Thursday, August 18, 2005

Neck-punches, people ...

... a bag full of them. A letter from a veteran to the arrogant, narrow-minded, terrified -- terrified that the world ain't the way he thinks, and so he lashes out like a dumb animal -- little scumfuck who ran down the memorial crosses in Crawford the other day.


Craig Heath said...

As you say, this cuts right to the quick - but I wonder if those dove hunters down in Crawford will respect even the words of an Iraq vet.

They seem to be in such deep denial.

Joshua said...

I posted a letter from yet another one of our veterans on my blog - he was there for the invasion and has very interesting things to say about the insurgency and being viewed as a liberator - great reading, and parts were read in congress . . .

DJ said...

Scumfuck ain't a good enough word.

Great letter. if you will excuse me I have to go and raise a glass to those fallen soldiers. Trust me its the good stuff.

Andy said...

The greatest disadvantage to living in a modern society, with all its numerous creature comforts, is that many of the simple Darwinian events that were once a fundamental and necessary part of nature's design no longer apply.

So let's all tip our glasses to a simpler time, a time when individuals like Larry Northern would have been ass-raped by an angry mastodon for throwing rocks at the moon.

scott said...

I wholeheartedly agree that the scum fuck is just that - a scumfuck.

But don't tip your hat to a time when people couldn't be free to act like a scumfuck. That makes you a scumfuck. It's nice to have this conversation with people who know the difference and still realize that this wouldn't be America without the freedom to voice our opinions, no matter the opposition - dimbulbed or not.

herbgerberger said...

Scott? Is that you Mr. Rumsfeld? The world may be an untidy place, but no one is "free" to commit vandalism.

Anonymous said...

Jesus. You have to give us some warning. This is a link that will make decent people cry. And cry. And cry...

Neil Shakespeare said...

"...ass-raped by an angry mastodon for throwing rocks at the moon..."

LOL! Would that it could be the law of the land! Beautiful phrase, Andy. Truly poetic. Mind if I steal that?

Makes me recall Thomas Wolfe's phrase: "Our lives are haunted by a Georgia slattern because a London cutpurse went unhung."

And that's why we need justice.

scott said...

And noone is free to ass rape. Peace out.

Rogers said...

Mastodons are. They are instruments of co-magnon vengenace from an agnry earth god, and so are above our petty conerns.

herb gerberger said...

Who suggested they were? Those angry mastadons have vanished into the swamp of time, poor things.

Wally said...

If you do not submit to the ass-raping mastadons, they will rape your ass anyway. So SUBMIT TO THE ASS-RAPING MASTADONS, DAMMIT.

Andy said...

So I googled "ass-raping Mastodons" and nothing came up. Anyone else smell untapped market potential? I'm just saying ... trunk on trunk action ... something to think about.

Oh, and Shakespeare, knock yourself out. It's like Picasso said, "Good artists borrow, great artists steal."

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