Monday, April 11, 2005

Damn, now I have to be nicer on the boards...

Congratulations to our friend Nick Nunziata over at CHUD. Nick is producing a real-live movie, a real-live studio mainstream release movie.

It's been in the works a while but there was no reason to discuss it until it became official.

But it's done. The deal aspect at least. New Line Cinema is the studio that will be doing what millions of readers have been wanting to see ever since Steve Alten started writing about man-eating fish. Very large man-eating fish even. They are making Meg the way it's meant to be made. Big and bad ass.

Steve Alten wrote the first several drafts and with many headaches thanks to notes from the producing team of Larry Gordon, Lloyd Levin, Ken Atchity, Guillermo del Toro, and myself. The already solid book became a cooler film, if you ask me. Much cooler. In fact, stay tuned to this site as we unveil the details of Steve's upcoming "director's cut" of his novel, due this summer. Shane (Ghost Rider, Breakdown, Armageddon) Salerno is doing the rewrite of the script and Jan (Speed, Twister) Debont is directing.
Alert, young disciples. Nick's a guy from Atlanta -- not exactly the center of movie-dom -- who started a wee website, cultivated his relationships, worked his ass off, and is now a movie producer. He ain't related to nobody. He never moved here.

You could do worse than grow up to be Nick Nunziata.

Of course, then you'd have to carry whatever child-molesting cousin you have who's your personal equivalent of Dave Davis, but we all have a cross to bear.


Nick Nunziata said...

You make me wet.

Bill Cunningham said...

Yep - he's from Atlanta.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, I'm a little concerned about people leveraging movie gossip websites into writing and producing careers, at least if they continue dabbling in both. Harry Knowles and Drew McWeeny have become totally untrustworthy (okay, even more untrustworthy) since they started setting up projects, and Mark Altman since he took over Cinefantastique has been using it to pimp his own terrible movies like The Specials and (gulp!) House of the Dead. And I was told by an ex-Trek writer that he followed up a Sci Fi Universe interview with the Deep Space Nine writing staff by asking if he could pitch them stories. The conflicts of interest are just piling up. I hope at the very least that Nick refrains from covering the people he's doing business with.

Rogers said...

Well, as trustworthy as anyone is. I assure you , there's no such thing as objective writing in entertainment (and I barely see it in hard news anymore, either, come to think of it).

The thing is, if you have the love of movies and the drive to make your movie site successful -- so successful it becomes one of the "brands" of 'net entertainment reporting -- then you're not the type to want to stop at talking about movies. You're going to want to make them. It's the natural evolution. Hell, I take 90% of my projects because I think it'd be something cool I'd want to watch as a movie. Not a lot of Pauline Kaels out there, practising criticism for its own art's sake.

All that in, Nick's group will kick his ass if it needs kicking. I, myself, look forward to sweet vengeance for all the fucking American Outlaws jokes.

Nick Nunziata said...

You mean I haven't counterbalanced the American Outlaws joke with plentiful man love for all things Rogers? As for the coverage aspect, I'm "retired" from that now for the most part. My shameless shilling will be VERY obvious.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Rogers (sorry for the formality, but I feel weird calling people I've never met by their first names):

Believe me, I know the problems in entertainment journalism and journalism in general, and I actually took the journalism to screenwriting path myself, so I obviously don't have a problem with this career path per se. My point was more that people who cross over have an ethical obligation to either hang up their journalism/gossip maven hats when doing the film and tv thing, or at the very least not cover the people they're working with and the projects they're working on.

Nick seems like a stand-up guy from what I've seen and heard, so my beef isn't with him so much as the people who use their websites and publications to pimp their own careers and suck up to authority.

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