Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Why I Dig the Future

From the always interesting female-gamer columnist Alice in Wonderland -- the story of a virtual clothing designer. Follow the link to the video. Apparently this is part of a much larger documentary, one I'm really looking forward to.


Anonymous said...

OK, listen, you are making me suspicious. I think you are actually triplets or quintuplets or maybe even a collection of Intelligently Designed clones. NO ONE can have such a wide range of blog reading.

Or, in keeping with that Dobson post, you must be gay! No MAN likes to read this much! Especially ONLINE! ALONE. With HIMSELF.

corbenfrost said...

yeah I'm going to have to agree with anonymous, I think your like those Hanson boys who were really a clone of 1 guy.

Kid Sis said...

I know nothing about gaming.

But I hope to god you're not gay. Not that there is anything wrong with that, some of my best friends are gay, quantify and backtrack, blah blah blah.

You're a beacon of light to this man-hating libertarian. So please be straight. I command it. Klaatu Barada Nikto...

And I have a guess beyond cloning...are you an insomniac?

Rogers said...

My wife would be surprised if I were guy -- but she does have an unnatural attachment to drag queens, so make of that what you will.

Interestingly, while watching Kathy Griffin stress-eat on her show, it occurs to me that I have a similar problem -- I'm a stress reader. My way of procrastinating or taking a break from my work is to surf my links. The only excuse I can offer for my jack-of-all trades, master-of-none lifestyle.

Kid Sis said...

That makes sense. Though Freud might have something to say about your spelling.

Love drag queens and Kathy Griffin...Go Rogers Team!

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