Wednesday, July 13, 2005

San Diego Meetup

4:00 on Friday, at the ever-fancy DW Pub downstairs at the Marriott hotel right next to the Con. Most of the other restaraunts in walking distance are freaking out already, I know this place, and there's a lot of seating/spillover room.

Also SIGNING ZOMBIE TALES at Booth 1533 on Friday, noon-1:00 and 2:30-3:30

See you there.


spyscribe said...

Alas, if the S.O. and I make it down, I don't think it will be until Sunday.

Rogers said...

Sunday? All the good furry porn and live-action Sailor Moon musical bootlegs are gone by Sunday!

Anonymous said...

so, you'll be wearing a red carnation or something? or a t-shirt that says 'blog this'?

Rogers said...

In order to signal that it's the kung Fu MONKEY table at the bar, I will be throwing feces. Not my own, though.

caseyko74 said...

You're all bastards for being there. And I suck for not being there.

Someone have a bourbon on the rocks for me. Lord knows I will need one while stuck at my wife's family reunion listening to dueling banjos and rednecks.

Eugene said...

I'll be there. Wouldn't miss an opportunity to chat over the ceremonial throwing of someone else's feces.

May God strike me down for actually typing that above last sentence...

Craig @ Frequencysite said...

Sounds good to me. I'll be there too.

Laurean said...

Everyone have fun! Too bad I'm all the way on the east coast, I'd love to hang out and meet you all. :D (And ask John really nicely to sign my copy of the Core..but better luck next time!)

Here is to hoping against hope about a dreamworks announcement.

Dom said...

Damn, I totally missed this meet-up! And for once I was in the area! Of course, at the time I trying to pimp my movie which was screening at the Con. No excuses, I shoulda been at the Pub. Blast.

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