Monday, June 15, 2009

Why is Chris Wearing a Hat in #207

Because somebody who insists on doing his own goddam stunts cut his forehead to the goddam BONE in a fight scene, to the tune of a severed muscle, bone bruise and 17 stitches. Back at work the next day, but damn, we've got to start putting padding around the set.

To be honest, it doesn't look all that bad. Because, of course, he decided to take the damn stitches out early. Himself.

Fucking Oklahoma.


MyFawny said...

tell to protect the pretty!

Roxanne Mackenzie said...

Damn hard head! He is one of those ones that think scars are cool isnt he? Chicks do dig scars though.

Karabou said...

Damn, Chris Kane is hardcore!

Monsterbeard said...

That is so awesome! To the bone? I mean, what? Make that his character's new catchphrase! To the bone!

Mara Jade said...

he's going to hurt himself beyond repair one of these days!
and takin' out the stitches himself?! WTF!

Callie said...

See - that just raises my opinion of him. And yes - scars can definately add character. They make people think that this guy is tough. In reality, the guy could be a total GIRL, but at least he won't look like it.

Glad to hear he wasn't hurt too badly.

D said...

I've found that bubblewrap is fun as well as being functional. Just wrap Chris up in some and set him loose!

Dea said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
medjai_trowa said...

oh dear...

does he at least remember the trip to get it stitched? my baby brother got one of those along with a week long concussion and he doesn't remember much past the guy kneeling on his head, and then nothing for an entire week.

Denita said...

Fucking ouch..still looks damn good though. :)

marga templeton said...

LOL! it is so wrong that i love him so much for this! go team LEVERAGE!!!

Kerri said...

Oh, ouch! To the bone?? Holy crap, that's gotta hurt!

Zifnab said...


You need to work the injuries into the story, like they did with Mark Hamill in "Empire Strikes Back" after he got in that motorcycle accident.

Just give him a scene where he gets tossed out of a car or punched by a wrestler or picks a fight with a bear. Then he's got scars that go right into the rest of the episode. No need for the hat and - if you're really lucky - you can convince Chris Kane to do his own bear fight.

tearsofaphoenix said...

Damn, crazy good ol' boy! Taking the stitches out isn't good.

amysa said...

@Zifnab If I understand this whole "Chris Kane is fucking insane" thing correctly, I don't think it'll take much convincing to get him to fight the bear. In the end it will probably have been his idea anyway.

Scars *are* badass, but it's okay to throw the stunt guys a bone every once in awhile and let them collect a paycheck. That face is too pretty to do *too* much damage to.

Kathryn said...

I get that whole "chicks dig scars" thing, but isn't that just taking it a wee bit too far?

What sort of bar is Eliot going to walk into this time?

Vixens Deluxe said...

"Fucking Oklahoma."


Koryou said...

I know it shouldn't be funny, but... *g*

Tell the crazy Oklahoman to take better care of himself. :D

skippykawakami said...

OK, I'll tell you right now: Not only is Eliot a bad-ass, but so is Chris Kane, though probably a bit too much so.

Telesilla said...

He is aware that he's not Eliot, right?

Chris said...

So when does the Chris Kane betting pool begin for next season?


Elizabeth said...

Ow. Stitches hurt. (I should know, I've been to the ER twice this year.)

Victoria said...

Fucking Oklahoma? Why thank you sir, we consider that a compliment from y'all outsiders.

Darkrose said...

I'm just hearing Alec in my head: "Seriously? SERIOUSLY!"

ruric said...

You can take the boy outta Oklahoma but never take Oklahoma out of the boy? *G*

dallas08 said...

welcome to the south!!!!!! we dont need no stiknin stitches. I am a health care professional I would be more than willing to be his private nurse and nurse him back to health. I recommend lots and lots of complete bed rest

Doctor Memory said...

...why women live longer than men, reason #2,897,129.

Vickita said...

Boomer Sooner!!! Woot!!! \o/\o/\o/

ita said...

Damn, when I fucked my face up and got my stitches, I looked like a circus freak for at least two weeks. And that was around my mouth, so no hat hiding for me.

I hate people that heal quickly.

briddie said...

Why do I keep hearing this voice saying "I've had concussions, you don't snore!"??

Oreo said...

This is a long comment. I remember when Tom Cruise was filming on of the MI movies and in one scene he's hanging from a cliff. It was a stunt he *INSISTED* on doing himself. John Woo was terrified because if anything happened his career would be over and "I'll be forever known as the man who killed Tom Cruise". Chris, think about John's career!!!! ;)

Court said...

Owww, damn, that sounds like it hurts

ccurtis12 said...

I feel like this is deserving of some kind of Chuck Norris joke.

ccurtis12 said...

Chuck Norris sleeps in CHRISTIAN KANE pajamas. There we go.

Lady Niko said...

He's crazy... but then, there's not a lot of depth to the tissue on the forehead, so it's very easy to slice to the bone.

Getting stitches there - yowtch. I had stitches in the gap between my upper lip and bridge of my nose & those were enough of a pain even w/ the lidocaine. I think getting them out hurt worse because there was no pain meds for that. :-p

Roxanne Mackenzie said...

love to ccurtis12... I was thinking the Chuck Norris thing too. I would wear CK pj's... do they come with Chris too? LOL

I would love to see the hat that Chris will be wearing. Poor guy has to be in pain though. **hugs Chris** We love ya for enduring the pain.

Jeremy said...

This post would have been even more awesome if it had been about Chris Downey...

Dani said...

Go, Chris!! That's what I call hard-headed! lol

freezemarked said...

"Just give him a scene where he gets tossed out of a car or punched by a wrestler or picks a fight with a bear."

No, no, no. You're not thinking big enough. He'd have to get into a fight with a bear that's riding on a shark. And also, the shark has a laser gun.

Additionally, scars ARE totally sexy, but the best part about them is making up the stories about where you got them from. I have one on my hand from a fight with a microwave (I fought the appliances, the appliances won), but I like to tell people it's from single-handedly fending off a hungry mountain lion.

jdsalmon said...

So, who went to CK's show at Dante's?

Also, Rogers, have you guys had the chance to go check out Ground Kontrol downtown? They're having Rock Band Night on Tuesdays there, which is great for loud drunk fun.

sjrSpike said...

1. Chris Kane has said in interviews that Eliot is the most like him, of the characters he's played.

2. There's video on youtube of Chris Kane hood surfing ... and people are surprised he'd take out some stiches?

3. And Eliot wouldn't want to minimize a scar. Not hardly. It's even likely that, before joining the Leverage team, Eliot might not have made it to a hospital at all.

Monika said...

First playing with a ball in cowboy boots on a wet footpath and now cracking his head? Someone please tell him to stop hurting himsel, he's still needed!

Kim said...

Oh Christian. What are we gonna do with you, son?


Emily Blake said...

That is so hot. I would have done him before, but now I'd really do him.

Lissie said...


OUCH!! i cannot believe he did that.

That man is insane and kinda awesome but INSANE!!

Chris Kane, you need to stop being a little daredevil and calm down a bit, darlin.

And ya'll need to stop him before he ends up losing an appendage.

Marley said...

Let's not lose perspective, people. Chuck Norris wouldn't have needed stitches - he'd have stuffed Chris in the wound to stop the bleeding.

Denita said...

Hey, I'm Perspective Girl.

Which is why I'm pointing out that I've been laughing at the way that sentence is written for about two minutes now.

canadiangoddess said...

Ok. Please let Christian know that we realize he is hella badass and rocks in every conceivable way...he does not need to behave like a rabid caveman. We will still love him for saying "ouch" and taking a damn day off. Also, even though chicks dig scars, please remind him of how HUGE his fan base is and that he doesn’t need the added help getting women. We promise.

msd said...

I agree - he doesn't need to convince us he's a tough guy. I'm surprised it was only 17 stitches with a severed muscle, etc. At the end of the day, though, those injuries have to give you a helluva headache!

Anonymous said...

John, how ready is Christian to kick your butt?

Lorelai said...

That's all he did? Ask him about why after the Donnor movie, people are afraid to wish him luck by saying "Break a Leg".

Anonymous said...

not to sound bitchy but comparing Chris to a rabid caveman. Really??!!!!! Chris is far from Rabid, a bit crazy yes, then again he is from the south and thats how we do things down here. This is Chris bein Chris. I dont think he should change a thing. I love his no fear wild side. this is who Chris is and there is no calming/settling him down. this is all part of his southern charming personality. Being from the south I absolutely LOVE every bit of his personality. truth be told, I probably would have offered to take the stitches out for him, while he drank Jack Daniels to dull the pain.
Once again I will say
Welcome to the South!!!!!!
soory the post was so long

Anonymous said...

Really don't get why this idiot is getting praise for being doing something so stupid. There is nothing "noble" or macho about performing your own stunts or taking your own stitches out. In fact that latter is probably the most ridiculous thing in this whole post.

Anonymous said...

I do think it's cool to do your own stunts (depending on the danger level.) I really think that during the "dance" of the stunt something went wrong and he had an accident and fell and bashed his head. I seriously doubt he thought "Oh, today I'm going to prove I'm a tough guy and get a scar so the girls will think I'm sexier."

graybastian said...

Dude, if you want to take out your own stitches, fine, no big deal... but wait until you're healed first!!! I think there may have been brain damage...

Anonymous said...

I think some people are making more out of this than they need to.

Christian is just being himself. He is a 'Good Old Boy', rough around the edges and completely wild, but that is just who he is. I doubt very much that he is does anything to try and prove he is a badass or something like that.

And as for him doing his own stunts...why not.. Yes there is a chance of getting hurt, but that chance exists in most everything that we do in live...

Cut him some slack....

Aimsame said...

Ok sooo I get the rough and tough southern thing. Born and raised there. Never lived anywhere else. Love it thanks! But I mean at least let the skin mend a bit more. I've had stitches (3 times by age 3 so familiar)and the wound keeps reopening when you take them out too soon. Please let it heal a couple days at least. Who cares if he does his own stunts. More power to him.

Jadea said...

Oh-my-godd-ess! NOOOO! That made me wince just reading it about it, nevermind what it must've been like for him to endure the experience. I vote we all (that being, his dedicated and devoted fans) rescue him from himself.

I suppose this might end up being chalked up to "battle wounds".

Lex Kitten said...

hahaha! of course... but you have to love him

Anonymous said...

How was this picture taken? 'Cuz at Dante's the other night the scar was on the other side. Did he take the stitches out so early the gash moved across his head?

serinade said...

I noticed the difference too... Wondered if maybe he took the pic himself using a mirror or something.. Only thing I can think of that would explain it????

Aimsame said...

I'm pretty sure it was a mirror. And he has a couple spot on his forehead in the pics from the last concert.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Cutting your forehead open doing your own stunts it pretty awesome, yes, but I think y'all are overreacting a bit to the fact that he took his own stitches out.

Stitches are uncomfortable they itch and pull much more than a wound that gets left alone. Honestly, cutting the threads and pulling them out hurts less than pulling a scab off a large scrape. Particularly if the wound hasn't had much time to heal up and incorporate the thread into the skin. Children who get stitches frequently have to be restrained in some fashion to keep them from pulling the stitches out.

Honestly, the idea of pulling out stitches is much more badass than the actual operation. Rather than any kind of badass pain tolerance, taking out stitches just proves you don't care if you have a larger or more striking scar. Now, if Christian gave himself stitches, then I'd be really impressed.

Anonymous said...

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Benji said...

This man is like a fighter jet made of biceps, i don't think he could get any more manly if he tried

Kris said...

(I know this is an old blog post. I have insomnia and have been reading whatever I can get my hands on. In retrospect, something significantly more boring than a blog which makes me get twitchy about wanting to work in TV production RIGHT NOW might be a better bet... Anyway.)

All this talk about how it's 'cause he's a tough Southern Good Old Boy cracks me up. You want to see people who shrug off crazy injuries and self-medicate, go check out a horse show or two. Yup, the ones with all the girls and women in wussy looking breeches and tall boots and brain-protecting helmets. (Think about it - they spend hours around 1200lb animals with teeth and hooves and really strong flight reflexes for FUN.)

Basically, some people are just plain insane. In a fun way. :) (I might be biased.)

(And now I remember I have some questions about The Two Horse Job, but I didn't know the blog existed back then. Darn.)

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