Saturday, June 04, 2005

Light Blogging ...

... because, well ... I can't tell you. Let's just say I've been contacted by the Japanese government, and am even now assembling a crack team to aid me in my project. I will update when I can,

"The Core, bitches!!"

(Tip of the hat to Atrios)


Steve Peterson said...

They're gonna need some Hot Pockets! : )

DJ said...

Steve, that is a great reference and funny all at the sometime. If you did stand-up I would be muting laughing in the back of the room. If I were staffing a show you would move to the head of the line over the Ivy League idiots who think they are funny. If you had referenced “American Outlaws” I would have your baby.

John Donald Carlucci said...

Is there anyplace to track down the script before you had to make compromises like adding a window to the ship?

Rogers said...

actually -- that's not a compromise. there is no window. There WAS a window in a previous draft (me:"and what would you see? Nothing. Right.") Not only that, they'd gone through an amazing amount of technoporn to make a diamond window. A useless, useless diamond window.

What's in the movie is an MRI imaging screen, which allows us to dupe a window without actually having one. It's based on a.)some spiffy real world tech that b.) a friend of mine developed for his grad work. As a matter of fact, the story Aaron Eckhardt tells in the movie is pretty much, verbatim, what happened with my friend's research the Army paid for him to finish his work, bought the lot of it, confiscated his notes, and set him up in an insanely cushy internship at a nice upscale hospital.

So the screen is not real, but it's bleeding edge, so I considered it fair game.

John Donald Carlucci said...

I misremembered your comments from AICN when the talkbackers were dragging you over the coals over your script. I enjoyed the movie and specifically the character of Dr. Conrad Zimsky.

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