Sunday, June 20, 2010

LEVERAGE 301 & 302 Question post

I think it's my favorite, because it unexpectedly uses the Irish music from S1. You cannot go wrong with a Kerry reel.

You know the drill. Post all questions about the season opener of Leverage -- ep 301 "The Jailhouse Job" and 302 "The Reunion Job" here in the Comments. And you know I'll answer them quickly, because the alternative is me working on the finale that's kicking my ass.


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Sammie323 said...
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Jenny said...

"And you know I'll answer them quickly, because the alternative is me working on the finale that's kicking my ass."

Got to be a little like being on a tilt-a-whirl when your seatbelt suddenly breaks. Just hold onto the lap bar, man, and try to ignore how much it hurts to be flung against the outer wall. Good luck.

Vanessa said...

I really like that new video. How can I get a copy of the Irish song?

Crazy4Ncis said...
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Crazy4Ncis said...

So happy Leverage is back!

May the TV Gods have mercy on your poor soul and put you out of your misery soon!

In the meantime have a LARGE drink on me!!

Sammie323 said...

Is there a chance Leverage will start late if the NASCAR race runs long today on TNT?

Anonymous said...

What kind of tea is Sophie drinking? Still the lemon zest one like in The Two Live Crew Job? Maybe I'd rather know what kind of tea Gina likes to drink, being British and all. Can you ask her? Welcome back, Gina!

Monkat said...

Bad TNT, not running nearly enough commercials! I hadn't heard a PEEP about the return of Leverage, nor the night change, nor that it was TONIGHT. I might have missed it entirely if not for the Monkey's blog of excellence.

That said, yay! *bounce bounce bounce*

(Quit cat-vacuuming and finish the finale! In the paraphrased words of the great Raymond Chandler, "if you get stuck, just have some goons come in and bust up the place." If only it were that simple, eh? Get back to work!)

Melissa in St Louis (MacSTL) said...

Monkat --- I do hope you are really being facetious!

I am so excited. Ready to take notes to ask all my questions!

Thanks, John!

Shaheen Shine said...

i`m excited i can't wait to get my questions answered!!!!

Anonymous said...

Any chance for Eliot to develop feelings for Parker this seasons?

Anonymous said...

LOVING the Irish music in the commercials, too. I've caught promos a number of times now on other cable channels and I always turn it up for the music.

Ready to kick back with the Leverage premiere in just under two hours now, with a nice glass of Crown Royal. Though honestly, it feels a little off, like it ought to be Bushmill's instead.

Liz said...

Hah, just saw a promo on AOL's home page, too.

And the last comment was from me. Blogger seemed determined I should be anonymous. Ah well.

Dawn/StL-MO said...

For season 3, do you have an episode planned involving an apple pie scam? If so, will Nate, Eliot and/or Hardison be the lifeguards?
Partial suggestion for an episode: Hardison trying to stay awake an entire episode after being up all night because his home/office computer crashed &/or got a virus.
Love the show. Almost time for Leverage! Appreciate you taking time to do this.

Fred Zeleny said...

Wish I had cable out here - or even a tv! Any idea how long I'll have to wait to watch it on TNT's site? Will it be visible as soon as it's done airing on real-time tv, or will I have to wait a day - or, I dread to ask, a whole week?

Anonymous said...

Will there still be instant streaming Via Netflix?

Shelley said...

It's finally here! Can't wait for all the season 3 goodness.

(In other weirdness, the blog doesn't seem to be recognizing Google at the mo)

Ed said...

Sophie drinks Twinings, right?

And is that Aldis's brother in the prison?

Jennifer said...

Was the helicopter in 301 the "Deancake" of the episode.

Anonymous said...

Were you guys trying to make Michael Scofield cry?

Jen_Ann_W said...

I've been sitting here trying to figure out what's different about Parker... I think it's the eye makeup. It makes her look darker, less the goofy-naive Parker from before. Was that a conscious decision?

Anonymous said...

First episode was awesome, but the second episode is better!! Their chemistry as a family is even better!
Especially when Sophie told Eliot, "Youll pay for this" and he was likr "Nu nu nu nu nu" mocking her. Chemistry is BEAUTIFUL. I love it.

dodz said...

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Brooke said...

A Dark Angel reference! And Prison Break too? Did I hear a guard called 'Bellick'?? HA! :)

Aud Arrt said...

Maybe I was distracted by the italian accent. Why don't the cops come pick Nate up after he breaks out of jail? I mean, he just...went home. I know they had plans to get out of the country, and the italian stopped them, but is she keeping the cops at bay? I know she said she would if they did the job they asked.

G said...

Best. Leverage. Ever.

Anonymous said...

Yah. Banano made Captain!

Joey C. said...

Wikipedia says "John Rogers" is directing Episode Three.

Is this you, another John Rogers, or someone thinking it was a funny prank?

The first two episodes were awesome, by the way.

Kenderama said...

1) Excellent work on the ASCII art for Manticore. As a child of the 80's computer scene, I approve.

What's up with TNT running two-fers each week? While I'm giddy that we get new Leverage, it's worrisome that they want to get them out into the world so fast.

Mandi said...

Love how the question of Sophie's real name is being handled - is that ever going to be revealed on screen, or will it continue to torture Nate indefinitely or until he exhausts every name in existence? (I'm not going to bother asking what it is, of course. I know better.)

Also, how much time passed between "The Three Strikes Job" and "The Jailhouse Job?" How long have the rest of the team known Sophie's real name - Parker acted like she hadn't used that name in forever, but this is Parker, after all.

Sherri said...

Awesome. We drank tequila every time Elliot hit someone. I'm a wee bit tipsy.

Like the whole "What's Sophie's real name?" thing, and the big goal for the season, and Hardison asking himself "Why am I looking away?"

Part 2 -- was that a TANDY? It looked a lot like a freakin' Tandy, only white and not the ugly brown/beige/putty color I remember.

THANK you for the Elliot flashback!

I'm sure I'll think of other pain in the ass questions, but for right now I'm gonna go dream tequila dreams.

Anonymous said...

Fabulous episodes. I particularly loved the Eliot and Hardison flashbacks.

Only one question from me. Is there any particular reason that TNT is burning through two episodes at a time? Not that I am complaining but I know you guys only make 15 episodes per season and I'm a deferred gratification kinda gal. I'd hate for them to burn through this half of the season in a month and be stuck Leverage-less until January.

Thanks for such a wonderful season opener.

pdljmpr6 said...

Okay, first off, AWESOME eps. Both of them. Awesome. Now 1) Where is Nate living now that they've turned his apt into their office? 2) flashbacks were awesome for Hardsion and Eliot, will there be more from when they were teens? 3) Parker didn't go to high school? where was she 4) Nate and Sophie both had fights, are all teh cast getting more physical this season? 5) Why was Nate's title changed to 'Brains'? It seems to imply that the others have none & therefore need him, which they obviously do because they're all the best at what they do. 6) Eliot seemed upset with his 5th wheel status @ end of Reunion, IS THIS GOING TO BE ADDRESSED?? Are you gonna let the man have some lovin'??

Thanks again for such a great premeire, lots of 'gasp' and 'laugh' moments. tell cast & crew, excellent work!

Rick said...

Who's idea was it for the 80's Synthesizer Musical Cue" at the office reveal? Because that person deserves a bonus.

Liz said...

Said it on Twitter, but I think this may be your strongest premiere yet. Very fast, very smooth, and loaded with detail. I'm sure I'm going to have to re-watch to pick up what I missed tonight, especially having to do with the cons. With both episodes, I think my jaw dropped when I realized what the team was really doing -- I had no clue. (Bonus points for the hysterical 80s stuff in the Reunion Job, especially the music.)

One thing I liked in particular was how we got a real sense that time has passed since we last saw the team. Which leads to my question: will we get to see some of what the team was up to before Nate's rescue?

And, it looks like we're getting a major story arc for at least a good part of this season (the mysterious Italian!). What can you tell us (without giving too much away) about the decision to do that?

Lisa said...

Great episode and a great start to the season.

My questions are as follows:

Are we to assume that Bonnano would be looking into Billy's case and getting him out of jail since he had to go back? It was great to see him again, btw, and to know that he got promoted!

Since it's clear he is well aware of who Nate is and what he and the team are up to, how serious was he when he called Nate a criminal, etc and how ardently will he be pursuing Nate?

Is it a stretch to assume that the Eliot home ec flashback is referencing what he said to Nate when he was the caterer during The Wedding Job? And the Hardison flashback is referencing to Second David Job when Sterling mentioned Hardison being wanted in Iceland?

How did they figure out who Duberman's nemesis was in high school?

Was it hard to track down the 80s computer equipment since it's so obsolete?

Sorry if I missed it, but has Hardison named his new van?

How long has Sophie been using the neurolinguistics thing on the team without them realizing it? And when will we find out the new name she's using?

monilyn89 said...

First.. THANK YOU! The eps were amazing!! Two hours went by in a blink of an eye. I loved that the kids know Sophie's real name but won't tell Nate.
Okay I am still giggling over the reunion ep. I Loved lurking Eliot and the Sophie and Eliot roach and Tea scenes. I kept waiting for Parker to try but instead of gentle touches she'd be punching him in the arm or pokin' him.
Oh and double squeal on getting a teenaged Eliot flashback.
I guess i don't have a question just want to let you know how excited I am that you are back and let you know I enjoy your hard work.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad the new season is here!!! I just have a couple of questions.

How did Gina like her first full fledged fight scene on the show, and did Christian give her any tips?

How exactly did Eliot become familiar with the secret police?

Will we be seeing more of Capt. Bonnano this season?

Why did Parker pretend to know what a Roman Room was when she didn't? To try to fit in? And how did the Roman Room concept come about?

Anonymous said...

Really top notch premiere eps. I'm used to the hype of actors/producers/writers/etc. always saying the newest stuff is the best, so didn't think too much of the hype in interviews leading up to the show, but I have to say, everyone was right - these two eps were really really strong. You guys have stepped it up, and can't wait to see what's next.

G said...

What meme is the kielbasa in reference to? Or just thought it was funny?

Also, will we see more awkward Parker Hardison moments?

G said...

Also, does Bonnano actually believe Ford is a "very bad man" or he just being all dramatic?

Barbara said...

Excellent return of my FAVORITE show!
No questions yet...have to rewatch epi 1 cuz I think I missed something explaining the mystery woman that's blackmailing the team. Also, kind of expected Nate to be in prison a while longer...not that I'm complaining!
But, loved Eliot being a "lurker", as well as a hitter.:) Enjoyed the glimpse at Eliot's early years. Usually it's been Hardison that's been left out of the action, so it was a nice twist for Eliot to be complaining at the end of epi 2, in typical Eliot fashion! The dance scene at the end of Reunion, with Nate/Sophie on the floor and Parker/Hardison in the eaves was stunning.
Looking forward to what else you have in store for us in upcoming episodes...
Well done!!!

Vanessa (fighting cook) said...

Got any cool stories about the yearbook photos?

How/why did Paul Bernard play Schmitty? Good part for him :-)

Nicole said...

I'd just like to say, I love you guys for starting the fun train at full speed. I know that some reviewers had given the first hour a mediocre score, but as far as I'm concerned, you've upped the game. Both hours were an amazing ride; it's so great to have the show back! The team dynamic, especially in hour two, was so very satisfying. And

Now, let's see if I can pull myself out of utter glee and come up with a few questions... 1: Was Parker using the name "Fiona" a subtle shout out to Burn Notice? (Especially since you gave solid nods to Rockford Files and Psych.) 2: Why are there two episodes being run for two weeks in a row? I can understand an extended premier, and that you've got an extra episode... but as you'd imagine some of us want how may weeks of Leverage we get to be as many as possible. 3: Was any part of generating the Reunion Job inspired by Gross Point Blank? Assassins at school reunions... (And why is it they go so well together?) 4: Was that amazing 80's music cue Devlin's band?

Vanessa (fighting cook) said...

Newspaper folded 8 times . . . ledger or orange box?

G said...

Also, new sponsor? No Hyundai van?

Jo said...

I realize I likely ask this question in vain, but I noticed a campaign sticker with the name Emily Watson on it. Is that Sophie's real name or do the fans not "earn" it until Nate does?

Kris said...

Can opened, whup-ass everywhere... Great premiere.

I was kind of expecting Nate to get the little intro subtitles at some point. Any particular reason he didn't?

Really digging the new set-up at HQ. I like the six-screen TV and all, but the extra boards and stuff make the space feel busier, in a good way.

Did Nate actually end up going through the heating area like Parker suggested?

The rapid-fire flashback sequence for hacking Duberman was awesome. Also scary. But mostly awesome. Did any particular recent literature or news inspire that, or was it something you'd wanted to do for awhile?

Penguin on the Telly said...

Absolutely adored the premiere! The (completely wonderful and adorable) dancing scene had me wondering, what are your plans for Parker and Hardison this seasons?

Vanessa (fighting cook) said...

How did Parker figure out the combo to the judge's safe?

Is Rockford prison a homage to Rockford Files?

What were some of the Portland shooting locations?

Props to using crew names in the campaign background.

Love Nate using the chess set as a prison blueprint.

SueN. said...

Damn, but I missed y'all!

Yay, Bonanno's back!! I really like his character, and I look forward to seeing how his relationship with the team develops. Um, we will be seeing that, right?

Loved lurker Eliot and the return of bitchy!Eliot, the bickering between Eliot and Hardison (many's the time I have yanked hubby's chain by calling his action figures "dolls" *g*), and Parker's tazer-love. Also, Sophie's "You're a thief now. Fix yourself" … yes. That.

But I think my absolute favorite was the Eliot-Sophie interplay (cockroach, "nu nu nu nu," and the tea scene). I know y'all have said you'd wanted to explore the Sophie-Eliot dynamic in S2, but that Gina's pregnancy sort of derailed that. So will we be seeing that development in S3? I hope so. These two have a dynamic that's completely different than any other on the team, and I'd love to see it fleshed out.

Other than that, all I can say is y'all have made me very, very happy. Just knowing Leverage awaited me made a four-hour drive up from Austin with two teenage daughters bickering in the back seat and hubby playing his "'70s Dance Party" CD … well, less than excruciating. *g*

Dude, y'all rock.

Anonymous said...

How come the guards in Jailhouse Job attack Elliot one-at-a-time? This has happened in several episodes. Can't he fight several people at once?

Vanessa (fighting cook) said...

What happened when Nate & Billy split up?

msd said...

Loved the "'s these new glasses...." line!

Anonymous said...

So, on the questions and comments for The Maltese Falcon Job I guessed:

------@IMForeman: So, when Leverage returns, will it be "The Prison Job" where they bust Nate out of the clink? They could send Elliot in as a fellow prisoner, as he's the natural suspect for bodyguard and taking down opposition, but it's funnier if it's Hardison. Like he can only hack the Prison from the inside. Taking down a corrupt Warden while they bust him out... "Let's go steal us a Prison."------

OMG, I came so very close to guessing! I almost never get that close. I think my Leverage intuition must be good.

Awesome episodes tonight, and I see next week has 2 episodes as well. Is that going to be recurring? We'll burn through the whole season in no time at this rate.

Hardison seems to have learned from the Ice Man Job. He carried off Mr. Barrington Jones without going overboard. Nice to see some growth there.

Vanessa (fighting cook) said...

How did The Italian get into Nate's apt w/o the team knowing?

Anonymous said...

If Interpol is Leverage-verse's SHIELD, who does this Italian woman work for? Spear? Hydra?

Also, was it just me, or was Emily Sutton running for office AND from the high school in 302?

briddie said...

I love the bits brought from earlier episodes, both the straight copies and the modified ones. Eliot still mad about betraying teammates all the way to Sophie taking Nate's drink, and of course Sophie saying "we're on the count". With all that, it's still fresh. I think the most striking thing is that the team has matured since last season. Was that intentional, or just a by-product of the actors becoming even more comfortable working together?

briddie said...
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briddie said...

Will we get to find out how Sophie brain-washed Eliot before?

Thomas said...

Why a Trash-80?

Shelly said...

I know it has to somehow, but what kind of role does Nate's alcoholism play in this season?

Also, I loved the boy's flashbacks! Hardison's made the entire living room of people just squeal with happy. Do we get any for either of the girls next week? How about Nate?

Also, we were wondering, did you guys write the episode first and then retool the dialogue in 302 to have the neurolinguistics keywords in people's lines, or did you guys write them in place the first draft through? We all thought it would be easier to write it and then put them in throughout the dialogue but as I said, we were curious about the order of the writing process on that.

Great job on both episodes, you guys just keep getting better and we're all excited to be along for the ride

Shaheen Shine said...

How come the guards in Jailhouse Job attack Elliot one-at-a-time? This has happened in several episodes. Can't he fight several people at once?
and how did Sophie talk to Nate through the jail phones?? aren't they wired so that the officers can hear ? unless Hardison wired them...
Thanks for the answers!!!!

Anonymous said...

I looked all over for this but couldn't find it anywhere...who is the actor that played Larry Duberman and what else did he play in? He used to be in something and it's really bugging me that I can't think of it...doh!!!

Kristin said...

I have been waiting for this blog to go up for a freakin' week so I could ask my questions about this episode! I was one of the lucky few who got to see the screening last Monday in LA (thank you again, you guys are really amazing!)and have been waiting to post my questions. The first one has already been asked: why don't they just go get Nate at his apartment since they obviously know where he lives?

The next one comes from watching the show again as well as second season: are we ever going to learn what Sophie did during her time away as well as what she learned? I know its been about 6 months between season 2 and 3 so the team probably talked about that stuff already, but will the viewers be privvy to Sophie's self-discovery? If Tara hadn't called Sophie to come back to help the team, would she have come back already? Did she "figure herself out?"

Fabulous, wonderful episodes! I am also one of those who LOVE instant gratification, but this 2 eps per week is gonna make it go by way too fast! (I can't believe I'm saying this:) TNT needs to slow down on how many eps they put out per week. We'll finish the summer season in 6 weeks this way. We need to keep this show on the air as long as possible!

Thank you again for an amazing premiere. You guys are flipping amazing!

Calla said...

I would like to know how you came up with the name Manticore - I can't stop thinking of the secret organization of the same name that was so important to the James Cameron 'Dark Angel' series.

I'm sure people are all incredulous about the old school computer running that big Manticore program - but I say poo poo! I used to work at a company that ran non-networked, flop-disk-driven, 32K computers with programs written in visual basic to synthesize DNA, much of which played a large role in the mapping of the human genone, among other things.

All in all, very enjoyable! Thanks and welcome back!

Heather G. said...

I loved it! Kinda made me feel for Eliot, being the 5th wheel in such an obvious manor; had how funny it was written...I mean, like who would actually wonder if Eliot made it out, if Eliot is alive. Christian always delivers those lines in such the right way! :) I also loved how everyone else has been told Sophie's real name and they actively and obviously keep it from Nate. Especially when Parker starts repeating "sophie" like it had been such a long time since she called her sophie. Hilarious!
And whoever asked about Eliot developing romantic feelings for Parker all I have to say is "Are you kidding me!?!" They have more of a sibling Hardison on the other hand! LOL! I mean the kissing in the van and her comment like "who's pretending?" Awesome job Beth! Awesome job EVERYONE!!

Anonymous said...

Has Nate already testified in the Kadjic/Culpepper trail or was that pending during his escape?

Matt in Wyoming said...

Checked the comments to see if these had been addressed:

Incidentally, I'm only 20 minutes into the first episode, I've been hitting replay a lot just cause it's so fun.

1) When Eliot leaned over Billy and told him he was going to gt him out alive, I had a major flashback to every Navy SEAL scene I've seen in movies about hostage extractions. "We're Americans, we're here to take you home. I thought he was about to choke up right there. Thoughts about Elliot's extraction history, and who on the writer's staff decided to have him deliver the news that way? It really hit me.

2) Minor gaff - Sophie reading off the account number from the checkbook, it's really the bank routing number - identifies the bank, not the account. Like I say, minor, but as a guy with some banking experience, it stood out for me. Routing on the left, account on the right, third number's the check number.

Nathan said...

Liked the episodes, but two things stood out for me:

1) Tivo listed the episode numbers as 301 and 303. Are they being shown out of the intended order for some reason? Next week also showed up as 305 and 302.

2) For the first time with this show, I was disappointed with one of the liberties taken with reality. There is no way that computer can handle anything like what it would need to run something like Manticore. You couldn't even fit the traffic needed through that tiny little wire in the back of the computer with current gen fiber optics, much less whatever network it had. The computer looked similar to a TRS-80, which didn't even have a hard drive - everything was loaded onto it from floppies each time you boot up. There are... too many reasons to count why that computer could not be the mainframe for Manticore, and it stuck out like a sore thumb for me and shattered my suspension of disbelief. Once I got over it, the episode was fun, but it took me well into the reunion section to get back into it.

Gordon said...

Great episodes -- again! I had the pleasure of being in the audience at the LA screening. Many thanks for the fun!

In the yearbook, was that Noah Hutton's picture they used for McIntire's? You could see the resemblance to both Tim Hutton and Debra Winger.

scooter5203249 said...

Great fun to have "Leverage" back. I thought The Jailhouse Job was a blast. I like The Reunion Job, too, and I suppose I would have liked it more if I hadn't hated high school.

Quick observation/question before heading off to work: Elliot's computer skills have come a long way since The Homecoming Job (I think it was the homecoming job when Hardison prepped him to steal files). Are the new skills all thanks to Hardison, or has Elliot been dating a computer wiz?

Loved the shout-out to Rockford Files, and I wondered, as did a previous poster, if the Fiona was a nod to Burn Notice.

G said...

My memory is a bit hazy from last night now, but I seem to recall the intro bit in 301 was a hypothetical. Now, my question is, how would Nate hypothetically go back to court if he's already in prison? Habeas?

Anonymous said...

Could u try 2 explain TNT's reasoning in doubling up episodes on Sunday's?? If they keep this up Season 3 will be over in 7 or 8 weeks w/nothing leftover in Jan...unless ur shooting more than 15 episodes.

LarryFleming said...

Great tie in to Nate needing to hide out and now working on international jobs! The mix of humor and drama was perfect!

Eliot seems to be picking up more tech experience, which is good. Are you going to give Hardison more fighting experience too?

I have been trying to figure out what kind of van this is. Is this going to turn into a secret agent van with surveillance gear, smoke screens, satellite link up, the works?

What was Hardison doing with an old Trash-80 connector. I'm a geek and I don't have one anymore.

Miranda said...

Eliot as the 5th wheel? Hope this doesn't lead to an Eliot-The Italian hookup since she's the only other woman around.

As for The Italian, it sounds like she works for the Illuminati or something. This arc reminds me of season 5 of The A-Team when the team has to go to work for General Stockwell. A lot of people think that's when the A-Team jumped the shark. Hope Leverage wraps this up quickly and next season it's back to our favorite thieves having all of the leverage.

When will we see Taggert and McSweeten again? I love those guys.

And why is the team so upset about Nate going to prison for them? He was true to his nature and they should have seen that coming. Sophie got the offices blown up in season 1 and the team forgave her rather quickly compared to what Nate's going through.

Anonymous said...

The Jailhouse Job was a great premiere, but I loved the Reunion Job. I'm a big Parker/Hardison fan so it was nice to get some shippy moments in there.

Question, though, why was Parker in her rig at the end of the Reunion Job?

Michael Clear said...

Does Sophie's real name rhyme with a part of the female anatomy? Is it Mulva?

Tina said...

Just have to say, the new season was worth the wait! I was laughing through both airings,they were funny as hell! Good to see that there is more comedy this season. I'm totally psyched for the rest!(next weeks eps look even more intriguing)
The flash back of Hardison in The Reunion Job had be rolling on the floor!(not to mention the photo and van scenes) The way he was dressed reminded me of Will Smith in the early days. Who came up the idea with the glasses btw?
Eliot's flashback, I somehow was not surprised that was the way he was in high school. Funny all the same..Who was the young actor who played him?
Kudos to everyone working on the show, you all definitely have given me something to look forward to! John, you and Dean are geniuses! Cheers!

Anna said...

Full confession: My crush on Hardison was taken to the 1,500th power when that flashback of him was shown. Aldis Hodge and glasses? Yes, please.

My questions:
1. I assume we'll be learning Sophie's real name sometime later in the season? Will it be incorporated in? I noticed in 302, Eliot still called her "Sophie".

2. Was there was a back-up plan for the password if the brainhacking of Larry Duberman didn't work out? Like, did Hardison have some brute force program working in the background?

Awesome start to a no doubt awesome season. :)

Chris Ayers said...

Loved the premiere(s). I noticed that when Parker was posing for the photos she was, shall we say, very comfortable in her own skin. Will this come into play in later episodes or is it a one-time quirk of her personality?

Crescent said...

While I love the loft over the bar, why would the team go back there after breaking Nate out of prison? Sterling (ie Interpol) and the Feds know about the place and I would be surprised if Bonano didn't know. Wouldn't a new HQ be better?

Rebecca said...

Hardison mentioned what was on Nate's netflix queue. What would be on Sophie, Parker, Eliot and Hardison's netflix queue?

Anonymous said...

I just think it would be very cool if Sophie's real name was Jane. Just my opinion...

Also...should I be looking out for any more Doctor Who shout-outs this series? I do enjoy them.

And on that subject, what do you think of Matt Smith's Doctor? Have you had a chance to see it yet?

Modern day Molly Brown said...

Did Gina do the fight with "Nikki" or was it a stunt double? Great fun to watch her in that role! Did Aldis design the watch he was wearing in the 2nd episode? He talked about creating a line of watches. Loved the shot from the jail blueprints with colored dots to Nate's chessboard in prison. Does the newspaper folded 8 times really work?! Great start to Season 3! Fun to see Nate owning the "drunk thief" and Sophie's response.

Odie said...

I'm with many others who say no more doubling up of episodes, please. It's long enough between seasons (or half-seasons) without shortening them up that way.

Questions: The 'team' was all set to take off before the mystery woman showed up, so why are they able to stay afterward?
If Nate and Eliot promised to get Billy out of prison, yet they left him there, how does his case get reopened?
It seemed like there were an awful lot of shots where the camera circled around (the people, the action, the room) in 'Reunion'. Was this supposed to signify something?

Sherri said...

Slightly more sober now. Still buzzed from the fun of the premiere and the total happy of watching with friends.

Some folks are on about the old computer, the Tandy (TRS-80, I think someone said, although the white box threw me. I only recall the ugly giant brown/beige thing. A friend ran his BBS empire from one in his bedroom...ahhh, how fondly I remember upgrading to my 1200 baud external modem...) I can't speak to the details, but I'd like to throw our the oft repeated remark that we went to the moon (multiple times) on significantly less computing power than the average smart phone.

Could you maybe address the computer issue in a little detail?

The Rockford Files throwaway line busted me up. I suspect you of that one.

And my inner Leverage geek is now impatient for the season 3 DVD set for the COMMENTARY. Damn, but you guys do such a good job on those commentaries that I look forward to them as much as I do the actual show. In fact, you could do a whole second commentary track as far as I am concerned because you always bring up stuff that I find interesting but have to abandon the subjects to keep up with the episode.

Oh -- please, indicate to Mr. Frakes my undying adoration for his directorial expertise on the second episode. We actually cheered his name when it flashed in the opening titles.

Sherri said...

Oh, feh, forgot one -- I heard a lot of new music. Does this mean a new soundtrack CD or track downloads in the future? Please?

David Hunt said...

2. Was there was a back-up plan for the password if the brainhacking of Larry Duberman didn't work out?

Here's the scary part, based on my layman's watching of the episode: The brain-hack WAS the backup least in terms of actually getting the password. They had Elliot in the computer room entering in passwords as they found possibles at the school. If any of them had worked, I expect they'd have crashed Manticore immediately.

Knowing the Leverage team, they'd probably still pushed him over the edge like they did in hallway. Nate loves a good Gloat and I'm sure that it's especially satisfying when he can look the Mark right in the eye. Plus, driving him over edge lets them have Duberman destroy himself even further by spetacularly cracking up in front of a room full of people that he's been desparate to impress for 25 years. Waving a gun around was an added bonus an I'm sure that Nate's screwed up priorities made having it pointed at him worth it if he could destroy another corrupt rich-guy.

Stacy said...

As a huge Dark Angel fan, the whole Manticore thing really screwed me up. How did you come up with that?

There was so much to love about these episodes I don't really know where to start with the questions. Thanks guys and bravo.

Lins said...

I bow to your collective Genius! A big Well Done to everyone on the show.
Sophie fighting in the second ep was just fantastic; absolutely loved it.
It’s cool to see everyone break out of their normal roles and start to take some of the other team member’s responsibilities.
Parker and Hardison are still adorable the slow dance between the two was esp. sweet.
One question about Parker; She said she never went to High School. Was she a drop out, home schooled or went to the Thieves equivalent of Hogwarts?
Still love the chemistry between Nate and "Sophie". I have to ask with all these women throwing themselves at Nate why isn't he getting laid more or period?
I felt a little bad for Eliot, even if he is a man whore so to speak, for being left out in the cold at the end of the second ep. Don't get me wrong he was hilarious but still felt a little bad for him since everyone else seems to be paired up and he's the odd man out.
Still love the love/hate relationship between Eliot and Hardison or as we have now named them Murky and Lurky.

Are the double episodes going to be all season long or is it only for the kick off? Only reason I ask is two hours of Leverage every week is phenomenal. Everyone that was at the party definitely loved it!

The Irish music is awesome I would also like to know where I can find it.
Thank you again!

SueN. said...

Something has been nagging at me, and I finally realized what it was. How is it that our lovely English Sophie knows so much about the American high school food chain?

I must admit, as a former band nerd, her antipathy toward cheerleaders made me smile. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Wherein I go for the Leverage No-Prize...

To the people concerned/complaining about the retro-computing in 302, I'm going to go out on a limb here and suggest that it wasn't hosting Manticore so much as acting as the primary node for Manticore. A system designed to track and monitor an entire country requires a *LOT* of processing power, in the form of voice recognition systems, network equipment to monitor packets, etc. What we were shown was likely just the brains of Manticore, the keystone if you will. It could be accessed via a web server (like Dubenech used to change the password on his phone), but because it was a web server specifically programmed for that computer (probably written in assembly), none of Hardison's typical IIS or Apache hacks could get to it. You could never run Manticore on such a machine, but you could build Manticore so that only that machine could issue updates, issue authentication keys, and the like. That's why *EVERYONE* wanted it.

Dee A. said...

I loved the line "For a den of evil spies, this place smells delicious." Parker was a lot of fun in both episodes and is one of my favorite characters on television.

No questions, just compliments. Both episodes were great, fast paced, entertaining, and worth the wait.

D said...

Excellent episodes! Will you be touching on Nate's being shot at the end of S2? Will the team find out?

Loved the music in the second ep - I was expecting to hear The Thompson Twins or OMD at the end during the dance.

Tell the truth - Sophie's name is Millicent, isn't it?

rebekah said...

Is it me, or does Kane have a new scar above his lip? More extracurricular activities, like the football-in-boots-on-asphalt incident? Or am I staring at his face too much.

Livlife said...

Wow! Two episodes makes for a lot of questions. I read all the prev. ones so I'll try not to repeat.

I know people are asking about leaving Billy in prison, but I want to know: what did Nate tell him to do? "Just do what I told you.." and they split up.

Loved seeing Bonanno again! Hope to see more of him.

Did Nate know the Italian? He looked at her as though he recognized her. She obviously knew him from the scene with her and the warden...did he chase her at one point?

Thank you for the Eliot/new glasses thing. That's been bugging me for some time, so it is nice to have the continuity.

Was it just me or did Eliot seem in better humor in 302 (I mean in better humor than ever before)? Joking, having fun, kidding with the gang...was that a conscious choice? Was Christian just having fun on that particular shoot? Or is this a demonstration of him finally developing trust with the gang and showing his true self?

Is the "big bad" (as Hardison called it and was that a Whedon/Buffy reference?) going to be an ongoing theme? So when we're in the tenth or so season of Leverage will we be seeing a major target each season that they're working toward, or is that specific to this season? And if this season, then why? Why change the single-ep storyline to an over-arching, season-long con? (Not complaining...I really like the idea, I see fun possibilities, just curious).

And why the decision to make Eliot a former HS jock/QB? I never read him that way at all. Which leads me to wonder, if he really was the all-American kid, what happened to turn him into our beloved Eliot--and will that be explored A) EVER? and B) this season?

Yep, that was a ton...thanks in advance for your time in answering!

Loving Leverage!

Your Obedient Serpent said...

Good golly, 97 comments, and I'm the first one to ask this.

I know that many (if not all) of your Corporate Corruption plotlines are "Ripped From the Headlines", as the Tropers say. Please, tell us about the real-world inspirations for the Privatized Prison Rip-Off!

Elizabeth said...

Two excellent episodes! I admit I was a little scared of "sophomore syndrome" (yes, even though it's 3rd year) but nope, as good as ever! Breaking out of the impossible-to-escape prison was wonderful, showcasing each one's different style: Parker with her old-school map, Hardison with his high-tech blueprint, and Nate mapping it all out with a chess board, genius-like. I didn't know what to expect with the whole Senator thing, but I loved that I didn't see the real con coming! I'm still a little confused, though, by Eliot telling Billy that if he did what Eliot said, that Eliot would get him out - and then at the end Billy's still in jail.

Bonnano lived, he got promoted! Yay! He has a limp and a cane like House, but he seems more cheerful than ever! "Nate Ford is a very bad man! (whom I will not be pursuing with any great vigor.)" His gleeful public takedown of EvilPrisonWarden was one of my favorite parts of the premiere. Nice to see that Nate is still handing him bad guys. He knows that Nate set the guy up; he wasn't an "accomplice", right? If I recall correctly, after Bonnano got shot, his wife told Nate he'd said that if he ever met Nate, he'd buy him a drink and then arrest him. Here, he says he's met Nate (knowing how tall he is). When did they meet?

Sophie learned to fight! Throwing down with a trained assassin and winning! (Thank you for having her kick off her darn heels!) And Eliot and Parker have learned some computer skills, and Hardison has learned how NOT to oversell a con. Nate has learned... um. That the next time he does something that changes everybody's lives without talking to them first, he'll get some dental work without anesthesia? (That scene was scary! I thought for a hot second Eliot was actually going to hurt him a little. I think he did too!)

So he's gonna try being a drunk thief now. Huh. You know, I'd be more worried, except Nate's actually scarier and gets more out of control when he's sober. Wait, now, I don't want to be enabling an alcoholic, though. I don't know what I should be wanting, here, John...

Reunion Job: Sandals with socks! Nate does the "friendly neighborhood douchebag" character so well.

I suppose they were running both the Roman Room thing (Cicero shoutout!) and the BrainHack, just in case?

Are we going to see more NLP from Sophie? At some point she must have told everyone she was doing that, since Parker and Eliot both knew she'd been "brainwashing" him. When did she tell them, and why?

Was Doucherman (hahaha... why do I imagine Nate was actually kinda like that in HS?) based on a real person, or a real case? The prison case is totally evil enough to be real.

Was the HS yearbook photo of Darryl McIntyre actually a photo of teenage Tim Hutton? Or maybe Tim's son, going by the soft look on his face when he looked at it.

How much of the background story, about Iran and a Manticore-like computer program, was true? I'm afraid to hear that it all was.

Will the team find out Nate was gut-shot and bleeding out at the end of last season?
What happened to Eliot to turn him to a life of violence and crime? Even if he wasn't one of the nicer kids in HS, from that one quick glimpse his life at least looked normal. You'd expect him to grow up to be a horse trainer or an evil lawyer, maybe (*cough*), but a guy who beats up/kills people for a living?

My guess on Sophie's real name: Natalie.

Nato said...

I've only seen 301 thus far, but I'd love to know where you guys shot the episode. That looked like a very believable prison, and I'd be surprised if too many such facilities were just sitting around empty for TV shows to film in. I expect I'll be proven wrong in this assumption, in highly educational fashion.

I'm trying to decide which accent was worse -- Sophie's southern, or Hardison's English.

But otherwise, I loved Mr. Kane's typically badass fight scene; I loved that Parker seems to have made up her mind, at least to some degree, vis-a-vis Hardison; I loved seeing Ms. Bellman back in action; and I have to admire the breezy nonchalance with which you basically have Nate come out and say, literally, "We're having a season-long arc that will thread through our stand-alone episodes." If you have to hang a lampshade, I suppose it ought to be a big, bright, gaudy one. (:

Also, congratulations: Even after two seasons, I still cringe whenever Nate pours himself a drink. I truly hope you aren't going to let his alcoholism slide, at least for long.

Anonymous said...

One other question. I noticed when Elliot brought up the info on Adam Worth in the Prison Dentist room, the screen seemed to say that Adam Worth is "Father to Dalton Rand."

So, the corrupt Warden is the father of the corrupt fake psychic (is there any other kind) in The Future Job?

Tom Galloway said...

Re: Duberman's computer not having the power to run Manticore. It's definitely the case that a 1985 vintage computer had nowhere near the power needed to run something like Manticore...but we don't know that was a 1985 vintage computer.

It was a 1985 computer case, and the screen shots looked like 1985 UI, but nothing stops Duberman from replacing the actual computing guts inside the case with current generation tech and a hardwired connection to the datacenter doing the real work of running Manticore. The 80s vintage UI was programmed due to Duberman's affectation, and there's probably a command that changes it to a current UI if he really needs to give the system a workout.

Sammie323 said...

Is it true we won't see Sterling at all this season?

My guess for Sophie's real name is the same as my WV: Bilterfi

Kris said...

Forgot to ask something that I've been wondering about since Tara joined the team:

What's the state of their finances? In my head Parker spent the least amount of money after the Nigerian job, and Hardison the most. But is there a team fund they all contribute to? In 301 did they use Nate's personal accounts to set up the warden because they were otherwise near broke or because they didn't want to part with their own money unless they had to?

Queelez said...

First off, welcome back; it's good to be watching Leverage again.

I'm curious, though. It seems that this season will be a little bit more arc-focused than the episodic format of the past, with Ms. Canalis' (presumably) reoccurring role. In S2, we had Nate's emotional arc of coming to terms with being a thief, as well as Sophie trying to find herself. Both of those, though, weren't as closely entwined with the jobs they took as our Big Bad seems to be. What was the motivation in changing things up?

Medrawt said...

Your Obedient Serpent -

I imagine (unfortunately) that there have been several scandals with judges and privately operated prisons that could've inspired this story, but this is what came to mind while watching the episode.

Kimmie said...

No questions, just unabashed love and adoration for Leverage in general!

And it was especially cool to see Mr. Mahdavi's apartment, which I recognized from the set tour. Having been on said tour, it's amazing just how much detail there was in that one set for those two little bits of screen time. HUGE admiration to the set designers/dressers.

Anonymous said...

In the opener, Elliot sure beat down those two FBI agents - even tossing one in front of a moving vehicle. Would he have fought like that for Nate's escape if the team really had enacted "Sophie's" plan?

And why was it so hard for Elliot to dispatch the two Iranian's in the Reunion Job? Were they especially tough or should we continue to blame his new eyeglasses?

Anonymous said...

So, Nate escaped from prison, and is able to just...stay in his neighborhood bar? How did the US Marshalls not find him and put him back in prison? Does he wear Groucho glasses when he goes outside?

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth, Bannano met Nate in The Beantown Bailout Job, when he visited Matt and Zoe Kerrigan in the hospital.

ita said...


In 301 did they use Nate's personal accounts to set up the warden because they were otherwise near broke or because they didn't want to part with their own money unless they had to?

Using Nate's money helped tie the Warden in to him as an accomplice for the escape.

Matt in Wyoming said...

That's what I get for being a first time commenter - now I can't wait until you answer these! Almost more edge-of-the-seat than the next episode.

What's struck me about the thread is the impromptu Sophie Name lottery being played. It occurs to me that it might be a fun promotional thing to set up a pool with a little prize for guesses at the end. And hell, if the marketing boys at TNT are needing any ides, if could be made into a promo, perhaps after episode 5 with a mashup of Nate trying different names out on her, then offering, I dunno, a T shirt would be awesome enough for me, to anybody who guesses right. Just a thought, I don't know how much, if any, talking you do with marketing about the promos. I guess that'd be an interesting question. You might have addressed it, but we're talking going through 2 seasons of Q&A. I'm not that bored yet!

Mockette said...

Will the season be shown online? I'm trying to be good (illegal downloading is wrong) but the wait is killing me!

Brad said...

Terrific, terrific season opener. I have to admit, I was not expecting to see you guys take on prison profits. Yes, it's one of the most heinous and pervasive forms of corruption in our society, but it's also something that Americans are really good at not talking about. Clearly, I didn't give you enough credit. Nice one.

As to the subliminal programming in "The Reunion Job", how much of that came from Apollo Robbins? When I met him at the convention, he mentioned being a friend of Derren Brown, and the style of both the programming and the reveal were reminiscent of Brown.

Anonymous said...

Several commentators identify the Manticore computer as a Tandy Radio Shack TRS-80, but to me it looks much more like a 1979-era Commodore PET.

TRS-80 image:

PET image:

Zenkitty714 said...

tgvcomic, somehow I forgot that, and I've seen Beantown Bailout like seven times.

Mockette, the episodes are up on Amazon Video on Demand and (I think) Netflix streaming the day after they air. I just bought a season pass on Amazon VoD!

(BTW, Zenkitty and Elizabeth are the same person, namely, me. Google toys shamelessly with my identity.)

Sonja said...

Welcome back Leverage, I missed you.

There are so many great things about the first two eps, most of them coming back to the team's dynamics.

As someone who still owns her 'portable' Commodore SX64 and plays the 89-version of Tetris online, I especially loved the second episode ;-)

Even though it is nice to get 2 episodes in a row, it also means the season is over a lot more quickly, so I'm not a fan of that programming.

LisaS said...

1) Emily Weston - running for Atty General in 301 and coming to the reunion in 302. Someone you know, or just an obscure shout out to "Empty Nest"?
2) Was the reference to "Psych" an air kiss to their writers, since they referenced/air-kissed "Leverage" in their season 4 ep. 15 last spring?

janele said...

I think Sophie's "real name" is...


Also, I don't understand the fate of Epping. I thought one of the guards was told that if Epping gets on the stand, his nice-guy character will be iron-clad and the jury might rule for him. Is that what we're supposed to think will happen?

I know Harding is already a financial wizard, but it would be nice if Epping gave accounting services if they needed it (like the shady accountant character on Burn Notice).

As a teenager of the 80s, I loved this episode! I am also a fan of Psych specifically for the whacky 80s references.

Winona said...

Hi. I noticed on Twitter that you liked JUSTIFIED. That has been my salve while waiting for LEVERAGE to come back. If you could get Timothy Olyphant and Christan Kane in the same room, I might explode.

The question: What led to the decision of Parker only having one name? I guess she has either a first name or a last name that she doesn't use, but how did you and the LEVERAGE creative team decide that she would only have one?

SueN. said...

@rebekah, re: Kane's scar: He's had that one a while, since "Second Hand Lions."

Although on the preview for "The Inside Job," it does look like he's wearing a bandaid across his nose.

So, Rogers, just how many plastic surgeons do y'all have calling during the course of a season? ;-)

Ryuu said...

I love you guys, and it was great to see you all back in such fine form. My question, though! I loved when you cast Noa Tishby as a hitter because she looks like she can hurt people, but the actress cast as "Nikki" was a skinny little thing who really didn't look like she could hurt anyone if she was disarmed. What's up with that casting?

Nathan said...

While it is true that some tasks just don't require much computing power (i.e. going to the moon), some things do. Cryptography/authentication being one of the major ones, but analysis of the network traffic of an entire country comes pretty dang close. You obviously couldn't fit the network traffic through that cable, so there has to be a server room somewhere else doing the real work. You might claim that it just controlled the server room, but that doesn't quite fit either because Hardison said it was speaking a dead language, and it has to communicate with the more modern computers doing the real work. The same line means that the "replaced the innards with modern parts" option doesn't quite fit either.

If it were me, I would have gone with "he replaced the innards" and relied on the whole "wrote the book" thing to explain why Hardison couldn't hack a modern computer, but the show was clearly trying for something else... and that something else just doesn't make sense.

Miranda said...

Nathan, I don't think hackers and virus creators spend much time focusing on older operating systems. So, it is possible that an older OS was being used with the '80s model computer. But, Duberman did use his cell phone to change the password, so it looks like he may have improved the guts of the computer to some extent. Maybe a hybrid of old and new programming that Hardison couldn't hack from the outside.

I believe anything Hardison says that's technical because I have no intention of applying very much brain power to understand it.

Stacey said...

What's the network's reasoning between 2 episodes a night (assuming you are in the loop on it)? Does this mean we only get 3 sundays of Leverage before midseason hiatus? Say it ain't so!

Anonymous said...

How do you get better with every episode? It shouldn't be possible.

I loved these two, not least because as a spoilerphobe I hadn't realised there would be two episodes so it was an entirely unexpected treat. I did find Eliot's good mood at the beginning of 302 very worrying; it made me realise that there *is* something more scary than angry Eliot, and that's happy Eliot.

I loved Sophie's rage against cheerleaders, even while I was a bit nonplussed as I've always assumed (dangerous, I know) that she would have attended school in Europe. And finally, oh *Hardison* - I feel your pain re the action figures vs dolls. The number of people I've had to correct on that front.

Kudos on a wonderful start to this season. It's wonderful to have the team back. Feels like family (except mine aren't actually criminals...).


Anonymous said...

I absolutely loved the season premiere! I am so happy that they are BACK! It was totally awesome.

And Aldis' brother, Edwin, was absolutely brilliant. There were some parts where you could totally tell that they were brothers, and he was very entertaining to watch - a really good actor.

Also, Hardison's new van. OH. MY. GOD. I swear, I fell in love. It's the hottest non-living thing I have ever seen. Ever.

Question - who thought of the idea of having Eliot subtly trained by Sophie? That was the funniest thing in the entire two episodes. Seriously.

Ryan said...

Whats with all of Parker's make-up?

LOVE the Parker and Hardison interaction though.

Btw, Manticore? Do I sense a former Dark Angel watcher?

Heather G. said...

To fans asking questions about doubling up the episodes. This first weekend was doubling up because it was the season premier special. Next weekend is doubling up I would assume because the following weekend is July 4th and they won't be on that night. So I would not expect to see the season over in 7 or 8 weeks; take a deep breath and relax.

To the fan(s) who made a comment about not know about the Leverage day and time change and start date for the season...You had better be joking or else you have been away from a computer and/or TV for months now.

To the fans who are wondering why the team hasn't moved to a new office. If you remember Nate's talk with the "mystery woman" she mentions if they do it within the 6 month window then the team would not have to worry about anyone coming after them. Add that to how she threatened the warden with national and international investigations, and the fact that the files she gave Nate had FBI/CIA/Interpol/etc info in it one can safely assume that whomever she is working for can "shield" Nate and the team from any federal investigations.

And for those fans wondering about how Nate would be going back to court for that "next court appearance...I believe between the meeting with Sophie and the Jumping of his inmate pal (Aldis's brother) and Nate's "working reunion" with the team to help enough time had passed to imply that Nate had probably already been back to court.

As for his testimony in the other trial(s)...unless it is brought up in future episode I believe that those too have already taken place.

As for the 1980's computer and "manticore" I agree with the opinion that the old computer is more like the locked door to "manticore". you have to go through it to make updates and such. I don't believe they were trying to imply that such an old computer could have the memory or processing capabilities to handle such a large program.

With respect to Gina doing her own fights...I think she is more than capable of doing those fight scenes. It doesn't call for a lot of stunt-work. If you watch stage fighting specials, especially where Christian is explaining them, you can see that it's more of a rehearsed dance.

Camera circles: if you watch the season 2 DVD with commentaries you'll hear Dean and everyone talk about camera circles. You can get everyone in the shot and when rotating the discussions around from character to character following them around the table seems to be a smoother choice than just cutting from one to the next and so on. Plus, when Nate gets up from the table and goes to the bar when your on the track you make the smooth transition and follow him up and looking at Hardison is easier too.

I hope this helps, I'll check back later!

Quinnell said...

I loved most of the two episodes but the ending of the reunion job didn't sit well with me.

It just made me very worried, I like the couples and unlike others I don't want to see Eliot hook up. But the strength of Leverage, for me, is the five together as a team and a family. I'd hate it if the focus shifted (even) more to the relationships.

G said...

Will we have more Psych/Burn Notice references? (e.g. a client is from SB and tried the police, even tried to find a local psychic detective, but unfortunately him and his buddy have been off and is in a week.)

G said...

[apologies for the double post, should not use pointy brackets]
Will we have more Psych/Burn Notice references? (e.g. a client is from SB and tried the police, even tried to find a local psychic detective, but unfortunately him and his buddy have been off [doing crazy things] and [deadline to prevent bad things from happening] is in a week.)

dodz said...

Leverage show was an awesome tv episdoe now, i have an latest episode information on my blog about this show and have an awesome hits cool.

Miranda said...

I didn't think Duberman was all that evil. I think the whole high school bullying thing softened him up for me. So, if you don't mind, I have a few requests for future evil villains: evil weatherman, evil librarian, evil mortician (that's an actual current news story with the military dead in DC), evil member of the stock car racing community (want to see Eliot drive fast cars, but it would be better if it was Parker), and evil school lunch lady (in Season 1, Eliot said he had a nephew. The nephew could ask for the team's help).

Anonymous said...

Excuse me, Miranda, but I think that enabling a country to repress, intimidate and physically harm its citizens counts as plenty evil.

Anonymous said...

Okay - first let me just say these two episode were golden. I think its almost better than all previous episodes. Well I would say that if it wasn't so hard to pick a favorite. Anywho...on with the questions:

1. Did someone get Billy out of jail?

2. Who's decision was it to make Nate drink again? Is it going to be a problem this season because it's a little disheartening to think he didn't realize how much it screwed up the team in the past.

3. Hardison seemed the most bitter and serious in these two episode especially about Nate going to jail for them. As well as not being very amused by Eliot and Nate teasing him. Is this a case of Hardison was let down so he's built up walls where Nate is concerned or he'll be over it by next episodes?

4. I'm thrilled to see how Sophie is bonding with the team again especially her and Eliot. Did they forgive her for running out on them before she came back or was this something they hashed out while Nate was in prison?

5. Parker seems to have grown more relaxed and closer to everyone. Is this due to the fact she feels more like part of a family at long last?

6. One question I've always wondered - with Hardison being the hacker he is, why can't he destroy all evidence against the team and their finger prints from the federal/international agencies?

I loved Eliot's new style. He seems more connected to everyone. I do hope that he, Parker and Hardison maintain the brothers/sister type relationship that we've all come to love.

And one question about the stars/crew: Do they get together and have a viewing party on Sunday too? lol

Keep up the incredible work you do!

DanteMVH said...

Similar to above, is Sophie hating cheerleaders (instead of simply being bewildered by them) a hint that she spent her teenage years at least in the states? Come to think about it, woman of mystery though she is, is her English accent merely a perpetual con?

Also, I assumed the revelation at the end of episode one was going to set us up to have a long running arc in addition to the 'con of the week' but there wasn't any evidence of it in episode two. Can you shed any light on this? Is episode two an exception in it's stand alone nature? Or did you have another way of weaving the main plot in in mind?

R. Earl Grant said...

True backstory for 301... The reality was worse than the episode.

Glad to see Leverage writers used this idea.

Stacy said...

Why would Nate go back to his apartment? Wouldn't Sterling know he's there? I think if he's a state witness, any deal he made with Sterling would be negated by his prison break.

Sprite said...

In season 2 Eliot never actually answers the question Sofie poses of "You do trust me, don't you Eliot?" and now in season 3 he doesn't answer the "Are we alright?" question posed by Nate.
Is this going to be addressed at some point, that even though he's a professional and does his job (as Tara says) he really doesn't trust any of them.

On a sillier note - will the commericals be on the DVD's. Some of these crack me up. Like "Did you get what you need" and Eliot just took out the punching bag.

This is a great start to an already wonderful show. Thanks.

Christina said...

I'm a tad bit disappointed that the Season 2 DVDs do not have any deleted scenes. Am I missing an Easter egg or were there just not any?

I thought it was mentioned that Eliot had a scene wherein he argues about the gym not having balls. Can that be shown on a clip on here or the Leverage blog on Electric Entertainment?

Finally, does the team manage to steal the Large Hadron Collider in Season 3?

Leslie said...

So worth the wait. I could watch this show over and over. Oh, wait, I already do.

About the 2 episodes a night, according to my cable guide, July 4 TNT is going to run all 4 episodes again back to back. Like others, I don't want this to be over too quickly.

And I love the new night. Now I don't have to DVR the show and wait until I get home from work to watch.

Anonymous said...

I have one question that others probably already asked but first I have a statement: These two episodes were so good they should be illegal! ... Except for not, because unlike our protagonists I prefer to stay within the confines of the law. One of those middle class people who like to believe in justice.

"The health inspector?"
"I'm gonna have to dock you again."

Best. Lines. Ever.

Now, my question: Why didn't Parker go to high school? Is it because she ran away from her foster family and started her life of crime so young that high school was a moot point?

Eolirin said...

Who was responsible for the Badger Dance reference in 302? That was brilliant.

Anonymous said...

I know this has already been said, but why is Parker suddenly wearing make-up? She looks so much better without it.

Polaris said...

So glad to have this show back! I really enjoyed the opener. Sophie neurally programming Eliot was hilarious.

Question: If Nate is currently a fugitive, how is he managing to live in his old apartment and go by his own name? Did I miss something there?

Ruben said...

>> What were some of the Portland shooting locations?
Let me see if I can answer that. I know they were shooting a lot in SW downtown, as I walked past the actors trailors on the way to work for weeks.

The Bar: Probably in the Pearl, maybe Tiger Bar but that's not quite right. I'd peg it around 12th or so, in the park blocks.

The Jailhouse Job
First Opening: I can see the Portland Historical Society Gift Shop right behind Elliot, so that puts it righ ton Madison near the Park Blocks.
Sophies meeting with the Mark: SW Broadway between Main and Salmon st. The paid call window is right in front of the Shnitz (concert hall).
State Party Election Headquarters: Looks like the Courthouse in Pioneer Square. Definitely in the SW district downtown.
Prison: No idea on this one, but if I had to bet I'd say the Corrections Department out in North Portland. Looks like the general NoPo area.

The Reunion Job
Cafe/Safehouse: I swear to god I've walked past this place dozens of times, I think on my way to the dentist. Which would put it on SW Alder between 18th and 10th. Still seems off, but by god I know this spot! Now I'm gonna have to take a walkabout and find it!

The High School: My guess is Lincoln High School, but that's just a broad guess. It looks about right and it's in the same general area that they were filming. That's just a guess, though.

So, for the most part: they're filming in SW Portland near the Park blocks, which is a pretty spot. Also happens to be within spitting distance of my house, so that's cool.

So that's the skinny on locations. Oh, one final thing - all of my friends busted up laughing when you tried passing off PGE park (like 4 blocks from my place) as a stadium in Idaho last season. *grin*

Finally, awesome episodes! No questions this week, but wanted to answer one for a change!

Anonymous said...

Alright, I'm just laying this out there: Parker and Hardison have no romantic chemistry and never have. They look great standing next to each other, and they can be kind of touching when they connect as friends, but I just don't see any sparkling chemistry between them as a couple. Not to mention that Parker's sudden willingness to engage in coupledom is coming straight out of left field.

I guess I can live with it, because I love both characters, but for a show that is usually so good about developing characters in a way that makes sense, Parker not-fake-kissing Harison and dancing with him - this sudden willingness to be a couple seems a little forced for her character.

I also think Nate and Sophie have lost some of their momentum, but that at least makes sense with their story arc and coming off a long separation. It'll be interesting to see if/how they get it back.

Anyway, that's my one minor quibble in an otherwise great premiere ep set. Really enjoyed them and rewatched yesterday and caught a bunch of stuff I missed that others have commented on - like the Italian appears to be capable of screening Nate from re-arrest while he works towards Moreau.

The prison storyline was great - a really interesting issue. The dry cleaning and bank account scenes reminded me of Shawshank in a good way. Great plotting that whole ep, and nice twist in Reunion Job with Nikki being a hired gun.

Can't wait for next week!

Rob Pugh said...

"...I tried being a drunk honest man, a sober thief... so now I'm gonna try being a drunk thief... try that for a little while."

I wish to have your man-babies.

Also, actually saying out loud "Big Bad" = WIN. No questions, just congrats & thanks.

Theliel said...

I've got a slight bone.
Who communicates TNTs schedule with Tivo?

Mah Tivo failed to keep recording for both episodes of Leverage which is quite annoying.

ChelseaNH said...

Sunday was a good day. And I have a DVR now, so I can watch them over and over and over again. The name of the prison had me giggling throughout.

Loved the name check on Oracle, especially with all the Japanese artifacts running around. I worked there for 10 years after they bought DEC's database division (at the New England Development Center in Nashua). Larry Ellison used to have to sign off on all capital purchases and hires, which became annoying when he was off sailing his yacht. Once while visiting HQ, I was told the reason they had security checking badges at the entrances is, they once caught a competitor walking out with a server holding all their source code.

Speaking of security, did Aldis ad lib incorrectly? First he said that Duberman wrote the book on computer security, then he reiterated that Duberman wrote the book on database security. Databases and operating systems have similar problems and solve them in similar ways, but security means networks, which are a whole different animal.

Because I answer questions reflexively:

Where is Nate living now that they've turned his apt into their office?
His apartment was their office last season, too. He has the upstairs for privacy.

Are we to assume that Bonnano would be looking into Billy's case
Not just Billy's. He's going to talk to those judges, so you can expect the whole thing to unwind.

Did Nate actually end up going through the heating area like Parker suggested?
Yes, he used the frozen plastic sheeting to protect himself.

who is the actor that played Larry Duberman and what else did he play in?
Arye Gross, and

why is the team so upset about Nate going to prison for them?
Because he didn't have to.

In 301 did they use Nate's personal accounts to set up the warden because they were otherwise near broke or because they didn't want to part with their own money unless they had to?
I think it was payback for being a controlling jerk and getting himself sent to jail. They needed the money to go through Nate's account for it to look like a bribe, but they could have hacked a donation if it were necessary.

LoopyChew said...

So let me get this straight: We went through an entire episode where not only is the word "badger" thrown around like it's totally fetch, but Parker runs around waving her arms around in a badger costume shouting out "BADGER BADGER BADGER BADGER!"...

...and NOTHING about mushrooms or snakes?

...or a reference to Jim Stirling?

StacyB said...

Okay, I read most of this and didn't see my question, but I'm not going to read all of it to make sure. So, sorry for any repeats.

1. How did Eliot get out of the prison?
2. How did Billy get back into the prison, and how did he get out in order to be seen on the camera in the first place?

I know, Fun Train, but that was kind of a big mental loose end, though I didn't catch it until the 2nd time through, so apparently it wasn't that distracting.

BTW, peeps, I'd imagine the 2 ep per week thing is just to jumpstart the season and get fans reinvested, as well as hooking more new viewers with more than one sweet ep to remember.

Liz said...

"The health inspector?"
"I'm gonna have to dock you again."

I'm with Daisy Bookworm. LOVE it. I don't even think it was the line itself so much as the look on Christian Kane's face and the delivery.

24jg13 said...

Okay been through all the comments and I too loved both episodes. Sure wish there were more then 15 coming. oh well.

I think in answer to why Billy didn't break out, Eliot actually tells him he will get him home alive. I don't think they ever intended to break him out, but to set up a way to have his case looke into which Bonanno will do with the judges now that he has the case files. Billy never left the jail.

as for Nate not being on the run, I am pretty sure the Italian will have paved the way for them for the next six months otherwise the team has no shot at completing her job.

and as for feeling sorry for Eliot not coupled up, I would hazard a guess, that out of the five of them, he is actually getting the most.

Keep up the great work. oh one other thing, I thought it would be great if the team got in over their heads and Eliot(with all his various connections) had a guardian "Angel" to help them out and she could even call him her big "MAC". just a thought.

SueN. said...

@Matt in Wyoming said... Re: Sophie reading the routing number (somewhere waaay up there):

Nope, she read the account number, not the routing.

(I may have watched the eps again at work, why do you ask? *g*)

Aviva said...

At the end of the Jailhouse Job, Eliot moves to fight a a group men with guns already drawn and trained on him and the team, but Nathan stops him. It's very similar to the scene at the end of the Maltese Falcon Job. Could Eliot really win that fight? Because he's starting to come off a little suicidal...

Aviva said...

"a guy with my rep who stings corrupt millionaires who winds up in a prison run by a corrupt millionaire. I mean, come on, how long did it take you to put that together."
Writer-room joke about breaking the episode?

Heather G. said...

Ruben - The bar scene is in a soundstage, not too far from Portland. The jailhouse opening scene actually looked like it was next to The Governor hotel, at least to me.

Anonymous - About Parker and Hardison. Wow, have you watched the show since the very beginning? Their chemistry is plain as day and them kissing for a con is nothing new. I loved how she was "who's pretending?".

ChelseaNH - Nate & the heating area. No he did not go through the heating area. Like he told Parker it's 150 degrees. No, he use the freezing cold wrap to defeat the heat sensor which most definitely would not have been in a room that hot. Also, the team is mad at Nate not because he went to jail to save them (also because he was shot and couldn't exactly make a break for it), but because they extended their hands with the offer to help him get out and he flat out said "no". That's why they're angry.

For those with more questions about why they're still in Nate's old place, see my previous postings. In short, they're protected from investigations at the present moment...and Det. Capt. Benano (sp?) never found Nate's old place and as far as I can remember neither did's not like they know all of his aliases or his complete familial history.

StacyB said...

1. How did Eliot get out of the prison?

- - Eliot made it out through the front basically. The camera's were off so the other guards didn't know he was in on it and he made it through the doors before they locked down - -

2. How did Billy get back into the prison, and how did he get out in order to be seen on the camera in the first place?

- - Billy never left the prison. Nate told him to go back to gen. pop. and hide where the warden couldn't see him. The person you saw running out with Nate was Hardison in a jumpsuit. Which he then tore off after getting in the van whilst Nate was hiding in the warden's trunk. - -

- - The 2 ep. per week thing was (again) for the season premiere special and because, at least I am 99% sure it's because they will not be on the air on the 4th of July which is the the weekend of this coming weekend so they're doubling up again. - -

Aviva - I believe Eliot could have won the fight but someone else could have been shot first, they weren't exactly ready for a fight or anything. Also, Nate stopped him because he knew they weren't alone. In the Maltese Falcon job it was because he wanted to get Eliot and everyone out before they found out he was shot.

Anonymous said...

Heather G - difference of opinion, I guess. I have watched the show since the beginning, and I've never felt that there was any heat between Parker and Hardison. Their first "fake" kissing scene was so fumbling and shockingly devoid of chemistry for me. Like I said - I really like both characters. I was open to the possibility, and they've had some sweet moments connecting. I just really don't see the passion. That's largely apparently just me, though. :)

On a different note - I'll be interested to see if the team holds a grudge against Nate for a while. What he did is really similar to Sophie's con of the team in the First David Job. Granted, they were peeved at Sophie in the Second David Job, but not for that long. I'm waiting to see if the writers handle it differently and, if so, how they explain it.

USRaider said...

Once again, you've outdone yourself with the first two shows. Can't wait to see what happens the rest of the way.

There was too much to love about the eps. From Sophie torturing Nate about her real name, the obvious growth of the team as a "family," the interplay between everyone and the "season in a season" of the Italian's appearance, you're giving us plenty to keep up with!

Let me know if I am correct here:

Billy and Nate split up, with the plan for Billy to go back to the prison for a cover story and to discredit the warden's story. Hardison replaced Billy (he was in the warden's office) and, wearing a stolen prison uniform, him and Nate ran to the van. This would explain how Hardison and Parker ended up in the van.

Looking forward to the remainder of the season...and to many more seasons to come!

ScrambledD said...

So far as I could tell, the account and routing numbers on the check were identical.

Lining the con up in e1 in my mind, I think Hardison had the most difficult job to pull off. He had to beat the CEO to the parking lot without anyone noticing, change clothes, and find Nate to run into the van.

With regards to the casting for the assassin in the 2nd ep, I didn't have a problem with it. She wasn't cast as a goon or fighter, she was a honey trap with a pistol.

That looked like a real bug on Sophie's plate. I would have had a real life freak out trying to film that scene.

New make up people, please please remember this is not theater. You actually made Parker look unattractive in the first scene of ep 1, a feat I thought was impossible.

New van: awesome. That Hardison was constructing the helicopter for fun? Awesome. Very much looking forward to the Big Bad this season.

Neena said...

Was "The Reunion Job" their first job after "The Jailhouse Job" or was it just the first one we saw?

Luigi said...

seems incredible but ms. Canalis delivers line better in english than italian. bizarre to say the least. or my ears were sore already...
thank you for coming back.

Anonymous said...

The jail scenes were shot in North Portland's unopened Wapato Jail. It was finished in 2004, built by county referendum, but county officials have been unable to come up with the money to actually operate it. And, I believe, at one time they actually considered a private prison contractor.

Glad to see it getting some use. It's a very attractive jail.

Katie said...

Why the two separate episodes being called a two hour premiere? Mayhaps it's just me, but I thought the Jailhouse Job was a two hour ep....kinda confused now. And also, two episodes every week? Awesome for us but makes the season even shorter, why would you guys do that?

Anonymous said...

2:01 Anonymous again.

I'm pretty sure the actual bar is on set; I'm not sure where the outside McRory's shot is taken, although it looks a bit like the entrance to McMenamin's Ramshead on NW 23rd street (coincidentally, it also looks a lot like the entrance to the Cheers bar in Boston); I'm pretty sure the building that they always show before the crew assembles in Nate's loft is in the Pearl District, just off the Park Blocks and near the main post office. I do know it's somewhere in the downtown/Pearl core.

Sarah said...

Fantastic episodes, as always! Only one little thing upset me - The 'knives are like people' line from waaay back in The Wedding Job showing up in Eliot's high school flashback. Seriously? I've always taken that line as very revealing about his character, and it was a neat parallel between him and Parker with her similar 'locks' analogy from Beantown Bailout Job. It was just disappointing to me to have it tossed away as coming from Eliot's home ec teacher for a cheap laugh. But other than that, I loved the eps immensely.

My one question, because I've always wondered and I don't think I've ever seen anything posted about it, is Eliot meant to be nearsighted or farsighted? Just curious.

David Hunt said...

I'm going to post my guess as to what Sophie's real name is, just because: It's Annie Croix. I think that she went back to her original real self to run the Beantown Bailout and Maltese Falcon Cons.

In Episode 201, she adopts "Annie's" accent while saving Nate from the assassin because she's under stress and fell back into her real native speech. Since someone had seen and heard her, she adopted her original Croix ID because she spoke the right way and it had history that could stand scrutiny.

In the Maltese Falcon Job, Sophie is using Annie Croix as an ID even though she has supposedly put all of her fake IDs to rest and killed them off.

I think the Annie Croix is her real name and she had a real criminal past under that name before she started changing IDs like most of us change socks. Sure she could have had Croix sitting in reserve for when Nate inevitably spiraled out of control, but I like my theory better.

Zenkitty714 said...

David Hunt, I'm with you: Despite how much I like the name Natalie, I've thought Sophie was really Annie Croix ever since she slipped into that accent under stress in Beantown Bailout. There wasn't any other reason for her to use that accent.

And, this just goes to show how far gone I am into total acceptance of Leverage Criminal World as the norm: Of course Billy couldn't actually break out of prison - that would have made him a fugitive and got him sent back to jail regardless.

Christina said...

Two questions:
1. In 301, was the prison a set or a location? (PS, if it's a set, props to your crew because it looks phenomenal.)

2. How often does the cast improv? Some of the conversation feels improvised, but I'm never sure if it's actually improvised or scripted.

Thanks! And as side note, this is easily one of the best-written shows on television. Congrats on the great start to the new season!!

Vanessa (fighting cook) said...

With the Reunion voices, was Sophie/Gina channeling Didi Conn?

Miranda said...

To whichever Anonymous who replied to me: Duberman's program wouldn't hurt a fly if he didn't have customers to use it. Like they always say, guns don't kill people, people kill people - same with a computer program. Duberman wasn't in it to suppress people's rights, he was in it to make money. He was more than willing to turn the Iranians over to the FBI if they didn't pay up. If you want me to buy that the villain of the episode gladly suppressed the rights of poor innocent people, then the team needed to take down Ahmadinejad.

And I thought Sterling was in Nate's apartment at the end of season 2 when Nate went back to get the drawing his child did? Admittedly, I watched that episode on commentary only and probably FF. I hate these pseudo-cliffhangers so I try not to watch them.

And I still think that the team shouldn't be so hard on Nate. Even though the team didn't think he had to go to prison, Nate knew he did. There was no other way he was going to accept that he'd become a thief until he went through the whole process from beginning to end with the end being prison. Nate went through two seasons of saying "I'm not a thief". He needed a real wake up call and having the team get him out of trouble wasn't going to be it. You'd think the team would have figured that out in the time that's passed between Nate getting arrested and the Jailhouse Job.

It would be funny if Sophie's real name is (Pizza Face) Grace. Just think, Nate would go through the whole con thinking it's just a name when it's 'the' name. Plus, it would explain why Sophie was so wound up over the cheerleaders at the reunion.

I loved it when she smacked "Drake" on the head with her purse when Drake had Duberman in that hold. That was pretty funny.

jill said...

Just a couple of notes - NICE continuity in 301 where Hardison's British role is revealed, and then a quick cut to him sitting down and we see he is wearing a British, double-vented suit jacket.


In the 302 intro - "We steal it back for you" instead of "from them" - interesting...

Hardison finally being irritated by Eliot in the opening scene - PRICELESS.


So happy to have one of my favorite shows back.

Anonymous said...

I didn't have a question, I just wanted to share this with you: It's Nate Ford's Netflix queue:

Anonymous said...

(you have to click on it to see it big enough)

Heather G. said...

Christina said...

Two questions:
1. In 301, was the prison a set or a location? (PS, if it's a set, props to your crew because it looks phenomenal.)

- - Previously answered...not sure by whom. But it is a real prison, just not one in use at the moment. - -

2. How often does the cast improv? Some of the conversation feels improvised, but I'm never sure if it's actually improvised or scripted.

- - They follow a script pretty well but it they think the character needs a lil somethin' else or if a producer/director/writer does then they just let them go with it. Check out Season 2 DVD deleted scenes for "The Homecoming Job"...Aldis does the same scene in like 5 different ways; totally awesome! - -

Sarah - About Eliot's line "knives are like people..." - To me he's adapted it a lot from when hot his Home Ec teacher said it. I don't think it cheapens it at all it just goes to show how smart Eliot was from a younger age (knowing what he likes and what to do to "get what he wants"). I mean come on, Eliot is sexy all in his own right - and that with his personality and worldly intelligence and he is just one of the sexiest characters around! :)

I hope everyone is up for the double header this Sunday and then the 2 week drought. Well, everyone enjoy learning new things and.or agreeing to disagree! Later!

Caillie said...

Three things - why did Eliot need new glasses? I missed something. The next thing I keep thinking about is the casting call for "teenage jock type to look down busty woman's dress." How many kids were lining up for that role?? And last, is Parker's makeup a hint that she and "S-S-Suh-Sophie" are becoming more sisterly, like Parker and Eliot's sibling dynamic last season?

JGroah said...

Glad you guys are back John. Alright, rights and license fee aside, what would've been your first choice for the 80s song at the end of 302?

Sarah said...

Heather G - ...yeah, you know, that works for me as an explanation. Eliot is that awesome. Thanks, I feel better now! :)

Caillie - Anybody who needs glasses will have to get new prescriptions and new glasses from time to time, and sometimes if there's a big change in the prescription, they can be hard to adjust to at first. I just got a new prescription today myself, so hopefully I won't have to beat up any prison guards this week! ;)

Caitlin said...

Is there a chance that Eliot will ever end up in a stable relationship, or is he destined to be the fifth wheel of the team?

Can I just say, it wasn't Nate and Sophie dancing that made me cry, it was Parker and Hardison. That was a truly beautiful scene! Can't wait for next week!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I've never felt that there was any heat between Parker and Hardison. Their first "fake" kissing scene was so fumbling and shockingly devoid of chemistry for me. Like I said - I really like both characters. I was open to the possibility, and they've had some sweet moments connecting. I just really don't see the passion. That's largely apparently just me, though. :)

Not just you. They act like siblings most of the time. The only heat I see in the team is between Nate and Sophie.

Codger said...

I'm seconding Mandi's question about how much time passed between the end of season two and "The Jailhouse Job." As a witness, Nate wouldn't have been sentenced until after the gun runner & the mayor's trials.

So maybe two years have passed? That would also tie in with Nate seemingly being fully recovered from the near-fatal gunshot wound.

How long have the rest of the team known Sophie's real name - Parker acted like she hadn't used that name in forever, but this is Parker, after all.

Zenkitty714 said...

Codger, I don't think it could have been two years. They're still mad, for one thing! But things move fast in Leverage-Land :-). I think the not-flashback to Sophie's plan-that-wouldn't-have-worked indicated that Nate was done testifying. I think it's been about six months.

I liked how Nate went from "I'm serving my time!" to "I gotta get outta here!" in about fifteen minutes. My opinion, he really wanted to get broken out, but felt guilty about it, and realizing the place was corrupt gave him the excuse he needed to go for it! I love Nate. Screwed-up bastard that he is. (Happy well-adjusted people are great in real life, but they make boring stories!)

ps said...

I, too, thought Beth looked different. Older, I think. Was this intentional? It might just be that I finally started watching the show in HD.

Why didn't the police pick up Nate after he broke out of prison? I mean the FBI was at the reunion, and he was right there dancing with "Sophie."

Sam said...

I've come late to the party and just discovered this great series --- and have been watching seasons 1 & 2 over and over, waiting for season 3 to start. And what a great start is was!

Love this team of characters -- I would love to see them at a masquerade party (since a Halloween show would be a cliche) and see what different "characters" they come up with since they play characters for each con.

Anonymous said...

Moreau isn't someone we've already met, right?

24jg13 said...

okay here's my take on Sophie's real name.

if Sophie is English (as her "normal" accent leads us to believe) then she is either an Elizabeth (or any nickname of such as Betty, Beth, etc) or Anne

If she is Irish then without a doubt either Kathleen or Patricia.

I ruled out French since she adopted Sophie Deavaraex

But if she is really American (which based on the high school reunion I think she is) I beleive her name would be Jane and she would either be from a small town in South Dakota or from right outside Portland.

I definitely think you guys should run a contest for the name.

Anonymous said...

HeatherG, just curious, do you know John Rogers?

kyouell said...

Anonymous up there already told you but here's Mr. Hutton talking about the prison set (since you apparently didn't see this interview & might like to). Fifth question down is about the empty prison location

I've been thinking that Hardison, Eliot & Parker are like The Mod Squad since the end of The 12-Step Job, when Parker gets out of rehab & hugs them and the 3 of them walk off together. I love the added dynamic of Nate & Sophie as Dad & Mom with the "kids" being The Mod Squad. Man I loved that show. I so wanted to be Julie.

Shaheen Shine said...

thank you for taking the time to answer these Questions!:
okay i have a question for the Jailhouse Job
how is it that Sophie got past the guards with the kielbasa? don`t they have a luggage scanner type thing that checks for spikes like (ear coms,knives,guns)?

Does the rest of the team know that Nate got shot at the end of The Maltese Falcon Job?? I mean they were right there, and knowing Hardison he probably would have looked up Nate's health records or something!

Reunion Job: That was a huge office building, i loved the Japanese puppets where's you guys get them??? and was it hard to find the building of Dousherman Cor.

and lastly what restaurant is the middle eastern restaurant that Sophie, Elliot and Hardison were in?? I love me some Shashlik!

Courtney said...

This may have been asked and answered before, but does Beth do the gymnastics in those episodes where she's flipping out of an air vent or while dodging lasers in a vault, or does she have a double?

Caillie said...

Sarah, I get the part about needing a new prescription (VERY familiar with that concept ;-) ) I just thought for some reason that Eliot didn't really need glasses, just used them for effect. Am I confused here?

Shaheen Shine said...

what did Nate mean when he said "we`ll be doing all our old jobs, but this time they'll lead us right to" i forgot the Italian guys name!

and what did Elliot say out loud on the first scene when the Arabs were blow torching through the door??

-Ann said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
-Ann said...

Is anyone else having trouble with Season 3 Leverage episodes purchased from iTunes? I know of at least two people who are not able to view the eps or transfer them to iPhones/iPods.

Apple support seems mystified by this problem and are telling people to 'try back again in a few weeks', which sort of misses the point of people really wanting to legally purchase and view the show.

It's a shame that there might be a technical glitch keeping people from viewing them.

Anonymous said...

Until Apple gets the glitch worked out, you can always head over to and watch full episodes there.

Anonymous said...

I've had no problem with S3 episodes 1 and 2 on Amazon.

Piratecat said...

Peggy and I broke down while waiting for Netflix and bought 'em on iTunes; it was a great decision. I don't mind spending the money to support a show I love.

We noted two regionalisms that got missed; in episode one "Concord" was mispronounced (it's chonch-erd, rhyming with "heard", not conn-cord.) More amusingly, in Episode 2, who in Massachusetts can make a living as a full-time pool cleaner? :D

- Kevin

Paul Stone said...

Loved both episodes. This show is tied with "The Good Wife" as my favorite current television series.

My partner and I would like to know...

What kind of computer was running Manticore? My (probably wrong) guess was that it was made by DEC.

Any more information on where that system came from? Does it still run? I remember it wasn't running the first time we saw it, but I don't recall how it was shown at the end.

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