Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Body & Soul

One of the pleasures of the World Wide Web is, of course ... porn. Perverse, pituitary shredding porn --

-- no. What I meant to say is that you can find a wonderful site, wander away for a while, and then stumble back across it, like an favorite pub in a town you visit rarely. That's the pleasure. Ahem.

Jeanne at Body and Soul writes about feminism, politics and race with a quiet grace which always makes me slightly embarrassed at the density of my polysyllabic rants. Where I don't ever think you can strip the hostility -- or at the very least desperation -- out of much of my writing, Body and Soul's tone is always thoughtful, passionate, but never losing itself to the wild excesses of rage which temper my choler. Or color my temper. I'll be adding it to the blogroll on the weekiend update.


Anonymous said...

so which sites are in your Recommend Queue? (smiles)

John Donald Carlucci said...

I like your rants John, but Jeanne's site is a really good one.


Rogers said...

pretty much everything in the right hand side -- I don't randomly blogroll, I only add a site after I wind up going to it enough to add it to this, my de facto home page

Anonymous said...

The anger and desperation in your rants are what keep me coming back - they mirror the way I feel but can't find words to express.

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