Thursday, August 18, 2005

GI Spy

Almost forgot -- issue #1 of Andrew Cosby's GI SPY comic is out this week. Boom! Studios continues their straight-out-of-the-gate winning streak. (Reviews here. Buy it online here.)

It's a fresh take on the WW II spy genre, gyrocopters, Nazi super-soldiers and crashed UFO's -- slamming Indiana Jones straight into Bond ... with Albert Einstein as Q. For that idea alone, Cosby inches even higher on my "talented Enough to Kill" list.


Chaz said...

Oh boy! More comic goodness. Though I'd love to see you writing more comics John. Actually seeing Mark writing comics would be a gas too.

Ross Richie said...

Oh, John, you so crazeee!

Thanks for the nice words!


Andy said...

Thanks for the love, John. Just for that, the next hot oil massage I give you comes with a free happy ending.

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Surely, the dude is certainly right.

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