Monday, October 24, 2005

Missing Both Halloween and Fitzmas ...

... because the Lovely Wife and I are off on a long-planned trip to Tahiti. It looks like one of my Filthy Scribblings is actually going to get shot next year: nine days of quality time with my wife and no annoying industry phone calls are mandatory before the storm hits.

You will not be left unattended, however. I'm turning the joint over to some guest-bloggers who'll at least keep the lights on while I'm snorkelling.

Ross Richie runs the comic house BOOM! Studios, and will be putting up promos for their new projects including ZOMBIE TALES OBLIVION. Many of you dug the first Zombie Anthology from BOOM!, and I can tell you this one is even creepeier/nastier/funnier. If he's inclined, Ross may even share a few indie-press publishing tips for you.

Johanna Stokes is a screenwriter and comic book writer -- she's currently writing a column called Girl in the Clubhouse over at Comic Book Resources.

Mike Nelson is the guy who leaves all the really trenchant comments in the political posts, and is blogging his first novel, Dingo. I've asked Mike if he can restart the novel from Chapter One here at the KF Monkey for those of you who have unwisely decided not to click through, and also write about whatever interests him.

Andrew Cosby's television show Eureka has been picked up for 13 by the Sci Fi channel. He's two-for-two pilot pitch to series, and is also a big geek culture Overlord.

If Mark Waid ever hauls his ass back from Australia, he can use this spot for whatever miscellaneous bitching he wants to do.

So, folks, stay warm, stay angry, and keep typing. When I return, hopefully several of my hush-hush projects will have been announced, and I'll be able to use them as examples in our Spec Monkey discussions. Happy Halloween!


Joshua said...

Safe journey, Rogers!

Sandra aka Wolflady26@livejournal said...

Have a wonderful time in Tahiti!

That Girl said...

Have a great time! Drinka drink for me!

Anonymous said...

Have a good time in Tahiti! Look forward to whatever your 'hush-hush' projects are!

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