Friday, June 23, 2006



Shhh. Daddy has ... a headache. Shhhhhh.

But damn, that's a fine night out.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Guitar Heroics

For my friends who are as sadly addicted as I, Penny Arcade today links to some updates in Guitar Hero 2.

I'm not playing as much, though, since the moment I realized that the amount of effort it would take someone with my limited manual dexterity to become truly good at the game would be only slightly less than the effort it would take for me to learn to actually play the guitar.

It is far easier for me to, in order to unlock more bitchin' tunes, invite over Mike Alan Nelson. Besides being a bohunk novelist, currently writing the filthily well-reviewed War of the Worlds: Second Wave and X-Isle, he is also a real-world-plays-in-a-band Guitar Hero. His performance of Smoke on the Water was so flawless he actually unlocked the secret bonus ending where a CGI Keith Richards and you do blow off Farah Fawcett's ass while Lynda Carter and the Green Chick from Star Trek have a dance-off.

His Ursine Shaft

Jeebus. How to Write Screenplays, Badly ups the game with ... I don't have the heart. Just go.