Friday, January 07, 2005

Go Away ...

Until Monday. But then come back, because next week is another installment of Writing Life, some more political stuff, and some halfway decent comedy.

But right now, I'm busy writing dalogue for an 18-wheel truck.

Also, pardon the loss of links. Doing some housekeeping -- I received a critical mass of letters about the white on black.


david golbitz said...

Well, that's certainly not something you hear everyday.

Crow T Autobot said...

You're not only writing dialog for a truck, you're writing for John Wayne for cryin' out loud. Well, John Wayne blended with King Arthur anyway. :)

Rebecca said...


*sits down to wait.*

Anonymous said...

I quite liked the white on black...

Stewed Hamm said...

John Wayne: feh. I acknowledge that once there was a time when the only alpha-male role model any TV writers had room in their brains for was John Wayne, but haven't we moved past that yet?
After reading the post about making all the characters one writes realistic, you're talking about another John Wayne clone. John Wayne is a dead guy who's easy to do bad impressions of. He's not a 18-Wheeler with a laser rifle. Though I do see a number of trucks out there that can act better...

Anyway, Interesting blog here John. Can't say I agree with you on much, but you argue your points well.

Did I mention how I fuckin hate John Wayne popping up in movies where he doesn't belong? Yeah, well I do.

Sizemore said...

The stories of Optimus Prime and co may have originated in the States but they are still Japanese at heart.

Fuck John Wayne.

Toshiro Mifune would have been my take on the character, constantly scratching at his windscreen and slapping Bumblebee across the back of the head.

ps The white on black is the new black on white.

Unknown said...

Hey, it wasn't me going for John Wayne, that's the peanut gallery. For Optimus Prime, think more an older if-he-had-lived James Dean crossed with the 1960's insouciance of Walter Matthau, circa THE FORTUNE COOKIE.

Unknown said...

Heh, just saw Mike's post. Yeah, Mifune's pretty close.

Crow T Autobot said...

Oh, okay. I thought you were sticking with the G1 personality. Oh well. Guess that would rule out Cullen as the VA as well.

Unknown said...

Well, seeing as Mifune's dead, it's not like he's in competitions with Cullen for the voice. The thing to take away from that example is his honor, dignity, sense of humor, basically the warrior code Mifune represented in his movies. Mike and I were discussing character attributes, not literaly making Optimus Prime Japanese.

Karl said...

Denny O'Neil could answer the question on Optimus. Maybe.

Crow T Autobot said...

I wrote poorly.

I never thought that you were thinking of Toshiro Mifune for a VA. It's just that Mr. Cullen sounds like John Wayne naturally. His voice gives that feel, and if that's not the personality you're going for, he might not fit with what you write. He's my preferance, and he wants to do it. But the VA and character should be a good match.

I have Fortune Cookie on reserve at the library so I can see it. Is there a specific Jamed Dean film that portrays him as you see Prime? I almost get more of a Rodimus feel from what you mentioned so far. I don't think I've seen a Mifune film before. Is there any favorite titles you can recommend? I'm always up for a new film.

Anonymous said...

Sarcasm is lost on some people...

Unknown said...

Just in case you Transfans haven't swung by Don's boards. Joking. Jo-king. I cannot imagine what a combination of James Dean and Walter Mattau would be. Although REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE with Matthau and Lemmon in the Sal Mineo role would rock.

I understand English is a second language for some blog visitors, (a lot of Transformer fans in Sweden. Huh), so just clearing that up.

Sizemore said...

Crow - This won't shed any light on large robots but go grab The Taking of Pelham 123 (before some bozo remakes it) and Charley Varrick to see Matthau outside of the comedy arena.

And if you really want to understand how honour works in an action film go rent The Seven Samurai. It's long so maybe work up to it with Yojimbo to see Mifune at his itchy best.

Anonymous said...

I like the white on black because it's a lot easier on the eye in my opinion, especially for those of us who use a computer for long periods of time (yes I need to get out more). That's one of the reasons Don's site is a refreshing change compared to most others.


Anonymous said...

Any hints on who is in the lead for directing Transformers? Don's had some suggestion threads for the fans, but most go with predictable big names that would, more than likely, never go near this type of film.

Someone suggested a good choice with Tsui Hark. He would probably melt kid's eyes with glorious eye candy, but might also mess up your story though.

All the best with your various upcoming projects.

Crow T Autobot said...

As with Don, it's nearly impossible to tell when someone is joking around with it's all just flat text without emoticons. I don't know you, and therefore can't predict when you might be kidding.
Considering the changes made to films from their source material, the personality alterations you mentioned are not that impossible. Most of the League were altered from the comic to film, some quite dramatically, like Moriarty.

If you're staying along the lines of Prime's original personality, I'm thrilled. But I'm not trying to assume that what I hope for will be what I see on screen next year. That way inveriably leads to disappointment, and I want to love this movie.

Davis said...

Mike: regarding a remake of The Taking of Pelham 123...

too late.

Sizemore said...

Davis: Damn. I'll have to see that just to see how badly it went.

Maybe it's a good thing if it stops them getting all 'creative' with it like Assault on Precinct 13.

I feel a New York themed movie night coming on...

Everyone back to my place for a Pelham 123 and Night Hawks double bill.

I'll provide the pizza if you guys bring the beer.

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