Sunday, October 30, 2005

Girl in the Clubhouse

While John's away...

Johanna here. For the month of October, I did a weekly column over at Comic Book Resources taking a look at women and comics.

Check them out if you get a chance.

How to Get Your Girl to Read Comics:

So you've gone and got yourself a girlfriend. Congratulations. And she's the real deal. She's seen the toys (even if she hasn't touched them cause you told her you don't like that) and she's seen the video games (and has come to accept that playing "Halo" on the X-box is the closest you're going to get to any real exercise.) She's darn near perfect. There's just one thing. Your new love doesn't get along with your first love-- Comics.

How to Get Girls into Your Comic Shops:

Dating a comics geek has given me ample opportunity to see my fair share of comic shops. Oft was the time he would drag me in, kicking and screaming. Once there, I would clutch at his hand and growl "Do not leave me!" 45 minutes later, when blood was leaking from my eyes and ears, he would promise (read: Lie) "Just 5 more minutes!" (Later I would seek my revenge in the shoe store. He would be crying and crawling for the exit, a broken man, and I would step on his neck with a shiny new pair of stilettos, bend down and whisper in his ear "Just five more minutes, baby. Five. More. Minutes.")

How to Get Girls to Buy Your Comics:

I doubt I'll ever understand comic collecting. Or comic collectors, for that matter. There is a loyalty in comics that you don't find in many other places. Did you go see "Pitch Black" and hate it with the heat of a thousand suns, but when "Chronicles of Riddick" came out felt like you had to go because Riddick was in it? If your favorite television show runs off the rails, do you hang on season after season waiting for some new writer to come along and reinvigorate the characters? Do you have any brand loyalty to the individual networks?

"Dude… It's 'According to Jim."

"I know, ya'll, but it's ABC… you have to watch."

What Girls Can Do for Comics:

Loving comics like I do and knowing that there are lots of women out there who feel the same way, I asked the professionals what we could do for the industry. Keith Giffen said lower necklines and shorter hemlines, but let's call that Plan B, 'kay?

For more info go to


Anonymous said...

We're blasting According to Jim now?! Come on!

-- Warren Bell, Exec. Producer, According to Jim

Rogers said...

You know, I bear the Catwoman shit, you need to lighten up on the According to Jim references.

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