Saturday, January 29, 2005

No, Trans-fans, that's not it.

Apparently a first draft of something calling itself the Transformers script is out on the Web.

Nice try, but no. Sorry.

The only NON-silver paper/must be read with a decoder strip (literally) version in existence is electronic, and on my hard-drive. And no, not this hard-drive. My laptop. A total of six human beings have read the draft.

Nice effort on the part of the writer, though. Keep at it. We could use you over in the SpongeBob slashfic room we've set up.

Although, if you ever, ever post something and put my name on it again, I will find you and stab in the neck with a F*CKING SCREWDRIVER. Clear? Good. Let us return to the playground.


Karl said...

So is the decoder a little red slip {Man, so many posts after Don let that one go by..}? Oh, is there any industry terminology behind this new paper?

JesterJJZ said...

You rock John. Be sure to use a wide, blunt and rusty flat-head.

Karl said...

Also, not to try to offend the actual writer. Fan fiction can be good, but if that were real...

Don should have announced a search for a new screen writer.

No offense.

Just saying.

And, yeah, stealing name BAD!

So, after you put the decoder strip over the script, what are the stats?

FreakNasty said...

Remember in the back of old comic books, you could order X-Ray vision glasses and Sea Monkeys...

Oh those were the days

SDM said...

I'm getting the distinct impression you are questioning the quality of work produced by fanfic writers. How on Earth can you question the only genre in the world that can bring Bumblebee and Yoshi from Super Mario together for sweet loving?

In all seriousness, though, can we set up a pool on how long it takes before all the fan-inspired insanity makes you wander the halls at all the big conventions this year, armed with an entire Craftsman tool kit?

And heck with Transformers... I want to see you write the Sponge Bob sequel.

Angelophile said...

I like the "something calling itself the Transformers script."

It's a nasty thing. A bad thing.

If you do write a Transformers script like that you can be sure the screwdrvers will be sharpened in houses across the globe.

I personally think it needed a lot more awe.

Karl said...

Actually, I don't have anything against good fanfic. Been there done that.

1031 said...

One of the first things I ever wrote, like, in 4th or 5th grade, was fanfic, even though I didn't know what that was at the time.

I wrote a trilogy of short stories that transported me into "Nintendo World" or "Nintendo Land," whatever I called it, and I helped all the heroes of all the old NES games defeat their villains.

Did I play video games too much?

Rogers said...

I actually have no problem with fanfic. Writing's writing, and if it's what helps you advance, then good. But that title page had MY NAME on it. That's what pissed me off. The fact this guy wrote a full-length feature script, which is never easy, then weirdly shuffled it off on me ... I don't know. Where's the satisfaciton in that? Hoaxing other fans? Thinking that maybe the producers will love it? Just plain attention? I'm honestly stumped.

But hey, write all the fanfic you want. Just use your own name.

Angelophile said...

Well, the name issue aside, what did you think of the script? ;)

And no, I didn't write it, I'm just kinda curious what you thought if you did read through it.

Rogers said...

I couldn't get all the way through it, so other than the opening stolen from the original Superman movie ... eh. It's the version you'd expect if you were writing maybe the animated film just for Transfans, and only Transfans.

Again though, the amount of work done for essentially, nothing,is boggling. This is a person who loves them some Transformers.

SDM said...

That is really strange, too, that they'd do all that and not put their names on it. After all, Alex Ford got a lot of praise for the "fan-script" he wrote for Superman. I'm not sure if it really helped him in terms of a writing career or not, but at least he got some positive response on his work. But I do see where you're coming from, as I've had a few things added to articles that I never even wrote about, and my name was still attached.

As far as fanfic goes, it used to be a lot of fun. Now, it just feels like people take things way too seriously, and you have all kinds of Internet stupidity flare up as a result. As I said to a friend, I miss the good old days, when someone just said your writing sucked and it didn't result in three weeks of Internet drama. That is probably one of the main reasons I'm not writing it anymore... oh, and the pipe dream of getting paid for what I write. =p

Angelophile said...

I kinda got the feeling that it was probably written by someone a while ago and as the movie was being released, someones dusted it off, plastered your name on it and sent it to a few sites. It's the sort of thing people do trying to make it seem like they know more than they do.

Aint It Cool News seems to take that sort of thing as gospel half the time.

I didn't really make much headway in it either. If's certainly fan product and orta sums up why I wouldn't want a major obsessive fan to be writing the movie. It's good you're familiar with the subject matter, John, but the sense of detachment from it is a good thing. It enables people to look with a fresh eye and say what works and what doesn't.

Whoever wrote that script lacked that detachment.

Anonymous said...

i thought it was great and if the real movie is half as good i would be pleased. Are you sure this isnt real?

Bug-Eyed Earl said...

Anybody who pays attention to wjhat you and DOn Murphy say about the movie would know it's BS.

For one thing, you seemed to imply you're really enjoying working on Starscream- and that doesn't come through in this thing. Starscream's stuff seemed to be more of an afterthought.

Rogers said...

i thought it was great and if the real movie is half as good i would be pleased. Are you sure this isnt real?Yes. Very sure. And stop pimping your script "Anonymous." J'ACCUSE !!

Angelophile said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Angelophile said...

I expect you'd remember if it was your script. Not usually the kind of thing one forgets. ;)

So how about it John, is your script "half as good"?

Disappointed Global Frequency isn't being picked up. From what I saw over on Warren's blog it looked very good indeed.

Anonymous said...

lol Sorry not my script, British Sarcasism doesnt come off too well.

George Lucas couldnt even get away with this.

Anonymous said...

"I don't think either of these guys had a clue how to
fight," said the witness, who described the melee like
this: Tarantino standing above a cowering,
unidentified man, "punching at his head."

Angelophile said...

He must have found the guy who posted a script for Reservoir Dogs 2 on the net, claiming it was written by him.

Anonymous said...

It was sad to see that the guy who wrote that fraud of a "script" still had Megatron be a gun. Dude. That's well over a decade and a half of denial he must be in.... what with how EVERYBODY involved in the official end has promised that he WON'T be a gun ever again...

Anonymous said...

Maybe the fraudulent author's name also happened to be John Rogers. It's a common name, ya know.. ;)

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