Thursday, May 12, 2005

Podcasting Galactica

I'm a big girl's blouse for the new Galactica. Even my lovely wife, who has zero tolerance for most television (to be fair, because it sucks) actually cheated on me with Tivo and watched backlogged eps while I was fighting a deadline.

(NOTE: well aware many of you don't understand the context of "cheat on me" in that sentence. The other Tivoids do. Oh yes.)

Ron Moore is doing podcasts on each episode, like little downloadable director's commentaries. But not, because in TV we writers are king, as IT SHOULD BE -- ahem.

Anyway, he's not charging for them, just plowing them out, keeping his fans interested and creating value-added to his show which is now in reruns. He's not going to let the little sci-fishies get distracted and wander away, no he's not. Mr. Moore understands -- in the new media, the fans are your friends, they are your allies, they are your proselytizers. They are not cows to be milked. They are the community, and they are in charge.

This, of course, is the complete opposite from the way most networks and studios are run, because the top-down is what keeps the people in charge in jobs. Do we need them? A few, yes. But even now, as I go to meeting after meeting, where we younger writers and execs realize that the nature of television is changing, that we're no longer bound to 22 episodes for the mass audience, that in fact other models are even more financially efficient, you hear the dreaded "Of course we have to shoot a pilot, that's the business we're in."

In an effort to avoid my notorious two-subjects-one-post habit, I'll leave it at that. Let's just say, I've been looking at the pilot process from a statistcal standpoint annnnd ... think monkeys, darts, a board with show names on them, and vodka-injected bananas.

That would be the better system.


Bug-Eyed Earl said...
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Bug-Eyed Earl said...

It's amazing to get away from the BSG forums and come to this. I say that because many fans are still hung up on the original and the fact that Tom DESanto's continuation wasn't made. They still interpret everything RDM does and says as signs of a disturbed mind, because he (GASP SHOCK) puts SEX into a storyline that in the old version was fit for the whole family. NEver mind that the old version was also about the near extermination of humanity, hardly a subject fit for a family show.

Sometimes, when you spend too much time on forums with people who believe they can get a direct to DVD continuation made with a petition and donations and who criticize every aspect of the new one, you forget that the new BSG blows the old one out of the water.

There's one guy on imdb who bitches about everything. He jumped at a chance to criticize the casting in terms fo believability of Edward James Olmos and Jamie Bamber as father and son due to the slight racial differences. I, among several others, pointed out this wasn't too ridiculous, and I ever went so far as to point out that EJO has the same skin tone as my father (who is 1/4 Cherokee and has spent most of his life out in the sun) and that I am just as pale as Jamie Bamber, he still said everyone was full of it and the casting was another example of the show being garbage.

Ah, but that's not fair. That guy is an outcast in the BSG forum community. This guy is the worst- he's held in contempt by all:

Notice how he is the only one registered at his message board and he has made over 500 posts. :D

Bug-Eyed Earl said...

And here's his web page:

Scott said...

big girl's blouse?


Anonymous said...

I don't watch Battlestar Galactica, but Ron More put the fashizzle in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. That was one of the best shows -- ever. I've given up fuckin' Star Trek since. Also, who co-wrote the last good ST movie. Ron fuckin' Moore, that's who!


caseyko74 said...

I have been thinking for awhile now that Americna television needs to change. Look at this season's programming. Lost has been broken up over the season to the point where I lose interest at times and have missec critical points. Alias has been shown as one continuous run, which while slightly boring for this year, I keep tuning into every week since I know I am getting a new episode.

I have a couple of questions John.

First, do you think that American TV suffers from producers trying to get the four seasons for syndication rather then just trying to make a compelling first season?

Since you have been a producer/are a producer, do you plot out the entire run of a series? I ask this since I get the feeling watching certain shows that maybe the writers and producers are sometimes working more with just a general idea of what the overall plot of a series should be rather than knowing exactly what they need every week (Lost comes to mind witht his). And again this goes back to trying to get that sybdication package after four seasons.

Do you think American TV should be made more like British TV with a whole season shot and broadcast without delay?

Thanks in advance.

therealgiffen said...

sigh... Had I but known.


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