Thursday, May 19, 2005

My Bad

Oh, wow, I just got back from Fanboy Rampage and ... I'm ... so Rob Liefeld's actually insane, then? Not just an asshat?

I had no idea. Apologies to Rob, then, for judging him by sane-guy standards, and best wishes to his family as they deal with this trial. God Bless.


1031 said...

Wow. I always knew Liefeld was kind of a dick, but,

And the fact that he thinks his work is actually good, that should have been the first clue of his insanity.

Curtin said...

Wow. For some reason, I could have sworn Liefeld had self-immolated years ago.

Scott said...

Asshat? You’re not a Kevin & Bean fan by chance, are you?

Anonymous said...

sigh... Look guys, the whole Image, "he said she said" situation... well, it's FUBAR. Oh, and it's not all Rob's fault.


I've personally dealt with Rob and he's always played it above board and square.

Rob's not your cup of tea? Tough shit. God knows there are enough of you out there think MY stuff sucks and that's fine. Your taste, my taste.

Honestly, Rob's one of the good guys. And for the record... self righteous plays out bad no matter who or where. Unless it's me. then it's witty and pithy. Really. I've got the certificate to prove it.

therealgiffen said...

Dammitall! That as me messing up the goddamn buttons again.

Rogers said...

Self-righteous is one thing. I have a big cup of it. It's not the business stuff about Image that amazes me in his writing. (I could give a shit) This is regardless of hhis art.

It's the long. multi-page rants fabricating events, and the weird, rational tone as he explains how, literally, every advance in comics from business model to art styles to decompressed storytelling, it's all from Image. It's ... creepily fascinating.

therealgiffen said...

Actually, standardized art and decompressed stories (I HATE that concept. When I broke in it was called lazy), if not created through Image, were definitely given a chilling legitimacy. Not a good thing by any means.

As for writing... didn't Image disavow writers?

Creepily fascinating I can understand. I know I spend hours staring into mirrors at myself with the same creepy fascination most people reserve for particularly grisly auto wrecks.

BenDavid said...

Liefeld is an awful artist and writer. He's also a total lunatic. Cup destroyed an issue of X-Force each month in a different fashion and displayed it for all to see. My favorite method is a tie between the bleached issue and the one that went through the shredder. His work is mind boggingly horrid.

Curtin said...

He may be above board in his business dealings, but every comment he makes...EVERY COMMENT HE MAKES...makes him look like the kid who didn't get his way. He is the perfect model for too much too soon. He got huge amounts of fanboy fame while still just a fanboy (emphasis on BOY) himself, and this is the direct result of that. It's what happens when a child is brought into the adult world, and never gets to finnish being a child.

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