Thursday, June 30, 2005


Good Lordy, totally forgot. ZOMBIE TALES #1 from the brandspankin'new BOOM! Studios is out this week. Featuring work from Mark Waid, Keith Giffen, Ron Lim, Andy Kuhn, John Rogers(hello), Andrew Cosby, Johanna Stokes, Mike Nelson Joe Abraham with backbeat inks by Patrick Brower, JK Woodward and more.

Check out the happy, happy reviews on BOOM!'s blog.

Purchase it from your favorite local comics shop, or from BOOM!

addend: Spiffy, no need to leave your chair. Buy it on the web HERE.


Kevin Church said...

The entire thing is a total class act, actually, and seeing your story in the "real" world made it even creepier.

Rogers said...

Helluva start for Ross' company, eh? Guy's jumped straight over the small press and into the mainstream in one issue.

BenDavid said...

Ross is good people, and all the bigwig fatcats I know in the comic industry think he's going to become a really big publisher.

John Donald Carlucci said...

How about a breakdown on how you plot a comicbook? Do you write the script with the three act structure, or plot it out differently?


Rogers said...

Hmm, I'll ask Giff about that one.

Michael Alan Nelson said...

Although I'm the resident newbie, I figure I'd throw my two cents in to kind of help answer JDC's question (and when I mean newbie, I mean NEWbie--take all my comments with a grain of salt).

I'm not qualified to answer whether comic scripts are structured and plotted similarly to television scripts. I don't write for t.v. or film so I simply wouldn't know. However, the (few) comic scripts that I've written always have the basic beginning, middle, and end (which, of course, could translate directly to the 3 act structure). But I like to use Freytag's Pyramid, albeit rather loosely, moreso than a strict three act structure, especially on shorter pieces.

It certainly would make sense to break down a 22 page book into three acts by using specific page numbers (i.e. ACT II begins page 8, ACT III page 18), but I don't know if that's common practice. (paging Mr. Waid?)

But for something like Zombie Tales where you only have 8 pages to work with, it might be easier to look at the story as B,M,E instead of I, II, III, only because Acts seems to come with a lot of baggage: THIS has to happen in Act 1, while THIS and THAT have to happen in Act II. I think looking at it simply as B,M,and E is less restrictive.

John Donald Carlucci said...

Here is a bit from AICN Comic Asshole review
"Each of the six short stories are excellently paced and crafted. My favorite of the bunch is a twisted little tale called “Daddy Smells Funny.” John Rogers and Andy Kuhn create a story told from the perspective of a child experiencing the first days of a zombie holocaust. This story offers a fresh look at an old concept and would have made for an amazing TWILIGHT ZONE episode."

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