Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Wednesday "Funnier than I" Edition

All hail Fafgblog! They interview the Constitution -- and not the sissy Constitution you think you know, but the real original one judges of faith are even now struggling to return to life!

"CONSTITUTION: Oh, it gets worse! Church and state were never supposed to be separate! In the original Constitution, the president wasn't elected by the people. He was directly appointed by God during the sacrifice and ritual disembowelment of the Speaker of the House, according the grand traditions of parliamentary godmocracy!
FAFBLOG: We have fallen so far from the intentions of the Founders. But what about a hot topic like abortion? Is it covered by our right to privacy.
CONSTITUTION: A right to privacy? My goodness gracious, Fafnir! The Founding Fathers didn't want Americans to have a right to privacy! Privacy was what the British were trying to force down the throats of good patriots!"

And for those of you in Boston, do you go to Rick Jenkins' Comedy Studio in Harvard Square, widely acknowledged as the last of the great old-school comedy clubs? You do? Then you may have seen comedian Eugene Mirman when he was first starting out. Eugene's conversation with a Christian long distance company has started circulating the Interwebs. You can find a link at the always pants-tingling Jesus' General.

A word of warning: if you go to Rick's club and mention I sent you, he will tell you lies -- LIES -- about me. Believe none of it. Especially the "bi-curious" bullshit. It was Maine. Weird things happen in comedy condos in Maine.