Friday, May 29, 2009

Torchwood: Children of Earth

That's got a bit of a Global Frequency vibe, right there ... and hey, BBC America just showed up on my bloody XBox 360.

(h/t Mad Pulp Bastard)


Woodrow "asim" Jarvis Hill said...

TORCHWOOD has frustrated the hell out of me, so far...
...but this? This looks Badass.

Anonymous said...

I cannot wait to finally have Torchwood back on my TV. It's been gone way too long. And this looks like a hell of a comeback.

Andrew said...

God bless the British.

Robert N. Emerson said...

I just finished watching all of Torchwood, to date, and damn if I'm not jonsing for more, already.

Seriously that looks way cool, can't wait. Hell, the reason I pay a smidge extra on my cable bill is just to get a block of channels that I mostly ignore, save for BBC America.

On a side note: Global Frequency so should have got a deal, damn it. Maybe it wasn't crazy enough and you should just do a certain piece about a southern lass with a firearms fixation and substance issues. ;)

Casey Moore said...

Very much a Global Frequency vibe there. Not a huge Torchwood fan, but this does look like it could be a fun one.

Victor said...

This promo is compelling -- not because I'm already a Torchwood fan, but because it liiks like it'll be a self-contained story, even if it stretches out over 5 nights.

Has the BBC stolen a page out of the 'In Treatment'/'BeTipul' playbook? That has yet to be seen -- but it looks promising. The real question is whether new viewers will require any of the Doctor Who and Torchwood backstories.

(Was that Owen and Gwen I saw there? IIRC, most of the team was killed-off at the end of the last series...)

Anonymous said...

I didn't see Owen in the trailer but he and Tosh were killed off at the end of season 2.

Season 3, or Children of Earth, is basically Gwen, Ianto and Jack with help from Rhys and, wait for it, Jack's daughter Alice.

Anonymous said...


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