Friday, March 04, 2005

Don't Panic.

So happy. So, so weepingly happy.

The HitchHiker's Guide to the Galaxy
TRAILER in smooth-as-butter-Quicktime.


Anonymous said...

Wow. But a little depressing

Your friend,


Lorcy said...

sorry to anonymous, but the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy is only depressing if you think the idea of the world being destroyed in an instant is a bad thing! Trailer looks great, check out Rockwell!

caseyko74 said...

It is scary how much I want to see this film.

Oerwinde said...

OMG They don't go to the pub, this movie will suck! Nah, I really don't care how close to the book it is as long as the movie is good. Mostly because I haven't read the book in like 10 years.

caseyko74 said...

They do go to the pub. Its in another trailer.

Speaking of pubs, I need another Guinness

Kevin Church said...

You can see the UK trailers and some odds and ends by going here. You will need to have the DiVX encoding thing going on, though. Email me if you need some help with that.

J. said...

Wow is right. This looks like a great film, probably will eclipse Tom Cruise and his War of the Worlds.

Anonymous said...

A movie that actually tries to be faithful to the source material. In Hollywood that's more rare than a soap opera actor who act actually act.


Rasmus said...

Wow, that rocked.

Shawn Campbell said...

How exciting. I'm shaking.

Oerwinde, I think they do go to the pub. See the trailer at:

apad 2 said...

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