Thursday, December 23, 2004

No Peace = No Near-Beer for the President

Bull Moose makes what I think is a perfectly reasonable suggestion: seeing as there are currently 10,000 wounded soldiers and we're up to an average death toll of more than 3 American soldiers a day, how about yanking back on the Inaugural "Party"?

I mean, we keep hearing about how personally devastated Rummy is, and how the President has been comforting people and seeing their agony ... how about we show it by maybe not blowing $40 million on another rich guy party? Donate that money to the whole body armor/truck armor fund? A simple swearing in, a gracious little moment of bowed heads, and we all go back to at least pretending that running a country is a serious business to be done by serious men.

At the very least, it'll spare us those agonizing newspaper write-ups by Washington hacks about "cowboy boots and tuxedos." Yes, yes, he pretends he's from Texas. The clothing is incongruous. We get it. The American Media should go to bed every night thanking God the vengeful flesh-eating zombie of Nellie Bly hasn't risen from her grave to feast on your useless brain-matter like a ripe peach at a Klan picnic. Because she should.


Sizemore said...

Merry Christmas

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