Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Good on Northwest

Hey all, plugging away on the rewrite article -- might bang up one on TV pilot pitching in the meantime to avoid too much downtime. Just wanted to mention -- my office was arranging to send some relief humans to Baton Rouge. During the research, we discovered that NorthWest Airlines -- and apprently no one lese -- will discount your ticket if you're travelling to aid in the relief effort. I 'm not sure what qualifications you need to prove, but a hearty thank you to them, and a heads up for you.


Jarlsberg's Chosen said...

My god. I just read on your Wikipedia page that you're writing the new Transformers movier. I had no idea: that is so awesome. Rogers, you are the man.

Lorcy said...

thinking of this half-joking criteria for describing sit-coms: a Big Banister Show (The Cosby Show, Diff'rent Strokes)Coffee Shoper(Becker, Friends)Workplacer (Ink, Spin City)Metro-Mismatcher (Will and Grace, Ned and Stacey) and pretty bad but might be some swearing or nudity (Married with Children, Rude Awakenings) couldn't help it...also put up fictional 'pitches' for fav sitcoms on me is it true that Michael Bay is attached to Transformers?