Thursday, August 18, 2005

Look it Up

Thanks to Pharyngula for slapping me down as one of his Blogs o' the Week. We're a team out here in Rationality Land. People like he and Orac bring the hard science research experience, facts and figures, coherent arguments, and I bring the load of populist whoop-ass snark. Shit, does that make me the Terry O'Riley of this discussion?

There'll be some further subdivisions of the sidebar soon, and you'll see both those sites leading off the "Science" category. Do your self a favor and check 'em out.


Sven said...

Science is a great and growing category. Here are two more must-reads: Chris Mooney and Tim Lambert.

jackd said...

PZ has been dishing it out to the cranks and know-nothings on Usenet since at least 1996. As constant lurker (and rarely, contributor) on and some other groups, I've long admired his contribution. That Pharyngula is an excellent blog is really, really cool, but not entirely surprising.

Curtin said...

Terry O'Reilly!


Can I be Stan Johnathan?

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