Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Out of town and on dial-up from tonight on through the weekend, so don't expect much. On the off chance that you folks are finding each other amusing, I declare this an open thread. Pimp your sites, favorites games (electronic and pen and paper, let's see some sweet d20 action...), and see who else digs what you dig. Ask a question about screenwriting, electronic rights, see how long it takes to get answered or sent to a referencing site.

Will check in later. Take care.


CKL said...

Shameless self-promotion:
CKL's HotSheet (my blog)
The Richter Scales (my singing group)

William said...

My short film "The Face of the Earth" can be downloaded at this savage art...

GM Doug said...

Okay then....

For Sci-fi Satire check out
"Tachyon TV"

For American Football played in Scotland I humbly suggest you pop along to Edinburgh Wolves - always looking for players, supporters, sponsors and cold hard cash to keep the team alive.

For a single sketch wot I co-wrote and got on BBC1. We actually filmed our own version of the sketch which has far better production values than the BBC version :)

My own little world which is due for some updating if I knew someone who is good at doing websites.
and Blog

And as for screenwriting....

Any chance the whole "vocab" thing for all the old terms John's been working on here is turned into a wiki?

Bill Cunningham said...

Thanks for the "pimpin" opportunity John. Just to let your masses know that I am back now with a cable modem that is firing through the blogosphere. I will be posting more weirdness from the world of D2DVD.

Timmy Mac said...


I got nothing to promote, really, unless anyone's in Portland, Maine and wants to come see me and Doug Stanhope at the Comedy Connection.

Also, go Red Sox!

1031 said...

See Boba Fett rap!

Um...that's all I have right now.

Ian C. said...

Well, geez - if we're free to pimp, my blog is Fried Rice Thoughts. Just like the title says, it's a little bit of everything - movies, sports, politics, pop culture, etc. - thrown into one big bowl.

Brian said...

Self promotion of my own:

my frequently updated site
my less-frequently updated but still quite stellar site

Making fun of fan fiction by writing fan fiction about a real person.

Justin Cognito said...

Shameless promotion, eh? I'm on it.

My fact blog: The Evil Petting Zoo- easily digestible thoughts on politics, pop culture, queer life, and whatever else strikes my fancy.

My fiction blog: Doc Tesseract- the blog of Greg Silverman, 18-year-old retail employee, prospective college student, and one of Philly's newest superheroes.

Anonymous said...

I REALLY hope you find a network (or cable channel) to air Global Frequency! Now this may sound "challenging", but I have to respond to a quote you made:

"There has never been a write-in campaign that's worked, because frankly e-mails and letters don't pay the rent on those studio lots. Family Guy came back because the box set made unspeakable amounts of cash. You all know the Firefly story."

Ever heard of Farscape? How about "Cagney and Lacey"? Write in campaigns CAN work! You're building the internet buzz, keep at it man!


Anonymous said...

I hereby offer the services of Slice of SciFi podcast to help spread the word about this campaign.

I already mentioned GF on the show that'll be going out tomorrow, and there will definitely be more mentions, because I said I was going to do some more research and get back on the air with the goods.

Shameless promotions: If you're interested in more SF/F/H, check out "Cover to Cover" on XM Satellite Radio, Channel 163, and our podcast "Wingin' It". Both shows are available at the Dragon Page.


Rogers said...

Cagnery and Lacey, valid, although that wouldn't work in today's market. Farscape got made because a.) the producers were frikkin saint, sn AND owned all the rights and more importanlty b.) the DVD's made a crapload of money.

That said, it's always nice to hope to be the exception to the rule.

Anonymous said...

With all due respect, the fans of "Farscape" created enough buzz (with adds on the internet, as well as Hollywood magazines) to attract investors. THAT'S what made the "Farscape" campaign a success. Raitings aren't everything, DVD sales are more important!

Who says the "Cagney and Lacey" campaign wouldn't work with this project? They didn't have DVD's back then.

By the way, I forgot to mention the first fan campaign: "Star Trek". That got another entire season (23 episodes?). That led to a HUGE franchise (Four more "live" series and one or two animated, not to mention movies).


(by the way, I haven't even seen the "pirate" version of this, I just support such efforts given the lack of decent programming)


Hadyn said...

Well if everyone else is pimpin'

My blog:

In particular this post:

Also, I would like to say thanks to Rogers for the recent Index-Fu which I have book marked. It is such a big help with "the writing".

MDS said...

Shameless plug for my Blog

Nick said...

Hi! I've got a 7-hour layover in Tokyo (Narita) at the end of July. Since this is an open thread, I figured someone might have a specific suggestion of where I might go while I'm in the city to get a glimpse of the future?

Thanks in advance! You can reach me through my website at

Reg said...

shamless plug - my blog/comics: Jupiter Rising Studios

Kid Sis said...

I'm shilling for my brother, Brian Fies.

His webcomic Mom's Cancer is among the first nominees in the new Eisner digital category.

See you all at Comic-con!

Dave said...

I made a shameless reference to Global Frequency last week on my podcast, Dave's Lounge. It's a chillout and trip hop music podcast, and I'm quite sure much of it would put Warren Ellis to sleep, but ya'll might enjoy it.

I finally watched the pilot tonight, and it was probably the best piece of American TV I've seen all year. Still debating between that and the "Dalek" episode of the new Doctor Who for overall favorite. It's a shame that you weren't allowed to pitch that to a cable network or something. Maybe the powers that be will let you sell it on DVD? I'd buy it.

Devinoch said...

Also shameless self promotion:
Dr. Devious Vs. Lincoln High (my web comic)

I hope like hell GF the show comes back. Something that cool doesn't deserve to go away before it's time.

myk said...

plug, plug...

my record label - we rock like crazy

Laurean said...

More shameless promotion (is it really shameless though if we were told its OK to do so?)

Beyond the Camera's Lens - fan website all about the Fatal Frame Game Series (or Zero/Project Zero series, depending upon your country of origin)

FallenRanger said...

While I can't boast much experience (or desire) for D20 style games, I'm liking White Wolf's Exalted RPG very much. I've had a game going for close to two years now and its nearing its grand ending. Something that hasn't been achieved in the RPG's I've been with unless it involves player or Storyteller dissatisfaction.

Mr Rogers, your writing tips are invaluable to Storytellers as well as screenwriters. Thanks for taking the time to post.

Nothing to pimp, but then I'd have to get new clothes and a cane and the budget is tight this week.

Spanky said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Spanky said...

Plug for my blog.

Plug for my amazon wish list. (I have no shame.)

Does anybody know where/how I can LEGALLY view the best TV pilot ever made?

myq said...

if you're in providence, RI and want to see a comedy show, you can come see me at the comedy connection thursday through sunday this weekend

or even more recommended, go see reverend tim and doug stanhope up in portland, maine, which i predict will be well worth the drive

Anonymous said...

Hello all,

I'm Frank Ruscica, founder of an startup in the market that Peter Drucker and others believe will be the world's biggest within thirty years: customized education and career services.

The centerpiece of our market-entry strategy is a sitcom, Land of OpportuniTV. The pilot episode will be submitted to the upcoming NY TV Festival, which features a who's-who of network programming execs on the festival's board.

If our submission is well-received, then, it may usher in a new basis of competition in business: the ability to bring a company to life through profitable entertainment programming (i.e., through 'startup comedy').

Better still, the airing of Land should turbocharge the build-out of the industry that is exceedingly likely to be the leading source of good jobs for Americans in the coming years.

Extensive details online at

Let me know if you have any questions, etc.

Beyond this, I've been reading KFM for some time now. Very good stuff.


Frank Ruscica
The Opportunity Services Group :: Have Fun to Get Ready

Matt Forbeck said...

See my site at I write novels and adventure games (including d20 stuff).

Grimblakk Zuzazoza said...

The Reptile Agenda

Dom said...

Check out GadZook Films and check out "Snow Day, Bloody Snow Day" at the San Diego Comic Con on July 15th at 9:30pm!

Plumb said...

Long-time listener, first-time poster, and it's a plug for my faraway live sketch comedy show...sorry, John. Just remember, another live sketch comedy show is exactly what Los Angeles needs.

Anyone who wants to attend, drop me an e-mail at the address on the page, mention Kung Fu Monkey, and I'll hook you up with cheap tickets.

timnayar said...

I just wanted to try to pimp my web comic:!

Please! Just read a few. I will be your friend!

Sizemore said...

You already send enough people my way, but what about somewhere else... Here is a Warren Ellis interview I did a while back that just surfaced on Londonist.

I'm sure all here will get a kick out of it and there's even a mention of GF. Oh and Warren says we'll all drive John mad by the end of the year...

Aric Blue said...

Short and sweet pimpin'

Benari said...

I know I'm a little late to the pimpin' party, but to anyone in NYC Friday night (June 24th):

I'll be doing some stand-up and sketch at The Village Lantern and Juvie Hall, respectively.


gary said...

Well I VJ with some more people and this is very late but I couldn't connect to here...
Check us out:

Acid42 said...

Darn. i'm late. Still, if you like electronic downtempo music to lounge to, loads can be had from my netlabel QED RECORDS.


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