Thursday, August 23, 2007

ZOMBIE TALES collected anthology

This was available at SDCC, but I was too amused by the number of fangirls crushing over Michael Alan Nelson to pay it mind. (seriously, there was some Flight of the Conchords Mel-level attention going on ...)

The anthology of all BOOM!'s Zombie Tales books are out in one handsome trade paperback. Today BoingBoing was nice enough to give it a snappy review:

From the religious -- "For Pete's Sake," about the Mother Church's connection to zombiism -- to the comic -- "Four out of Five," which explains the connection between oral hygiene and zombie outbreaks, Zombie Tales runs the gamut. Every story in here is good, and some are GREAT, like John Rogers's "Daddy Smells Different," and they're mostly in the vein of the best of the Twilight Zone stories, punchy little tales with surprising twist endings, and like the Twilight Zone, the anthology's strength is its breadth. Zombie Tales' artists and writers work in a variety of styles, and the net effect is a kind of tour of the afterlife and all that it means to us.
Full disclosure that the reviewer is Cory Doctorow, for whom I once bought dinner. It's up to you to decide if he's so easily bought.

My stories in this collection are "Daddy Smells Different", "Memento Mori", and "Four out of Five". You can purchase the anthology, if you like zombies, love zombies, or even just had that zombie-curious sophomore year in college -- here. I get nothing resembling royalties from this so ...

... wait a minute. Why the hell -- I have to make a call. Talk among yourselves.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Blue Beetle #18

Altough I am too sick to go to the comic shop myself -- and that, my friends, is a measure of just how crappy I feel-- that in no way excuses you from buying two copies each of BB #18, guest-starring the mighty mighty Teen Titans.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Quick Update

Posts are slow because I am enjoying a thrilling new flu bug, complete with chills, fever, a creepily meningitis-like neck-ache, etc.

Weirdly, when I spike a fever, my brain goes into hyperdrive, and I wind up lying there in a sort of awake-REM state with thoughts storming, unsortable and repetitive and obsessive, fixated on whatever I was reading/watching when it hit. This time around it was the excellent intro-to-economics book New Ideas from Dead Economists. I recommend it highly, despite the fact that I couldn't get Ricardo's Law of Comparative Advantage out of my head for six semi-conscious hours.

Also, we'll be extending the Fisher House fundraising through August. I hope to actually produce something useful for you in the immediate future.