Friday, June 24, 2005


Hey, in lighter news, show of hands in the comments on who's coming to San Diego and on what days. May have a dinner or breakfast there for a meatspace hookup of readers.


Anonymous said...

I'll be there, home slice.

Anonymous said...

(raises hand)

Larry McQuaide said...

Allways there. All days.

Laurean said...

Sadly, I can't make it. :( Hope you have fun though! :D *fingers double crossed about a certain movie*

marginal.entertainment.value said...

Will definitely be there. And since I currently live in a torrent-less, sub 56K dial-up world, it'd be awesome to see a SCREENING of the Global Frequency pilot there.

Yeah, I'm probably just dreamin'...

David Wharton said...

For the third year straight, all days (plus a little extra, since my wife and I are arriving the Sunday before to bounce around a geek-free SD for a few days before the horde descends).

Jon said...

As I live here already, I'll be down at the convention center from Preivew night through Sunday. As H-woord empties south over those days, might I suggest targeting eateries some distance away?

Bill Cunningham said...

Still not sure at this point. In working mode. Would like to see you though as we never seem to be able to meet here in LA. :(

Andy said...

Forget the breakfast/dinner. Use that money to rent a second hotel room, then just leave the door open and play the GLOBAL FREQUENCY pilot on a continuous loop throughout the convention.

Word to the wise, though...lock that mini-bar up tight.

1031 said...

Wish I could make it, but funds are limited at the moment. So unless someone wants to front the cash for a plane ticket and hotel room, I'll just have to read about the Con from the comfort of home.

Emily B. Langton said...

I'm from San Diego. I go home for the major holidays: Christmas, Thanksgiving, and ComicCon.

I'd definitely be interested in a meat-meet.

Marc Bernardin said...

I'll be there, bro...shaking the flesh, pressing the hands.

Devinoch said...

I'll be at Comic Con, as always, trying to pimp my strip.

Frank said...

Yep, coming all the way from New Zealand for this one. I'm claiming it as a work expense.

Kid Sis said...

I'll be there, crossing my fingers for my brother at the Eisner Awards.

Would love to meet up! Right now I'm planning on being there late Wednesday night through Sunday morning.

Jason Porath said...

I'll be there Saturday and Sunday, methinks. I'm the guy who wrote you awhile back offering up effects help for GF, if you need it.

Craig said...

I'll be there.

Joe Helfrich said...

I'm a fairly new reader (brought in by the Global Frequency stuff) but I'll be there every day. Would love to meet up with folks.

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