Monday, February 28, 2005

Alice in Crossover Land

Thank you, BeaucoupKevin, for using the Wold Newton post to point me at the Crossovers& Spin-offs Master Page. This through Dwayne McDuffie's spiffy column.

Although it's the wrong context, this reminds me of what my old show-runner Norman Steinberg used to say about TV shows that reference, in any way, TV shows: "It's like a dog eating its own vomit."

That applies to such a wide spread of the genres and fans I love, it's terrifying.


Lorcy said...

I wonder where these english fathers fit into comics continuity? I have to teach a class on soap operas, Dynasty and Dallas tomorrow and McDuffie's column has me reeling, I'm well pleased most of TV hasn't really happened!

DougBot said...

There's also this page on how 170+ TV shows all exist inside the mind of Tommy Westphal.You may remember him as the kid from St. Elsewhere, where they revealed in the final episode that the entire series had taken place in his head. And because so many other shows have links to it, it follows that they also exist in his head, and so on and so forth...

So to bend the metaphor, it's a dog eating the vomit of its cousin that also happens to be that dog. Or something. I should go lie down now.

Anonymous said...

isnt the internet a brilliant fuckin thing. who would have guessed that somewhere else in the world people were having the same crazy convoluted thoughts as you have with your own friends int he dead of night. there is some real shit on here, but there is also some real gems of ideas and things that can lead to greater ideas. it's just amazing to me. sorry, rambling.

Curtin said...

"So to bend the metaphor, it's a dog eating the vomit of its cousin that also happens to be that dog."

You have to stick autism in there somewhere. Doesn't hurt that that's the hot disability to have right now.

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