Wednesday, March 30, 2005

It's Like Scribbling on a CAVE WALL

And to think I used to download porn at these speeds.

Light blogging, as I'm on the dial-up doing family stuff -- and Blogger's been tetchy lately even at DSL speeds. Will get off the humor and politics to do a couple stright writing days, soon, though. In the meantime, run over to DISC/ontent where our pal has done a great post on D2DVD scripts, 90% of which is good advice for every other kind of screenwriting, too.


Bill Cunningham said...

Thanks John!

Come on over folks and take off your shoes...

Curtin said...

The good thing about downloading porn at that speed is, it lets you get other things done while you're waiting. After you're done, you can say to yourself "Okay, I'm a dirty, dirty, sinful, sleazy loser, but just look at that shine on the kitchen floor!"

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