patient is supposed to receive.

Oh, that's easy. Sophie's doing it for the psychological effect on the mark.

Nixing Impediments to the Fun Train, Yeah!


Dude, EVERYONE should be giving you props for that one.

Anonymous said...

First, I'd like to say that you're team put together a very sweet & lovely Christmas episode; in a time where a lot of series pass on doing true holiday episodes of any kind it was a very welcome sight to see on top of being a nice return to the series in general. :) Now, with that said, on to the questions...

1) It was great that Parker got her white Christmas, but will poor Hardison ever get to really enjoy a Lucille more than half a season before it's taken away from him? Also, he will be seeking revenge hardcore on Choas for this latest destruction right?

2) Will Sophie be joining him in vengeance? He did say he'd never try to con her, but he did con the whole team this time which she is a part of so by relation didn't he actually get to con her herself? Sure he feels good about that if so. :)

3) So basically all Nate ever had to do was admit he was wrong & say he was sorry to earn Sophie's real name...very acceptable since that's a big move for him. The question part to this is - was it even her name she wrote on the napkin & if so, will we ever learn it? True, she'll always be Sophie to most, but curious minds want to know.

4) Will Choas make one last return before all is said and done? Granted having him next year would be annoying because he was just on, but season 5 or after would most certainly work!

5) Okay, this one more regards the promo for the finale so I'm sure it'll be a "Wait and see!" comment but I still have to ask: with all the shots being taken at her I'm assuming Sophie gets shot at some point in the finale, will she at least get to beat down the Italian first before that possible cliffhanger type shot finds it's way to her? :)

Again, a very good episode & I can't wait for the finale! Thanks so much for doing this blog for the fans, you guys rock!!

Video Beagle said...

@Anon: According to the live chat last night, Sophie did not write her real name on the napkin. But she gave him a clue.

@Anna: they said that when they realized they were going to have a Christmas episode, the first thought that popped into everyone's head was "Kane in a santa suit." and that flowed naturally into "SANTA FIGHT!".

@Hilary How does Parker acquire her Christmas outfits? Hardison makes them, of course. "Hey, uh,'s a costume I for you." :) said...

Anyone know the brand of the t-shirt Hardison had on at the end of the show? The black one with the headphones printed on it.

Josh K. said...

1) I could watch Happy Drugged-Up DeScrooged Dave Foley all day. "I can't believe you let me drive here!"

2) Was Chaos's bait-and-switch plan an intentional homage to DIE HARD? I half expected to hear Handel's "Messiah" as he and the Bad Santas climbed into the tunnel.

IMForeman said...

Thanks for all the answers on the Edward Alby... Now I feel positively uneducated. I really need to read more non sci-fi.

jarodrussell said...

Dave Foley is an actor I really enjoy, so I hope the following won't be taken as anything but the creepy, stalker interest that it represents. In an audio commentary for Stargate Atlantis, Martin Gero said (and I'm paraphrasing from memory) that when Dave Foley showed up he seemed a bit quiet and reserved. Gero was worried, but came to find out that Foley just hadn't had enough coffee yet. Do you know if that happened on the Leverage set as well? I'm a big fan of coffee myself, so being able to confirm that and thus think of Foley as the Canadian-Hollywood Patron Saint of Caffee would be totally awesome.

Sonja said...

Michael the G said...
Did Dave Foley play it straight most of the time or was he riffing some of that dialog? I mean, he is a KITH after all. (Half of me expected him to come out in drag after Sophie pumped him full of morphine. Dave Foley does woman's characters like few others ;)

Now I have the image of Dave Foley as Major Marilyn hearing the blender crying in my head, thanks for that! ;-)

I learned from this episode that I can recognise a mall that is about 7.000 kilometres west of home in 0,5seconds flat. Maybe because it's the first time in 12 years that I wasn't able to make it to Toronto but pathetic nontheless *g*

Video Beagle said...

@Jarrod: Given that Foley's characters on both NewsRadio and Scrubs had coffee addictions, you're likely safe roasting some beans in his honor

jarodrussell said...

@Video Beagle, I wanted to add that I thought Gero said the reason "Dave Nelson" always had a coffee cup in hand was because of this, but my memory for the commentary isn't that good.

inkhand said...

Such a brilliant episode - just what this college student needed before heading off to studying and much less fun things!

I love Parker's enthusiasm for Christmas, not just because of the fact that it's so over the top and silly, but because I think it really feels true to who Parker is. It's nice to see that little bit of childlike innocence in her, because for me at least, it reinforces the whole idea that her childhood wasn't the typical one, and this is her way of coping with that, whether or not it's a conscious decision. Might be me reading too much into it, I guess, but either way, kudos to you!

I also love the team indulging her in that, and the real sense of family throughout the episode. Nate and Hardison goading Eliot, Eliot and Parker's banter, and of course the gifts at the end. Particularly Nate teasing Parker with her gift - so perfectly played!

Pulling out a few quick questions...

1) Is there any chance that a transcript of the live chat will be made available somewhere - "official" or not? As I was stuck running tech for a show at the time, I'd love to be able to read up on what was discussed so as not to feel out of the loop.

2) Approximately how much money's worth of stolen goods WERE on that Christmas tree?

3) Will Hardison's new van be named Lucille III or will Hardison perhaps start to consider that Lucille might be jinxed and chose a different name?

4) If Parker were to force the team to spend Christmas eve together watching a Christmas movie, what movie would it end up being and how would that be settled?

Thanks again for the awesome episode and for everything that you do for us silly little fans! Looking forward to the finale... that's what's getting me through my finals right now!

IMForeman said...


I think Hardison should name the next van "Lucille C" to mix it up. Then the one after that should be "Lucille (iv)."

Gina said...

@Video Beagle: I missed the chat, so thanks. I'm really surprised that "Parker in an elf costume" wasn't the first thought that occurred to everyone. Maybe it was the second thought.

I'm LOVING the mental image of Hardison making it for her. :D

Video Beagle said...

Over at Mighty God King, he was doing TV Show Alignment graphs.

I'm away from my Photoshop, but I wanted to register down my Leverage Alignment graph that I came up with in discussion before some thief steals it:

LG | NG | CG
Maggie | Bonnano | Nate
LN | NN | CN
Eliot | Tara | Parker
LE | NE | CE
Sterling | The Italian | Chaos

Loki said...

Am I right in suspecting that Hardison faked the weather forecasts for Parker so that she could have her Christmas Eve snow surprise?

A.J. Carroll said...

I absolutely loved Will on LEVERAGE!!! My FAV visitor, for sure!!! You did a bang up job!!! I can't wait for you to visit again, cause I know you will!!!

"Dammit Harrdison!"


SueN. said...

I don't even know where to start, except OH MY GOD, I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

Best. Christmas ep. EVAR. Just the right touch of sap amidst the crime and snark.

I adore Parker as the Spirit of Christmas. Her absolute, childlike belief was perfect. I loved her choice of tree "ornaments," but the "Happy birthday, Jesus" made it even better. I also love that she just naturally expected that Hardison could make it snow. She really has no idea where his superpowers end, does she?

Also, Eliot as Grumpy Claus was inspired. My hubby has played Santa for years, and as we were watching HyperKid on Eliot's lap, hubby said, "Been there, done that." Made it all the better when Eliot thawed, as only he can, when the kid reappeared.

The gifts were perfect. My favorite reactions were Eliot's (no one stammers quite like he does) and Parker's.

And no one does evil smarmy bastard quite like Wil Wheaton. Chaos really is their perfect nemesis. Loved his taunting of them, especially the "Dammit, Hardison!"

Um, questions …

How hard was it for Kane and the Santas to fight in those suits?

And does Hardison have Eliot calling him "my friend" looped on a computer?

Thanks s much for this. I'd missed the show even more than I realized, and you guys left me all warm and tingly. Which I have no doubt you'll shatter next week, but still … ;)

Lydia W. said...

Loved everything about this episode! Chaos is so deliciously evil. I'm starting to think that Lucille is an unlucky name for vans...

Questions: 1) Not specific episode related, but I've been thinking about this during the hiatus: When you were developing Eliot's character, did you think something along the lines of "Eliot doesn't like guns...wouldn't it be awesome irony if we named him after one?"? 2) Who's idea was it for Parker to decorate the tree with a bunch of stuff she's stolen over the years?

Video Beagle said...

Oh, I meant to post a link to MGK's page:

Denita said...

Sophie's doing it for the psychological effect on the mark.

Good answer, gwangung! I hadn't thought of that. Considering that expression on her face as she was doing it, that makes all kinds of sense.

That Sophie's sneaky.

Video Beagle said...


Or they just changed the programming on the morphine machine.

I can't imagine it's that hard to mess with.

Anonymous said...

First - THANK YOU!!!!

Second - was this the first time we saw Nate actually apologize to the team for screwing up? It's not the first time he's screwed up, but it was the first time he apologized for it.

Third - my Christmas request - a season 4 episode with Dubenich, Cha0s AND Sterling? Please, pretty please? With 18 year old Jameson on the side?

faithchristina said...

Thanks again for such a wonderful ep! Everyone did such a great job!

Of course I loved it all, however, I do have some of my favorite things. I love Parkers' enthusiasm for all things Christmas. It was unexpected but perfect!! Kane in a Santa suit was a given and it was done so well!! With Chaos mocking Eliot it was even better. The Santa fight was beyond cool.

My favorite part was Eliots' reaction to his present. He did that so well!!! He has really perfected the stammering and stuttering when needed. My thought is that the sword is actually Kane's sword. Just simply because of his multiple statements about having a Samurai sword in his trailer along with his guitar. Would I be right?

Again, thanks for another excellent ep and I am anxiously awaiting what happens in the finale. Especially when it comes to Eliot. I love his story and backstory and I can't wait to see what you do with that, how far you go with it, and in what direction!! (I love drama) No doubt Christian does a superb job with it!!

Thank you very much!!!!

Jerusha said...

About the only show on TV that my husband and I both set aside time for is Leverage. We spent most of yesterday afternoon and evening watching S1 (again--fourth or fifth time for me at this point), and then "The Ho Ho Ho Job." And, as much as I loved Eureka's Christmas episode, I have to say, Leverage was my favorite. We enjoyed every minute from start to finish, and I just wanted to say thanks for making such awesome TV.

JasTay said...

Will Hardison get a new Lucille every season from now on? Lucille 3.0 better be EMP proof. And be on the look out for a Lucille memorial/homage video set to Little Richard's 'Lucille'.

Kerri said...

Did Gina write down Sophie's real name on the gift to Nate? Or was it another fake out? If she did, I think I figured out what it might be....

skierfe said...

Absolutely loved this episode. Loved it so much, that I can't even find a favourite moment. After 5 Years I have now a new all time favourite Christmas episode (good bye "Christmas Invasion").
But my Question is about something else. I live in Germmany and german television has the stupid habit to dubb everything (It's really annoying). Over the years I became jused to some really bad Dubbung, but unvortionatly Leverage (They are now showing season one) is one of the worst synchroniese shows from the last years. Zhey manages to kick out almost all the fun and Sopjies especially Elliot voices are awful. So enough of the ranting and now my question: Do you have any influence in the process or even care?

Gregory said...

Just curious, Chaos seems to have an particular fear\envy\hate of Sophie. Is there something in the past we don't know to explain that or is it just a reputation thing?

FtWayneKaneFan said...

Was the security guard that Santa Kane put to sleep and gave a candy cane to the drummer from Christian's band?

Jen said...

I know Beth is the holder of all things much of Parker's Christmas-spirited things were written in and how much was Beth? My favorite part was when Parker saw a plant and made it happy with tinsel.

Louis said...

Many, many things I liked about this episode. The Santa fight, the katana, Sophie giving Nate her real name, Parker's...well, Parker's every single moment.

But what I like most was that the whole episode was a Christmas episode with a typical Christmas episode ending that never, not even at it's most syrupy sweet moment, stopped rolling its eyes at the very notion of doing a Christmas episode in the first place. If you'd let that attitude slip for a second you would have lost me.

P.S. That bit at the end where Parker is walking past Eliot to go oggle the falling snow and he does that twirly move with the sword to let her past? Was that scripted or improved? It looked like a spur of the moment thing some one came up with on set. Either way, nice touch.

Anonymous said...

I loved your innocent Parker and giving her snow end of show! Altho I thought Hardison would've wrangled a fake snow machine for his little love.
Why was Eliot so grouchy with the kids?!! He has always seemed to like them. Guess the itchy beard was his main focus,huh? It's funny to see how CKane will look with a beer belly later in life - Ha! Don't tell him that, tho.
Really thought Sophie's gift to Nate was excellent. Think WE'LL ever get to see her real name now?
And yes, more Sterling, please. We love him messing with our Five.

Mary Sue said...

They should film that and show it every Christmas...

...oh, wait. :D

Daisy Bookworm said...

I concur that the katana Eliot got should be used in the finale. LOVED that final scene, by the way -- it was just brilliant, every bit of it.

By the way, please tell the costume humans that they did a fantabulous job with Parker's wardrobe. Especially her elf costume. I want one.

Was I the only one who half expected Chaos to say "I would have gotten away with it too, if it hadn't been for you pesky kids!" at the end?

markz said...

I'm not the biggest fan of Christmas episodes, but this one was a lot of fun.

1) I beg, plead, and hope that you can release Joe LoDuca's music for this one on the next CD (which I hope can be more than a single disc for two seasons' worth), since I have rarely, if ever, heard holiday music adapted so brilliantly in the style of the show's sound. I think I only heard one commonly-repeated cue and the rest seemed new.

2) At the point of the "boom", was that actually sung, or what?

Looking forward to the finale!

Tia Dugan said...

Two quick things:
1) Thank you for the Edward Albee shout out. I just finished a paper for my college class; i had to do it before Leverage came on. I started laughing and had to explain to my husband that THIS is why I take lit classes.

2) I agree with another comment; when is the next book recommendation? I read Child of Fire and Game of Cages and they were both excellent reads. I want to know what else is in your library.

Thank you for a fun Christmas episode!!!

Lydia W. said...

Thought of one more thing...

Does Eliot have a preference for blonds (i.e. Aimee, Kaye Lynn, Ashley - can't remember if the girl from the Top Hat job was blond or not)?

By the way, loved the Back to the Future reference!

Denita said...

@Video Beagle-I can't imagine Sophie doing that on purpose. The amount of times she pressed that button would deliver an overdose to that guy.

Kai1227 said...

Without question, my favorite Christmas episode of any show I've ever seen. Parker's Christmas spirit was utterly brilliant, and of course, the Santa fight was too amazing for words. I do have an actual question as well, although it's not episode-related. You've mentioned numerous times that many of the cons used in the show are real or have real life variations. Is there any chance that we could get some kind of "con glossary" that lists the details of the Leverage cons, both real and made-up?

Shelley said...

Watching a new episode reminds me how much I've missed this show.

I love how Parker has glommed onto Nate. (nothing like foam antlers in the face!) And the gift scene at the ends with parents Nate and Sophie watching the kids play with their Christmas toys, priceless. Scotch in eggnog? Nate! That's a waste of good scotch!

So, to be completely pushy, when will we get to see season 4?

Couple of questions on Ho Ho Ho:

Eliot says Nate should be Santa as he is the ex-con and would fit right in. Really? Nate is the only one who's done any sort of time? Ever?

Wil Wheaton does smarmy evil so well. Why didn't he say something at the end about Hardison not really being FBI? Did he think he wouldn't be believed or was he taking acknowledging Hardison and the team got him again?

Great episode. Loved Christmas!Parker and Santa!Eliot. Dave Foley is always a treat to see on screen.

A wonderful Christmas episode that didn't fall into the schmaltz-y Christmas trap.

anjalee said...

The whole episode was so amazing.
Santa Eliot and Elf Parker was hilarious. Loved Eliot's scene with the kid at the end (did that kid live in the Mall LOL. He seems to be there the whole day)
1. Were there scenes in which Parker gave the rest of the team gifts as well, which got cut for time or did she only give Eliot the gingerbread house
2. I read somewhere that Christian Kane has Samurai Swords in his trailer and was wondering if the Katana used in the episode was one from his collection.

Thanks for the great Live Chat John

Video Beagle said...

My Leverage Alignment chart:

Amy G said...


Nice-looking and well-thought chart, but there's no possible way for a career thief to be Lawful or Neutral. Thieves are always, always Chaotic by definition in D&D. Sterling fits "Lawful Neutral" much more than "Lawful Evil," as the worst thing he's done is try to arrest some thieves. Maggie has also taken part in the gang's activities, so her Lawful stance is questionable. But a lot of this is also subjective, so.

Video Beagle said...

Amy: In the LeverageVerse, I'd say it's a bit flexible.

Elliot lives by certain codes that he doesn't violate. That pretty much puts him, in my mind, at Lawful.

Sterling also follows laws..but he's out for his own best interest above all else.

Maggie is "the most honest person they know". And even if she's flexed the laws, she's one of those civilian who trust the system.

Tara pretty much says she doesn't have a cause. Whichever side has the green.

And the rules of the game is you can't just load the right side of the board :D

msd said...

I loved Eliot's reaction to the present as well. I'm not sure that he has perfected the stammer - I think he can do it naturally based on some of the interviews I have heard.

Daisy Bookworm said...

@ Shelley: Eliot says Nate should be Santa as he is the ex-con and would fit right in. Really? Nate is the only one who's done any sort of time? Ever?

It's been established in different post games (and in a few episodes) that Eliot's been in prison in multiple countries ... just never in the United States. Parker's never been caught/arrested, and I'm guessing that Hardison never got convicted of anything as he can just delete the evidence trails of all his crimes. Sophie ... might have been arrested but I don't think in the US. I'd have to ask for clarification on that one, actually.

Kate said...

Everything one could hope for and more from a good Christmas episode! Old Frenemies Foiled. An apology from the infamously unrepentant. An awesome present scene. And snow! (You know, if you ever need to shut down Portland for any scenes, just get Hardison to make it snow. ;)

My only real question for this eq is...

The obligatory Mistletoe Scene. Where did it go and who was in it?

Anonymous said...

My one question is...why did the team trust the bad Santas with all those kids? Didn't they worry the kids might get hurt or taken hostage? After all, robbing the Federal Reserve is a felony - all those guys were going to do hard time, right, if they were taken into custody?

I think the scene where the little girl kisses one of the bad Santas on the cheek might be the answer to your question. His reaction is not the sort of reaction a person would have if they were planning on taking some kids hostage for a showdown with the feds. I mean, the viewer gets the idea that these guys are bad, yeah, but not THAT bad. Plus, for the sake of a nice, rounded ending, that sort of drama doesn't seem necessary for a feel-good episode.

I can't pick a favorite scene. There were just so many good ones. The Santa fight, EMPing Lucille II, Chaos and Sophie convo, Nate apologizing, the Hanzo katana, that last scene between Sophie and Nate...this episode was well worth the wait.

The sequence at the Yakamoto building (like some people, I'm still thinking of this as the Nakatomi plaza) reminded me of the pilot episode. It was a good reminder.

I've never commented before this because lurking is usually my thing, but I wanted to say thanks to you and the whole Leverage crew for giving people something fun to watch.

Odie said...

Since I live in BFE, with the slowest connection known to man, I was unable to get the live chat after the episode. I echo an earlier commenter: will there be a transcript available at some point?

Eliot 'took out a Uraguyan death squad with nothing but piano wire and a' ?. Just curious as to what that other essential element was.

Thanks for keeping the Fun Train rolling!

SueN. said...

@Odie, re:chat, TNT is supposed to have the chat posted sometime today. So keep checking the site at, under the "community" tab.

Ken said...

This one's very obscure: the exterior shot for the mall entrance is, I swear, the Elihu Harris State Office Building in Oakland, CA, with a little Photoshop-fu. Confirm/disabuse? (minor trivia: once saw a stunt scene from Nash Bridges filmed there)

Anna said...

I actually took note of Wil Wheaton's name in the credits, but was so engrossed in the story, when he popped up, I actually gasped. lol

1. Snatches of carols in the background music.
2. Eliot as Santa. Because, um, Eliot as Santa! And of course, elf Parker (Undercover Elf Parker, hehehe).
3. Chaos, esp. his "long time no kill you" and "'tis the season to move your -ss!" I don't know. Me likey stuff like that.
4. When the client made the quip about his wife - I said out loud, "You mean Mrs. Claus?" lol

1. Has Parker always been this into Christmas? Or is it relatively new, seeing as now she has a 'family' to celebrate with?
2. Will there be a Lucille III? Or will she named something else? (Or will Hardison wait until III is also killed off and decide it might be an unlucky name?)
3. Cannot remember if this has shown up, but does Hardison have some kinda hacker name (um, h@ck3r!n@m3, I guess?) like Mason does? I feel like we might have heard it before and it might've had some reference to royalty or something along those lines...or maybe I'm just going nuts.
4. Edward Albee! A reference I actually got! My question is, why didn't the guard notice when Nate stopped halfway on the way out of the building to talk into the comms? Shouldn't they have been escorted out all the way?

Happy Holidays!

Howiec said...

If the whole point of the credit card scam was to get the Team involved so they would take the trunk line down, what did it accomplish? The treasury sent a potrol just based on the trunk line going down. If it was the alarm that the trunk line carried, Chaos disabled the alarm and it never went off anyway.

Anonymous said...

So about the web chat. Beth and Aldis said that you have nowhere to go once a couple gets together. I disagree but I'm a Nate/Sophie shipper so I'm okay with Parker and Hardison never getting together, I don't mind, if those actors both feel that way.

For Nate and Sophie it does make sense that they would get together and that they'd be in a relationship, there would still be sexual tension 'cause they love each other and it's gonna be new for them. I can see them going on dates, spending more time together, Sophie moving in, each worrying about the other when doing cons (like in The Bank Shot Job when Nate got shot), sharing love scenes etc. Come on, it would be AWESOME!!!! They already act like a couple most of the time why not make it official? They just make sense as a couple with the history and all. I love these two together, the last scene of The Ho Ho Ho Job was the best and it was Nate and Sophie. I want more such scenes between them, hoping for the finale and then in season 4.

Such a shame Gina couldn't be a part of it but your Gina impression was funny, at least there was that, she was present in a weird way. LOL

Howiec said...

Was anyone else bothered that the santa sacks just did not look heavy enough to be filled with money (even before they were switched for toys). The santas were swinging them around and holding them with one hand. Now I never had a sack filled with money, but I imagine I would need to lift it with both hands.

Anonymous said...

Terrific episode - tons of fun! Did Beth actually ingest some of that horrible fake hollywood snow or was it a digital flake?

Scott said...

Love Eliot's gift, even if he just tucks it away and is never seen to use it. However, I would be curious to see if he can bring it as a carry-on when flying on Japanese airlines, or if that was only prior to 9/11.

Robin said...

Such a fun episode. Wheaton, Foley, and Santa Fight! You guys spoil us. :)

I found Elf!Parker extremely creepy. Kudos to Beth on that one. And Parker-as-Hagan-as-Elf was just mind-bendingly wonderful.

@KevinK -- I also support the return of the other doppelgangers, particularly Noa Tishby. She and Kane have chemistry out the wazoo.

@IMForeman, re: torrenting the Who Christmas special -- They don't have to! It's being shown on BBCA on Christmas!

@Andrew: "Parker has a cousin named Brittany who lives in Lima, Ohio, doesn't she?"

::teehee:: I love this idea, and have made it part of my personal canon for both shows. :)

@Video Beagle: "....did Parker use her mad skillz to walk between the blade swipes, as she does lasers?

A combination of that and Eliot's mad weapon skills. Both are quite adept at such navigations.

@Denita: "A morphine drip doesn't quite work the way you showed."

What makes you think that Sophie doesn't know how to override the safeguards and change the dosage / what's in the machine?

@Scott: "However, I would be curious to see if [Eliot] can bring [the katana] as a carry-on when flying..."

I suspect that he Has His Ways. Which may or may not involve the air marshal ID provided to him in season 2.

Julee said...

Jon, just wanted to say Thank You for taking the time to answer these questions. Now for the episode, The little girl sitting on Santa Kane's lap did not look like see wanted to be there, how do you get the children to react that way without scareing them to death or was it Chris ? Second question is not all about this episode but all of them, Beth tweeted about "The Rashomon Job" you should see the outtakes, are there going to be outtakes on that episode and all of the other episodes.

IMForeman said...

Re: Hardison. I know that technically, he's still a black hat hacker, like Chaos. But unlike Chaos, he does his Black Hat hacking to help people, not just himself. So, even though Hardison is still doing the things he was doing pre-Leverage, is he still really a Black Hat Hacker?

IMForeman said...

@Robin, sure they are showing it, but in SD and with ads! And hours later than the torrent will become available!

Ah, but any True Whovian will have had it downloaded hours before Hardison took down the trunk line... that's true... but then they can't go on GallifreyBase and complain how it's not the same as it used to be.

Dawn/StL-MO said...

Great to have the L-Team back, even it's only for 2 weeks. Guess we have the twins to thank for: a)bringing back Sophie's psychological games (morphine dispenser);& b)an extra quirky & lovable Parker. Of course Beth had a lot to do with that, being that wonderful type of crazy we love (20 lbs. in 5 lb. bag).

Everyone's mentioned all the other great things about the episode, so I won't repeat them.

@VideoBeagle & @Sherri RE: Parker being "into Santa" in Miracle Job in season 1 - It's NOT Santa!!!!! (couldn't help myself)

QUESTION: Not meant to objectify Hardison, but when he & Parker went down the elevator shaft, Parker had her legs wrapped around him & she was yelping - nod to Slim Pickens riding the bomb in "Dr. Strangelove"? Or just me amusing myself with the image & sound?

Much love & Happy Holidays to you & your family, John!


Video Beagle said...

So the "Hanzo Sword" appears to be a Ledger (or Kill Bill reference). Or was what Elliot got supposed to be the sword of the actual 16th century person?

Video Beagle said...

I ask cuz they're available for $50 at Amazon.

Nate: "I know someone who knows someone who has an account."

ChelseaNH said...

So Christmas is Nate's kryptonite?

This sometimes felt like a present to the fans (in particular, I'm thinking of Eliot's comment that he felt bad taking out the security guard), which is okay on occasion.

Adam said...

I think I have been trying too hard to suss out clues in the background/off hand comments. But I remember you saying that we learn a bit more about Eliot's past in the finale. I think I saw the set up. While the team was shutting off the trunk lines, Hardison told Parker not to touch anything. He made a point of being emphatic, at least in tone. Meanwhile, Eliot is taking care of the guard at the monitors. He leaves behind a candy cane, which the camera makes a point of going back and lingering on. Am I trying too hard to find Chekov's gun?

Daisy Bookworm said...

Does it ever strike you as odd that so many people care what your opinion is about things and talk about you like they would a renowned expert in a certain field?

I can recall just recently having a conversation with some friends of mine in which I started more than one sentence with the phrase, "Well, John Rodgers said that ..."

Anonymous said...

So, is Cara Sophie's real name...or was that just another tease?

Caitlin said...

Did I hear them correctly call Eliot's sword a Hanzo sword? Was this a shout out to Kill Bill?

Kris said...

Damn it, Rogers (and Colton and Aboud), this made me even weepier than Abed's Uncontrollable Christmas.

IMForeman said...


Hattori Hanz┼Ź.

Video Beagle said...

@IM_forman: but as far as I can tell, there's nothing in the real world called a "Hanzo sword" other than whatever sword/s the guy himself had.

Anonymous said...

Loved the episode, everyone has already said everything and more then once so I am not going to repeat them... just loved it. Can't wait for the finale were we learn something about Eliot!
My question is: how did Eliot get out of the building? You know the one with the Y name that everyone seems to have memorized after one watching of the episode. He got in when Nate and Sophie created a distraction, did he meet up with Parker and Hardison and how did they get out?

Brian Elms said...

Sophie's real name is the obvious choice for what she wrote on the paper, and I suppose there's a chance we'll find out in the finale (I'd personally like it if she were revealed to be the Leverage universe Gina Bellman similar to the treatment of the Janitor as a demented Neil Flynn on Scrubs.)
There are other possibilities for what she wrote, such as the location of some stolen object Nate had tried to locate at his old job or the Anti-Life equation (although if anyone on the team were to know that, it would probably be Eliot.)

Maelwys said...
"Items of jewellery studded with scores of precious stones are draped on the tree's branches, along with more traditional baubles and lights.

While the tree alone is worth a mere $10,000, the jewellery adds more than $11m to the value, said the hotel's general manager Hans Olbertz.

He admitted the idea for the tree was hatched by the hotel's marketing team."

I think the hotel's marketing team watches Leverage! They stole Parker's idea!

murasaki_1966 said...

Given Sophie has a rather large desire/attraction for/to jewels, what's to stop her liberating some of Parker's stash that decorates the Christmas tree?

Kris said...

... Does Eliot's Santa wig have braids in it like he sometimes wears?

ChelseaNH said...

what's to stop her liberating some of Parker's stash that decorates the Christmas tree?
Parker's inevitable revenge.

Does Eliot's Santa wig have braids in it like he sometimes wears?
You know, I do remember seeing a braid at one point.

From a ways back:
it reinforces the whole idea that her childhood wasn't the typical one, and this is her way of coping with that, whether or not it's a conscious decision.
Parker is very protective of her own innocence, as symbolized by the bunny.

Claire said...

... Does Eliot's Santa wig have braids in it like he sometimes wears?

yep, and he sems to get more of them as the show progresses.

Costuminh choice, or Christian's?

Sprite said...

I can only add my "me too" to the gifts and kick-ass Santa and awesome for the almost humble Nate, but I have to ask - since when does Eliot have "contacts"? I mean we might assume he does, but it hasn't been mentioned in 3 seasons. Are we going to see a more sneaky past to Eliot that we thought? If he's been working for Moreau all this time I might have to come to Portland and hurl tomatoes at you guys!

Video Beagle said...

BTW, thanks for the "Really?" from Nate during the Antler scene. as opposed to "seriously?", "really?" is my exasperated expression.

k-link said...

Absolutely adored the holiday themed background music, especially the 'minor' tinged Jingle Bells during the Santa fight scene.

Got the rest of my family to watch the show for the very first time. :)

Julee said...

What was the snow made out of and did you know Beth was going to eat it ?

RevTrask said...

One of the alternative papers in my town reviewed this episode recently. The guy admitted that he'd never seen the show before but he just hated it.

He hated the writing, the actors, the plotting, the score. The wardrobe, the make-up, the gaffers, and more! The bad guy was lame, the con was too easy...the jokes made him cry and the kids made him queasy. He hated Wil Wheaton and that Kid from the "Hall" but there was one of the cast that he loathed most of all since most of his barbs and his snarking so bitter were aimed at our favorite hirsute hitter!

I'd like to sit down with this sad little man and do what I can to make him understand. We could sit by the fire, sip a warm, wintry beverage and I'd tell him about the true meaning of "Leverage". You can't get the meaning from watching one show, if he'd watch the whole series he'd know what *we* know: that they didn't make this ep to meet critical demands, they made it for us...just us, just the fans.

Happy holidays, everyone.

(And, no, I won't say the name of the reviewer or the paper lest all y'all track this shmuck down, force-feed him a lump of coal, and then suggest he make his own diamonds....*g*)

Anonymous said...

No questions on this one, just a heartfelt thank you to all concerned for an amazing Christmas episode. I hadn't appreciated quite how much I'd missed this show until it came back.

I have a horrible suspicion that after the joy that was this episode you are about to break us with the season finale. That won't stop me watching and enjoying, of course.

Oh, but I do have one question: To whom do I sent my dry-cleaning bill? I may just have been enjoying a glass of rather good red at the point when Chaos impersonated Eliot, and his 'Damnit, Hardison' ensured my sofa too enjoyed the vintage.

Thanks both for a hugely enjoyable show, and for the time and effort you spend here with us talking about it. Reading everyone's comments and your responses/insights is akin to enjoying an episode twice over.


GinaFan said...

She might have wrote "CARE" on the napkin.

Her name could be Caren. Pure, Katherine.

The camera seemed to hang on her a little more in this episode, which was very welcome. I love white collared shirts on her, and with her hair up, those cheeks are so tempting.

DB said...

Did you have any say in the Eaton's centre being chosen as the stock footage mall? Gave me a little Toronto pride. Ahem, I mean.. Leverage? What's that?

Thomas D said...

Back on Columbus Day weekend, we held a game convention where Wil Wheaton was our guest of honor. Not only is he friends with our con's organizers, we also had a friend who knew the writer of the Leverage RPG (playtesting the game and was going to be able to run the first con game of the Leverage RPG) and he also knew you, John, from the Savage Worlds community. 

Unfortunately, Ron had to move out of state to start a new job the week of the convention, so he was going to pass off running the game to either me or another GM. Then more bad news for us: Wil was called up by the folks at Eureka, wanting him back for more episodes and he had to miss our convention. So The Con Job never happened. 

So here's our Big Plan: we have the Leverage crew having to steal themselves a gaming convention to get the bad guy, but halfway through the game session, we have Wil come by the table and holy heck, it's really Cha0s that's behind the whole thing, using the bad guy as a fall guy. It's just a diversion while Cha0s works on the real job. Wil drops a few lines as his Leverage character, taunts whomever is playing Hardison, and then heads off to enjoy the rest of the show.

So yeah, we were pretty surprised when we saw The Ho Ho Ho Job and realized we had the basic structure of the episode as our convention game scenario. (And no, fellow grifters, none of us involved in writing up the con scenario knew anything about The Ho Ho Ho Job, even though we had all these connections to Leverage.)

NC said...

It seems weird that Chaos would come back and con Sophie, after looking so scared of her back in Two Live Crew. Any reason? And now that he's popped back and screwed Sophie and the others, will we see them specially setting out to get more revenge? You did mention that Sophie holds a grudge...

Vanessa (Fighting Cook) said...

Am I mistaken or do I see Wil Wheaton blending in with the McRory's crowd in the client meeting scene?

Dave said...

How many different malls are in here? I saw the Eaton Centre Indigo mezzanine at about 13 minutes in.

Adam said...

Well I was so very,very wrong.

Anonymous said...

Which were the two museums mentioned by Parker when she is decorating the christmas tree?
I've played it over and over but still can't understand her.

Jessica said...

First let me thank you for making a really good show, one of those you don't really get to see too often now.

My question is: Do the actors and writers enjoy christmas that much? Or just the Santa fight? (Which btw was awesome)
Also, Hardison is the one that strikes me as a Christmas lover and not Parker, but only because Parker's childhood was (more than probably) not happy at all.
Why choose Parker as the most Christmas-y? It's just curiosity.

Thanks again for your time.

Juliette Smith said...

Thanks a lot for answering all these questions.

This is not very episode related but I just had to ask;
I know the show is not built on anything very sexual-related but if Aldis Hodge is hot and very good built, why not play with it at some point?
As for the girls, what is the reaction of cast and crew when you put Beth Riesgraf in those dresses? (because damn, she looks good). I know Gina Bellman is stunning too but to me is Beth the one you don't usually see on those party dresses, she's more alternative (maybe not the right word but I guess you get what I mean), isn't she?

Anonymous said...

1)Was any of the crew/cast kids playing the kids waiting in line to talk to Santa? If so, who?

2)Are there going to be any more theme-related episodes in S4?

3)You said some time ago that the characters from The Two Live Crew were going to come back for sure but it's been some time so, apart from Chaos, are any of them coming back? Or is Tara Cole at some point going to come back?

4)The family-like scene at the end was priceless. Are we going to get them more often? It would be great to know what they do on a normal-day basis.

Keep up the good work Mr. Rogers! Leverage, from my point of view, is the best show on Tv now: Funny, intriguing, smart, well-written, great cast... you know, everything you could ask for.

T. Foley said...

Any chance that the scripts of those episodes that have already been aired will be available some time in a near future?
That would be amazingly great!
Oh and, can you tell any inside joke or funny story that the crew and cast have together?

You guys have very talented actors, directors and writers in the show huh! Totally agree with the last post ;)

Nato said...

I may be wrong, but is there any chance that Parker's love for Santa comes from his reputation as the ultimate second-story man? I mean, Santa can break into anywhere, no matter how secure. (Even if he usually leaves stuff, instead of taking it.) Surely, Parker would respect and admire that...

T.J. said...

@IMForman - I think there is such a thing as a Gray Hat. Not sure, but I think...

Does Christmas remind Nate of his son? Is that why he hates it so much?

Did Chaos know that Nate would be off of his game because it's Christmas?

On so many levels....Who (awesomely) dressed Parker?!?!
And where do the Christmas costumes go in her warehouse?

Did Hardison Bavarian Fire Drill himself into the photographer position just for the facial recognition photos or was he supposed to be a later part of their con?

The receptionists are almost always female and Eliot almost always *cough* distracts them, what would the team do when the receptionist is male? If Sophie works them then she's blown for the rest the con, if Parker works them they might get stabbed and she's the fastest and most effective information gatherer and she can't be two places at once - do they just run a completely different distraction altoghter?

And did Eliot actually get distracted himself with the receptionist? It kind of seemed like he was supposed to take Parker all the way to the office.

Parker's voice! - Whose idea and planned or unplanned?

Why did Parker give that kid a stack of peppermint sticks?

Why did Lucille blow up instead of turning off?

Will there be a Lucille 3.0?

Who braided Eliot's Santa wig?

Clobberin' time - awesome Fantastic Four reference! Was Rubbery Robby one too?

Sophie seemed a lot nicer to Dooley after the wreck but before she heard how messed up he was? Was it just seeing the poor guy in the hospital or did she just feel bad after considering mentally scaring him for life?

Why weren't Hardison or Nate worried about getting spotted in the mall talking to Eliot by the Santas or whoever was masterminding the Santa scam? Hardison worked as the Santa photographer and Nate pretended to be a businessman with the mall owner, weren't either of them worried about being accidentally recognized in the middle of a con?

Was Chaos working both angles - getting identity and credit card information in addition to the bank robbery? He seems like someone who would hold that in reserve just cause he could. Is that what he would have done if they hadn't figured out how to cut the trunk line?

Surprisingly, he seems to have a lot of faith in our crew. Is that because he has such a narcissistic view of himself i.e. they beat !Chaos!, so they have to be the best?

How does Chaos know so much about the team's internal behaviors, i.e. dammit Hardison? How long has he been watching them?

I know why Eliot didn't take off his Santa suit but why did he take off his gloves for the guard's sleeper hold?

Was Hardison's long talk with Parker going to be the truth about Santa Claus?

What made Nate pay attention to the response to the cut trunk line? How long did it take him to realize he made a mistake?

If Treasury was alerted, why weren't they at the depository when Chaos broke in?


I know this one has been asked before but I am leaving it in because it is so, wait for it...

Who came up with the awesome katana trick of slicing in front and behind Parker while she was walking (made extra cool by Eliot not looking directly at her)?


The stol-- obtained aspect of the gifts were important because everyone is rich enough that they can buy anything they want, (and they spend plenty of time stealing money from evil marks who do just that) but to stea- obtain the perfect gift is a true test of worth to a group of thieves, yes?

jensaltmann said...

Is it just me, or does Wil Wheaton look more and more like Bill Murray with every year?

Apropos of nothing, but worth mentioning since this is a Christmas episode... I got the Leverage Season 1 for Christmas.

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Anonymous said...

Okay, I will say it. I adored the Nate/Sophie scene at the end, that was perfect, expect for that bit when you said she didn't actually tell him her real name when Gina did write it on the napkin, but okay not what I came here to say. But what I did find strange is the beginning of the episode when Nate is alone at McRory's like he has absolutely nobody to be with, like nobody cares about him and he has no one when in fact there is a person who cares about him and who he loves, it's SOPHIE. That really bothered me to see. He'd be spending time with Sophie on Christmas, not be alone. Whenever we see him as a guy who's alone in his apartment, I find it strange because their relationship has progressed and I think it would be suitable if Sophie was there spending time with him even if they weren't a couple in the first 3 seasons yet. It's just weird.

Anonymous said...

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