Monday, October 31, 2005

More bang for your non-buck

Another free self-contained story from ZOMBIE TALES: OBLIVION #1 for your reading pleasure. This one's by super-talented industry legend, writer Mark Waid, and illustrated by super-talented industry legend Mark Badger.

In case you missed it, we've run two other full stories from this anthology here:
MEMENTO MORI written by John Rogers and drawn by Tom Fowler
THE BAKEMONO AND THE CRANES written by Johanna Stokes and drawn by Keith Giffen

If you'd like to pick up a copy and don't have a comic shop nearby (or a shop that stocks Boom! Studios books), you can buy a copy online here. Or, you can just leave a tip in John's tip jar on the right.


laurean said...

Wow...another simply fanstastic story. I've never been a huge zombie fan...but reading all the exerpts from the zombie tales has really changed my perspective. I'm definately going to go and buy both books when I get the chance!

Thankyou for posting these John! They're fantastic! Creepy, but fantastic!

Orac said...

Another win for the power of giving away stuff on the Internet. I added this to my regular comics order purely on the basis of what i've seen here on the blog.

It also rocks, a lot.

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