Tuesday, May 24, 2005

For all the LA-based stalkers

This is what I'm doing Saturday:
Enigma, UCLA's science-fiction, fantasy, horror and gaming fan club, is psyched to invite you to be a guest at EnigmaCon 2005, a charity fundraiser to help support WorldTrust.org's efforts to rebuild the villages in Sri Lanka devastated after last year's tsunami (and even more recent earthquake). EnigmaCon combines the forces of academia and fan culture to produce exciting panel discussions, live gaming, and art exhibits all for a great cause.
I'm pleased they're psyched, but this does make me worry for them. Anyway, I'll be at the Animation panel at 2:00 and the "Science in Sci Fi" panel at 4:00. The four o'clock will be particularly fun, as Ron Moore will be there. I'm really just going to meet him and tell him how much I dig Galactica. Well, that's a lie, I'm also going to hunt down good RP guilds for WoW and Guild Wars. I almost feel guilty.


laurean said...

Sounds like fun! :D

You aren't by any chance going to the San Diego Comic Con this year...are you?

Anonymous said...

There will be no RP groups for WOW as they are all children and don't know what RP is about.
You dont really have time to play those do you?

Rogers said...

Well, I have time for one or two hobbies. The few times I'm online, I'd rather be in a group with a like attitude.

Oddly, I dig the non rp group I occasionally hang with on CoH, probably because the game itself is so tonguew in cheek, as are the people I play with -- a fair number of comic book writers themselves.

DJ said...

When you meat the guy from Galactica, kiss him on the lips and buy him a good scotch. And do it in that order. Then ask him how he writes such strong female characters. I am guessing he is heterosexual. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

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