Thursday, March 10, 2005

Direct to ... your heart.

There are many, many resources on the Interwebs for aspiring film humans. Many of them are big, popular, and well-linked. Besides providing my own little insight crumbs, I hope to point you at some of the side-roads -- useful side-roads -- for examining the industry.

Bill Cunningham is in the movie business. The direct-to-video movie business. Yes, those. And you know what that means, kids? That means he knows more about making movies than EVERY FILM STUDENT GRADUATE FROM ANY FILM SCHOOL ... EVER.

He doesn't have much content up yet, and he's much less annoyingly pedantic than I. I'm hoping he starts tossing out more hard stats and how-to's, but it's an interesting window into a world of storytelling most of us take for granted. Go look at the working writer-producer, goateed ones,
at DISC/ontent.